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07 July 2019

Fredericton: Broken Wand Ceremony for Perley Palmer

From the Magic Circle of Saint John:
Saturday, 27 July 2019

To honour our fallen magician Perley Palmer we will be holding a broken wand ceremony at RH's house. It would be greatly appreciated if all of the members of the club could attend.

23 December 2018

Broken wand: Perley Palmer

Our thoughts go out to Perley's family and friends.

From the December 22nd article "'He just loved the kids:' Fredericton's magic man dies at 75" by Philip Drost at CBC News:
After decades of mesmerizing crowds and making people laugh and smile, Fredericton magician Perley Palmer has died.

The famed entertainer, known simply as Perley the Magician, died at the age of 75 on Friday.

He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in April 2015, but it didn't stop him from making people smile with his tricks, even in his last days.

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