30 November 2018

Toronto: Free magic club

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Hi Denizens,

This Saturday, December 1 is our next (free) Magic Club meeting. All are welcome.

Meeting at Browser's Den of Magic from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

Thank you-The Jeff's, John Cardella, Luiz Castro & Lisa Close.
Serving Magicians Since 1975

The top 5 posts in November 2018

There were 24+ posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Toronto: Five world records in one day? - We'll find out at the Browser's Den this coming Sunday.
4. Julie Eng on Pop Life CTV - Marvelous magic in mainstream media!
3. Video: Shawn Farquhar Fool Us REVEALED - The people want to know.
2. 2018 "Holiday Magic" - Great show with great talent for a great cause!
and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. The 2018 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award - Nominations are closed and the voting will begin soon!

29 November 2018

Michael Close on the Palming Series

From the November 2nd article "The Story Behind the Palming Series" at Michael Close's website:
Looking back on the skill sets I’ve used to make a living during my life (magic, jazz piano, writing/editing), I realize that most of what I know about those subjects I figured out by myself, without any formal training. I did have an excellent high school English teacher my senior year; I received degrees in music theory and composition; and my time spent with Harry Riser was invaluable. But I grew up isolated in a farming community in the middle of Indiana; books were my mentors, and I studied everything I could get my hands on. As I absorbed that information, I was also unconsciously absorbing the process of learning how to teach myselfthe information.

My father provided inspiration as I did this. He came from industry, and for twenty-two years he taught in the mechanical engineering technology department at the Purdue campus in Indianapolis. His great gift was as a teacher; he understood how to break down information and impart it effectively. I learned from his example.

Read more.

28 November 2018

Toronto: Chris Mayhew lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, December 9

Chris Mayhew enters. And magic mayhem follows. He will disarm you, charm you, and make you laugh out loud with his uniquely entertaining brand of magic.

Magic is not only a profession for Chris Mayhew, it's a way of life. Throughout the past decade Chris Mayhew has developed a beautifully unique way to create, perform and entertain with magic, which has garnered him a reputation worldwide.

This lecture will enhance your repertoire with new twists on classic plots like Triumph, Ambitious Card, Anniversary Waltz, and Colour Change in Spectator’s Hand. Chris will also reinvigorate your imagination with fantastic new and visual ideas that will have your brain ticking long after the lecture is over. By the end of this special event you will be enlightened with some inspiring thoughts, be refreshed on old and new plots, and filled with memories of a thoroughly enjoyable time with Chris Mayhew.

Read more and buy tickets.

27 November 2018

Montreal: Nathan Kranzo lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Tues Nov 27

Nathan’s original magic creations have been published in national and worldwide publications like Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Penumbra, Antinomy, Channel One and The Linking Ring Magazine. Nathan has performed and lectured all over the US, Europe and Asia.
Nathan was a consultant for Penn and Teller’s NBC special “Off The Deep End”. Nathan was featured on the SyFy show Wizard Wars. He received a standing ovation on NBC’s America’s Got Talent”. And most recently Nathan appeared on #1 Chinese television show “The Amazing Magicians” in China.


Read more and buy tickets.

26 November 2018

Catch the Outerbridges on tour

Catch Ted and Marion Outerbridge on tour!

From the website of Ted Outerbridge:
  • December 29, 2018 - FirstOntario PAC, St. Catharines, ON
  • January 4-8, 2019   - APAP|NYC New York, NY
  • February 2, 2019 - The Grand Theatre, Kingston, ON
  • February 3, 2019 - Flato Markham Theatre, Markham, ON
  • February 12, 2019 - Luseland Homecoming Hall, Luseland, SK
  • February 13, 2019 - Watrous Civic Centre, Watrous, SK 
  • February 14, 2019 - Hudson Bay, SK
  • February 15, 2019 - CJVR Performing Arts Theatre, Melfort, SK
  • February 16, 2019 - Maurice Taylor Performing Arts Theatre, Tisdale, SK
  • February 23, 2019 - Morinville Community Cultural Centre, Morinville, AB

25 November 2018

Jonah Babins: Len Cooper Memorial Award recipient

Congratulations Jonah!

From the Facebook page of Jonah Babins:

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23 November 2018

Toronto: Champions of Magic

Catch the UK's Champions of Magic at The Bluma Appel Theatre (December 19 to January 6, 2019).

Tickets through Ticketmaster.

From the press release:
The Champions Of Magic team present incredible illusions with supercars, an impossible escape from Houdini’s water torture cell, a mind-blowing prediction that has to be seen to be believed, levitation high above the stage and a finale beyond explanation. The show features original magic that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Five magicians make up this mind-bending magical troop, including:

Kayla Drescher, named the Next Great Magician by David Copperfield.

Alex McAleer has the ability to tap into his audience's’ minds and read their thoughts.

Fernando Velasco who has triumphed over it all, from straitjackets to water tanks and handcuffs to giant steel traps, he has faced some of the deadliest escape stunts ever performed.

Young and Strange have been featured on television shows around the globe thanks to their spectacular illusions and viral videos.

22 November 2018

The "FOOL US" Experience - TAKE TWO!

From Michael Close:
The response to the first Fool Us webinar was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We’ve received many emails from people who missed it asking how they can view it. So...we’re going to hold the live webinar again on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 9 p.m. EST. This is not a rebroadcast. This will be a new, live program. I will cover the material from the first webinar and will include questions I did not get to the first time.

Read more and register.

21 November 2018

Vancouver: Celebrate The Child - A Magical Evening

We Day Family Vancouver takes place November 21, 2018.

From Jeff Christensen:
Over the past 10 years we've held our annual event A Magical Evening to raise money for various children's charities. During that time we've supported Make A Wish, Raise A Reader, Canuck Place Children's Hospice, Me 2 We (WE). Together we've built a school in Kenya, supported a fresh water project in rural Ecuador and restored a health clinic in rural India. This is real magic and I want to thank all of the magic friends that have supported our charity foundation in memory of my son Jonah.

I'd like to publicly thank Jeff McBride, Paul Romhany, Shawn Farquhar, Murray Hatfield, Christopher Taylor, Vitaly Beckman, Eric Samuels, John Kaplan, Eric Bedard, Steve Hamilton, Bruce Hunt, Tony Chris, Chris Yuill, Steve Dickson, Henry Tom, Rod Chow, Ray Roch, Matt Johnson, Trevor & Lorena Watters, Kelvin Ng, Gabby and so many others that have helped make our charity event a success. Thanks to all of these people and so many more we've been invited to share Celebrate The Child - A Magical Evening this week at We Day Family in Vancouver for 19,000 people!


So often we have drama in the magic clubs and in our community but these people have put all of this aside to create something truly special. On behalf of my family I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thanks for your kindness and support. We will never forget your amazing talent and generosity.

Much love,
Christensen Family

20 November 2018

Brian Glow in the CBC News

From the November 17th article "For this Manitoba anti-bullying magician, the real trick is helping kids connect" by CBC News (with files from Nadia Kidwai):
A Manitoba magician who found solace in sleight of hand when he was bullied as a kid is using the same tools to help fight bullying in northern communities.

Brian Glow, a corporate magician and illusionist, has performed for audiences in 44 countries over the past 40 years. These days, he spends as much as four months a year in remote communities in the Northwest Territories, enthralling students with magic tricks he hopes help them deal with bullying.

His work with them ranges from performances to workshops on how to do the tricks and motivational speaking.

"Each trick actually has messaging in it, whether it's motivational, whether it's anti-bullying, whether it's what to look out for when someone's talking a certain way," Glow said.

Read more.

19 November 2018

The 2018 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award

Reader's Choice logo 
Updated November 28th to add the following nominees:
  • Mike Segal - He inspired a generation of young magicians to turn their hobbies into careers. Magic Mike gave us a space, a special club and to some, a family where we could explore our creativity and expand our knowledge with like-minded people. Magic Mike is not only an amazing mentor but he is also a fantastic performer. Whether he’s teaching a class or performing in front of a huge crowd, he’s always giving 100%. He is known in the magic community for his positive attitude and he will stop at nothing to lend a helping hand. If that doesn’t deserve recognition, I don’t know what does! #MagicMike2018
Updated November 23rd to add the following nominees:
  • Carisa Hendrix - Multifaceted magic, bubble and sideshow performer. Co-founder in 2018 of Shezam, the feminist magic podcast that hopes to make itself obsolete.
  • Jonah Babins - Magician, podcast host, and neologist. Cofounded the Discourse In Magic Podcast, now with over 130 episodes. Host of The Newest Trick in the Book, Canada’s only open mic magic show."
  • James Alan -  "In the past year he's helped numerous performers make their acts better, has participated in leadership roles on several major magic projects (including TMC, Hat and Rabbit, Magicana, etc). He's lectured on his original magic, he's supported the community..."
  • Kent Wong - "I nominate KENT WONG from Edmonton. He is one of the most giving an talented magicians in Canada and his shows are extremely well written, rehearsed and thought out. His unbelievable attitude to help magicians and people in general is un heard of and he never asks for anything in return. His door is always open for anyone to use. He uses his magic to raise money for charities, feed the homeless, gloves and coffee for the homeless all through magic shows and when he is not doing that he is performing for children at the hospitals. Kent does this while having a family, and a very busy full time job. He knows all aspects of magic, psychology, timing, misdirection and history. Im glad he is my friend in magic." and"I too nominate KENT WONG from Edmonton. Kent had a fundraiser for the non profit organization Adarius 4 Autism. He took the time to set it up, and spent the whole day doing shows and donated all the profits. The event raised $1300. All the attendees were very entertained."

Updated November 22 to add the following nominee:
  •  Greg Frewin - "In 2018 I was inspired when I saw Greg Frewin at his theatre in Niagara Falls. I was there on a cold day in the off-season. My first visit to Niagara and all I saw was empty streets and mostly closed attractions. On top of it all it was a Wednesday night. I had tickets to the show that night and was expecting the worst... an awkwardly empty house, and a lackluster performance.

    Instead, what I got was a wonderful show with a performer who shared his passion for magic, and playing to a very full house! It was an inspiration to see one of Canada's best magicians still being amazing two decades after I first saw him, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of Greg and his team to have such a well running theatre."

Updated November 21 at 8pm to add the following nominee:

  • Jeff Christensen - "I would like to nominate Vancouver magician Jeff Christensen for using his magic to conjure up a better world.  Jeff has faced loss in his life but has turned the darkness into light for so many others through his magic and fundraising.  He has raised more than $100,000 for a variety of local and international causes.  He has done this in a variety of ways such as through the sold out charity show “”A Magical Evening” and his foundation, Celebrate the Child (CtC).  CtC has built a school in Kenya, and worked on freshwater in Ecuador. Jeff has gone further to raise money through performances for a health centre in India.  His heart is good and so is his magic.  He received an invitation to attend the very exclusive 4F Close-up Convention….a sort of “Willy Wonka” ticket that every magician would love to get.  Invitation is not random, however, and is generally given in recognition of expert magical skill.  I know Jeff from our learning and work at the McBride Magic & Mystery School.  Jeff received the title of Ambassador from the School this fall at our annual gathering in recognition of his work to further meaningful magic.  Please give him your fullest consideration!"

    Updated November 21 to add the following nominee:
  • Ryan Brown -  "Ryan Wonder Brown is a rising star of magic from the Toronto area. He should be considered for these bragging rites."

The Canada's Magic "2018 Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award nominations are now open.

You may nominate living Canadian Magician(s) of your choosing by leaving their name along with a short note about how they inspired you in 2018, in the comments below.  (Or you may email me your nomination.)

Nominations will be accepted up until 11:59PM on Thursday November the 29th.  I will contact the nominees via email and give them one week to accept or decline their nomination.  The full list of nominations will be published and voting will commence in December.  (Canada's Magic is not eligible for the award, nor will it be participating in the nomination or voting process.) 

This is a "bragging rights" only contest.  There is no cash value for this award.

Individuals and groups can be nominated.

I look forward to seeing your nominations!

In the spirit of celebrating all Canadian magicians, last year's winners of the Readers' Choice award (Benzi Train) or the Editor's Choice award (Julie Eng) are not eligible for nomination in 2018.

18 November 2018

Linking Ring obituary for Erik Stefanyi (Stephany)

We previously mentioned the passing of BC's Erik Stefanyi.

Dennis Schick, the editor of the Broken Wand in the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring, is graciously allowing me to pass this on to you.

Erik Stephany (Stefanyi), 23, of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, died September 9, 2018 from a tragic bicycle accident. He was a former member of the I.B.M. (2010-2015). He was a member of Ring 92 (Vancouver, British Columbia), and Ring 387 (Abbottsford, British Columbia). He joined the  I.B.M. at age fourteen. He began his magic education under the mentorship of Damien Carriere. While living in Chilliwack, he took his magic to the streets, pioneering the Chilliwack Busker Program. After moving to Kamloops to pursue his degree in theater, he continued to perform for a variety of groups in various venues. In addition to magic, he loved rock climbing, white water rafting, and geocaching with his family. He was an actor, poet and playwright. Survivors include his parents, Maude and Paul; and his brother, Gilles, and his fiancee, Emily Thibert. A Broken Wand Ceremony was performed in his honor.

15 November 2018

Without Perfect Magic, there may not have been a JP Parent to fool Penn and Teller!

How many brick and mortar magic store staff are responsible for stories like this one from JP Parent ...

From the October 10th article "A Note from Montreal Magician Jean-Pierre Parent Who Fooled Penn and Teller" by Evelyn Matlin at Perfect Magic:
One goes about ones business everyday, doing what they do, but once in a while something happens to lift your spirits. JP Parent  who fooled Penn and Teller https://youtu.be/_-P4wjAROok took the time to write to me and with his permission I am sharing it with you. This is what he wrote.

“I love your articles you post !

The last one about being in heaven when you walked in the shop was my favorite. Ms Evelyn, you prob would not remember this if I told you ,but you where the first person to perform a magic trick for me in a magic shop.

Read more.

14 November 2018

Broken wand: Trevor Hamilton

Trevor Hamilton was the Past President of IBM Ring 17 in 1986-87.

From November 10th edition of  The Toronto Star:
KENNETH TREVOR HAMILTON (September 17th, 1930 - October 20th, 2018)

Trevor passed away peacefully on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre at the age of 88. Predeceased by his parents Iris Mary and Kenneth Francis Hamilton. Devoted husband of Myrle, proud father of Cynthia (Tim), Kenneth (Kara) and Douglas; and cherished grandfather to Connor, Ariel, Taylor, Madison, Hawkeye and Dana. Trevor, a retired Bell Canada employee was a military buff, especially loving the pipes and drums. A former member of The Irish Regiment of Canada, he also loved magic, bird watching, and genealogy. His compassionate and generous spirit touched many and will be greatly missed. Cremation has taken place. A Celebration of His Life will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 344, 1395 Lake Shore Blvd West Toronto, on Saturday, November 24, 2018, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers please remember the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation K Wing, or any children's charity.

Read more.

13 November 2018

"FOOL US" Experience Webinar

From Michael Close:
On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at 9 p.m. EST, I will host an hour-long webinar to discuss Penn & Teller: Fool Us. This webinar will be of particular interest to those of you who are considering auditioning for season six (which will tape the last week of February and the first week of March).

Webinar only $5.00 USD

What we’ll cover...
I will give you some background on the show, explain what has to be accomplished during your time in Vegas (an amazing amount has to get done during a brief period of time), analyze some of the restrictions imposed by the medium of television and the venue, and discuss strategies to maximize your chance of being selected.   

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions. I will get to as many of these as time allows. The information you will receive at this webinar will save you time and money, and it will provide you with helpful advice and will clarify for you exactly what the Fool Us experience is all about.

Read more and register.

12 November 2018

Toronto: Mahdi Gilbert workshop

DM Mahdi to learn more.

From the Twitter feed of Mahdi The Magician:
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09 November 2018

Bacio Rosso media roundup

From the November 6th article "VETERAN CANADIAN PERFORMERS STAR IN THE FIRST BELGIUM-INSPIRED CIRCUS" by asingh in the Asian Pacific Post:

Cirque du Soleil performer Colin Heath and magician and illusionist Shawn Farquar will be part of Canada’s first European-inspired circuses coming to town, Bacio Rosso Spiegeltent.

Heath has performed in Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach, the Arts Club, Axis Theatre, Leaky Heavy Circus. The award-winning performer is also a veteran of Cirque du Soleil, including Cirque Reinvente, Kooza and Volta. Farquhar has taken stages at the Riveria, Las Vegas, the Opera House, Blackpool and the Orpheum in Vancouver. He also has performed for Queen Elizabeth II while she visited Charlottetown, PEI.

Read more.

From the October 9th article "A DAZZLING GOURMET CABARET CIRQUE IN VANCOUVER" by Katie Nanton in Nuvo Magazine:
The talent roster is a range of eclectic performers from around the globe; together as a cast, they represent a grouping of professionals rarely seen under one roof. There is Lady Rizo, for example, a New York–based cabaret star with a wickedly funny streak; Jimmy Gonzales, a juggler and dancer just coming off a run of Cirque du Soleil; Shawn Farquhar, a multi-award-winning magician from Maple Ridge, B.C.; and Erica Nguyen, an aerial cirque performer from Moncton, N.B. Audience members will get to know them all throughout the eve while sipping fine wines and dining on Italian fare by La Quercia’s executive chef, Adam Pegg (think slow-roasted beef with carrots and jus, or sautéed wild mushrooms served over creamy polenta).

Read more.

From the November 7th article "Bacio Rosso brings cabaret, magic, acrobatics, and more to Queen Elizabeth Park" by Gail Johnson in The Georgia Straight:
Bacio Rosso is unlike anything Vancouver has ever seen. Where else do you see a room full of strangers break out into an impromptu dance party while a powerhouse cabaret singer encourages the limbo in an evening where plates fly, a magician reads minds, and a pair of muscular trapeze artists strip down to their sparkling skivvies, all within a few feet of your dinner table?

Read more.

08 November 2018

Toronto: Five world records in one day?

Why not?

Sunday December 2nd at the Browser's Den of Magic:

On this day, Michael Francis will be attempting to break the following records:
  • Most Consecutive Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Coin Rolls in One Minute (2 hands)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (1 hand)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Yo-Yo's Spun Simultaneously

If you've wanted to see and meet a Guinness World Record Holder, then this is your chance! Please join us in supporting Michael as he takes on 5 World Records.

Thank you for your kind support
- The Jeff's, John Cardella, Luiz Castro, Cam Dix & The Browser's Den Team

Atlas Obscura's list of Enchanting Local Magic Shops

Back in October, Atlas Obscura asked for our favourite local magic shops.  This week, they published a round up of the responses...

From the November 6th article "33 of the World’s Most Enchanting Local Magic Shops" by Eric Grundhauser at Atlas Obscura:

Browser’s Den of Magic
Toronto, Ontario

“As a woman in a male-dominated field, the Den has provided me with a space to learn and share magic without feeling like an outsider. The people who run the store are always willing to help, demonstrate tricks, and recommend additional resources for hobbyists and pros alike. I’ve never experienced another store quite like the Browser’s Den.” — Jacqueline Swan, Toronto, Ontario

“Jeff and the staff provide excellent service to magicians at all stages of development, and they go out of their way to be welcoming and encouraging. They are there to help, not just to make a sale. Conventions, special events, auctions, lectures, and club meetings at the shop all contribute to making Browser’s Den a very special place for Canadian magicians.” — Robin Dawes, Kingston, Ontario

“The store does so much more then sell magic. It strives to build a community. Brings in top magicians for lectures. Hosts a magic club, helps magicians sell magic tricks they no longer need. Any questions answered. Jeff Pinsky loves magic and it shows.” — Jim Byrns, Toronto, Ontario

Read more.

07 November 2018

Thank you to our November 2018 friends!

Thank you to John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, The Outerbridges, Ian Crawford, Owen Anderson, Ryan Pilling, and Matt DiSero for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

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06 November 2018

Julie Eng on Pop Life CTV

From the Pop Life CTV Facebook page:

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05 November 2018

Murray Hatfield and Teresa at the Comedy & Magic Club

From the Twitter feed of Murray Hatfield:
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02 November 2018

Toronto: Free magic club

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
This Saturday, November 3rd is our next (Free) Magic Club meeting. All are welcome.

The club meets at 'Browser's Den' from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

See you then
- The Jeff's, John Cardella, Luiz.

01 November 2018

2018 "Holiday Magic"

Dick Joiner is once again presenting "Holiday Magic" with performances in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Ontario.  This is a family style variety show raising much needed funds for the Shriners and their work for children's charities.

To support the show or to attend, tickets are available at 1-844-878-5271 (or last minute at the door if seating is available).  Doors for all shows open 30 minutes prior to curtain time.

The main show format features Neil Croswell and Ashley (just back from six months of cruise ship work), Craig Douglas our comedy juggler (a client favorite) and Ivan who will be presenting a Chair Stacking act + the Cyi wheel.  All shows are hosted by Dick Joiner.

Show dates and cities for this year:
  •     Nov 2nd 7pm -- Savoy Theatre, Glace Bay.
  •     Nov 3rd 1pm and 4pm -- Theatre in the square, New Glasgow.
  •     Nov 4th 1pm -- Cobequid Education Centre Theatre. Truro
  •     Nov 5th 7pm -- Capital Theatre, Moncton.
  •     Nov 6th 7pm -- Horton High School Theatre, Wolfville
  •     Nov 7th  7pm -- The Y'Ark Playhouse Theatre, Yarmouth
  •     Nov 8th 7pm -- Bella Rose Theatre. Halifax.
  •     Nov 9th 7pm -- Le Carrefour Theatre, Charlottetown PEI.
  •     Nov 10th 1pm -- Bathurst High School Theatre. Bathurst.
  •     Nov 11th 1pm -- Bernard- Poirier Theatre, Fredericton.
  •     Nov 12th 7pm -- Imperial Theatre, St John
  •     Nov 21st 7pm -- Capital Theatre, Windsor.
  •     Nov 22nd 7pm -- Sarnia Lib. Theatre. Sarnia
  •     Nov 23rd. 7pm -- Forest City Church Theatre. London
  •     Nov 24th 1pm -- Humanities Theatre, Kitchener.
  •     Nov 24th 1pm -- Sanderson Centre, Brantford.
  •     Nov 26th 7pm -- Capital Theatre, Chatham
  •     Nov 27th 7pm -- Mowhawk Theatre, Hamilton
  •     Nov 28th 7pm -- Seneca Queen Theatre, Niagara Falls.
  •     Nov 29th 7pm -- Georgian Theatre, Barrie.
  •     Dec 4th 7pm -- Empire Theatre Belleville
  •     Dec 5th 7pm -- Rose Theatre, Brampton
  •     Dec 10th 7pm -- 34 Catharine St. St Catherines.

A smaller show consisting of Dick Joiner, Craig Douglas and Magic Mike will be offered on the following dates and venues:
  •     Nov 20th 7pm -- Masonic Centre, St. Thomas
  •     Dec 6th 7pm -- Market Centre, Woodstock
  •     Dec 7th -- Avondale Church Theatre. Stratford.

FOR TICKETS call: 1-844-878-5271

[with thanks to Dick Joiner for sending this information along]