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07 June 2016

20 amazing alumni from Sorcerers Safari

No matter how you slice it, camp just wouldn’t be camp without campers!  It shouldn’t surprise you that Neil Croswell (gold medal ‘Magic of China, International Magic Championships” 2015), Bill Cook (three-time award winner at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas), and Kelvin Kwong (first place Magi-Fest junior close-up, second place IBM junior close-up) have all attended.  Without a doubt, Sorcerers Safari attracts multi-talented and amazing youth.  To mark their upcoming 20th anniversary, flip to page 108 of the 26th edition of VANISH magazine and have a look at "20 amazing alumni from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp."

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit SorcerersSafari.ca

11 June 2013

In the news: Holden Lumbard and Brett Chrest

Sorcerers Safari campers in the news!

From the Brandon Sun:
If it wasn’t for their youthful faces, you would think Holden Lumbard and Brett Chrest were seasoned magicians performing in a large amphitheatre to hundreds of stunned and astounded audience members.

Evolution Entertainer magicians and business partners, 14-year-old Lumbard and 15-year-old Chrest started their magic act up at the end of the year and are now the latest and the greatest on the event entertainment list, doing everything from birthday parties to corporate get-togethers.

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