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17 February 2019

David Ben: U of T Featured Alumni

From the January 22nd article at the University of Toronto Alumni website:
“The news of my retirement is greatly exaggerated,” says David Ben (UC 1983), a Toronto-born conjuror, historian of magic, writer and consultant.

Ben, a renowned expert in sleight-of-hand magic, is in the midst of creating a new show that will revisit some of his old tricks and add a selection of new ones. Each time he creates a show, he is a writer, director and set designer all in one, weaving together a story that incorporates each of his chosen tricks.

“I believe that to be an artist, you need great technique, a great understanding of the past and a vision for the future,” he says.

Read more and watch video.

15 February 2019

Carisa Hendrix in the Calgary Herald

From the February 7th article "Who's that girl? Calgary magician Carisa Hendrix and the rise of Lucy Darling" by Eric Volmers in the Calgary Herald:
Lucy is as good an authority as anyone on the magic of new personas. She is actually the alter ego of Calgary magician, fire-eater, actress, model and “circus artist” Carisa Hendrix. Two years ago, Hendrix was a moderately successful act in Calgary, concentrating largely on corporate gigs and children’s festivals and generally “scraping by and living a little bit in magic obscurity,” she says. There had been notable highlights. She had developed a show for Las Vegas, was the subject of the documentary Girl on Fire and even broke the Guinness World Record for “longest duration fire-torch teething” in 2012. But her entry into the exclusive inner circle of international magicians eluded her.

Then Lucy came along.

Lucy Darling, decked out in an elegant evening gown and possessing a quick wit worthy of Dorothy Parker, debuted in Australia at the Melbourne Magic Festival in July of 2017.

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04 February 2019

Peter Mennie unpacks his TV archive

From Peter Mennie's blog post "That’s a Lot of Magic!":
Way back when (about two years ago), I did a lot of television. Every month for 11 months, I had an appearance on a local TV chat show. I did two-three routines every time (that's 20-30 tricks) for nearly twenty years!

Over the next few months, here are some of the greatest hits - in no chronological order - and with apologies for the video quality of some of the segments.

Read more and watch video. [1 - Straight Ahead]

Peter's also posted:

01 February 2019

Carisa Hendrix in Ozy

A reminder that you can see Carisa Hendrix perform in Calgary on February 9th.

From the January 30th article "IT'S NO TRICK: WOMEN ARE CRASHING THE MALE-DOMINATED WORLD OF MAGIC" by Tania Bhattacharya in Ozy:
You can tell a lot about a person by what they drink, declares Lucy Darling, the elegant, razor-sharp alter ego of 31-year-old Canadian magician Carisa Hendrix. She’s entertaining a giddy audience at the Magic Castle, the Academy of Magical Arts’ (AMA) private clubhouse in Los Angeles, with her Maker Martini routine. Tony and Jennifer — two spectators — select the strawberry martini and the gimlet as the cocktails they want. Darling goes behind her magical bar to shake up an empty shaker, then pours three different drinks in one go. She hands the strawberry martini to Tony and the gimlet to Jennifer, and they return to their seats, amazed.

A Guinness World Record holder for the longest duration of fire torch teething – a stunt where you hold a fire torch upright with your teeth – and winner of best comedy magic show at the 2017 Melbourne Magic Festival, Hendrix is among a growing number of female illusionists changing the world of magic. For decades, women have largely been relegated to the role of perky assistants who are sawed in half. Now, more and more women are joining the profession as magicians themselves. Top magic schools are recording a dramatic surge in female students. And audiences are embracing them like never before.

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31 January 2019

Jason Latimer's Impossible Science Stage Show at UTS

From the January 31st article "Toronto student wins First Prize in's Impossible Science Challenge. Jason Latimer, World Champion Magician to perform live for her school on February 6th." on the PR Newswire:
Jason Latimer, World Champion Magician, Curator of Impossible Science and Science Channel Host, is flying into Toronto on Wednesday, February 6, to perform his Impossible Science Stage Show LIVE for students at University of Toronto Schools (UTS). #BestAssemblyEver

"He's coming for one reason, Ananya Chadha. Ananya is an extraordinary STEM mind, TKS innovator, and grade 11 student who won the challenge with her project that used EEG's and electrodes to control a remote controlled car with her brain!" commented Lauren Baldesarra, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder of ProjectBoard.

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Ryan Michael in Global News

You can see Ryan on Feb. 2 at Dakoda’s Sports Bar and Grill in Kelowna.

From the January 25th article, "‘It’s all about creating that one moment of mystery’: Kelowna magician sets sights on America’s Got Talent" by Shay Galor in Global News:

“I think the first time I ever saw a trick was David Blaine on television with his first special. Me and my dad watched it,” Michael said. “I think we must have watched it 100 times or more, just watching every little thing that he did. And it was amazing. It totally hooked me right away.”

Michael has been practicing magic for about a decade, with six of those years performing professionally in front of audiences across the country.

“The whole reason that I do magic, aside from creating a connection with people, is that one moment where your brain disconnects from reality and has to think about what just happened,” Michael said.

Read more and watch video.

27 January 2019

The Magic Circle of Saint John in the CBC

From the January 26th article "Inside the spellbinding world of Saint John's Magic Circle" by Julia Wright in the CBC:
The former Carnegie library in Saint John is a pretty ideal place for a magicians meeting.

It certainly has the right ambience: a 115-year-old, brick, Beaux-Arts-style building with a stained-glass skylight and mosaic floors.

Every month the Saint John Arts Centre hosts the Magic Circle of Saint John — a haven for sleight-of-hand artists, ventriloquists, jugglers, mind-readers, and other practitioners of unusual feats and magical effects.

The Magic Circle of Saint John is a haven for sleight-of-hand artists, ventriloquists, jugglers, mind-readers, and other practitioners of unusual feats and magical effects. 1:04
The club encourages aspiring magicians to develop their skills and "think out of the box," said club president Tabraze Sheikh, a self-professed fan of "puzzles, hard-to-answer questions, and mystery."

Read more and watch video.

16 January 2019

Roger Boucher in the CBC

From the January 15th article "Magician prepares for icy escape from Emma Lake in chains and handcuffs" by CBC News.
It's hard to make a polar bear plunge into a freezing Saskatchewan lake more difficult, but Prince Albert-based magician and hypnotist Roger Boucher wants to up the ante by escaping chains and handcuffs while beneath the icy waters of Emma Lake.

"It's going to be very challenging, and I like to challenge myself," he explained to CBC Saskatchewan's Afternoon Edition.

His planned escape is part of a Feb. 16 fundraiser for the Lakeland fire department. Boucher suggested the challenge as a publicity stunt. He'll jump in handcuffed past three feet of ice with a weedy lake surface below him.

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15 January 2019

Canadians in Masters of Illusion 2019

I spy Greg Frewin, Chris Funk, The Evasons, and Murray SawChuck.  Who am I missing?

Wikipedia suggests the 2019 season is season 9, but the performers are all referring to it as season 6 as it is the 6th season with the CW.

From Greg Frewin's Instagram:

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From Chris Funk's Twitter feed:

From The Evason's Twitter feed:

From Murray SawChuck's Instagram:

28 December 2018

Review: The Illusionists

From the November 28th article "'The Illusionists — Magic of the Holidays': Theater Review" by Frank Scheck in the Hollywood Reporter:
Shin Lim, who pocketed a cool $1 million as an America's Got Talent champion, performs sleight-of-hand card tricks. While close-up magic inevitably loses something in a large auditorium (even if you're sitting down front, you inevitably wind up looking at the video screens), the young magician is such a master of his craft that it doesn't matter. His fluid movements are beautifully choreographed and executed, achieving a near poeticism enhanced by his slyly confident manner.

Oake delivers some of the evening's most lavish illusions, including several in which he miraculously appears and disappears. His muscled, tattooed physique and shaved head make him appear far more threatening than he actually is. Plenty of magicians perform a bit in which they make doves appear out of thin air, for instance, but not many seem fond enough of the birds to kiss them.

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24 December 2018

The Sentimentalists to make predictions for the New Year

I hope they have some good news to share!

You can also catch them in Sentimentalists: Mentalism At The Museum on December 28th.

From The Sentimentalists' Facebook page:

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17 December 2018

Oshawa: Richard Forget and Craig Douglas

From the December 11th article "Whitby magician has a box of tricks" by Mike Ruta in the Durham Region:
When is a box not just a box? When it’s a metaphor in Richard Forget’s show, The Magic Box.

“It suggests a whole bunch of things,” says the Whitby magician. “It can mean so much.”

Forget notes that the history of magic is full of them: people disappearing from a box, a magician sawing his assistant in half as she lays in a box. And a theatre itself is a box, he says.

Forget, the Canadian Magician of the Year in 2011, is encouraging Durham residents to come and see his show on Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. at Oshawa’s Regent Theatre. After all, he isn’t around much.

“I don’t get to perform this show in the Durham area a lot because I travel a lot,” he says.

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16 December 2018

Toronto: American Sign Language interpreted magic show

From the Champions of Magic Press release:
TORONTO, ON, DECEMBER 13, 2018: The holiday season just got a little more magical as ​Starvox Entertainment announces a very special performance of Champions Of Magic accompanied by American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. On December 29 at 5:00 p.m. at Toronto’s​ Bluma Appel Theatre ​ (​St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front St E), the UK’s mind-bending magical troop, will deliver their jaw-dropping, mind-bending performance and mesmerising illusions with ASL interpretation to Toronto for the first time ever.

Fully immersing deaf audience members into a grand scale illusion show, such as Champions of Magic, is no easy task, and is rarely done,” stated Corey Ross President and Founder of Starvox Entertainment. “While magic is very visual, the sleight of hand often involves distracting the audience through audio cues and the traditional magician’s patter.  The Champions are preparing themselves for the challenge of performing for this new audience without giving away the secrets of the illusions. It will be incredibly suspenseful to see if this works.”   
It was really important to us that the show to be fully inclusive of the diverse Toronto audience,” says Kayla Drescher, the show’s close up Magician. “Having a performance with American Sign Language interpretation allows the entire audience to be totally immersed in the magic and enjoy the camaraderie that is an integral part of the performance.

Champions Of Magic’s five world-class illusionists deliver a mesmerizing experience that’s entertaining for the entire family. Featuring incredible illusions with sports cars, an impossible escape from Houdini’s water torture cell, mind-blowing predictions that must be witnessed to be believed, levitation from wonderous heights and a finale beyond explanation, Champions of Magic showcases original magic that can’t be seen anywhere else.
To reserve seats for the December 29th ASL performance, please use code “ASL” when purchasing tickets through ​ to ensure assigned seating. For assistance, contact the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts box office via or call 416-366-7723.

20 November 2018

Brian Glow in the CBC News

From the November 17th article "For this Manitoba anti-bullying magician, the real trick is helping kids connect" by CBC News (with files from Nadia Kidwai):
A Manitoba magician who found solace in sleight of hand when he was bullied as a kid is using the same tools to help fight bullying in northern communities.

Brian Glow, a corporate magician and illusionist, has performed for audiences in 44 countries over the past 40 years. These days, he spends as much as four months a year in remote communities in the Northwest Territories, enthralling students with magic tricks he hopes help them deal with bullying.

His work with them ranges from performances to workshops on how to do the tricks and motivational speaking.

"Each trick actually has messaging in it, whether it's motivational, whether it's anti-bullying, whether it's what to look out for when someone's talking a certain way," Glow said.

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09 November 2018

Bacio Rosso media roundup

From the November 6th article "VETERAN CANADIAN PERFORMERS STAR IN THE FIRST BELGIUM-INSPIRED CIRCUS" by asingh in the Asian Pacific Post:

Cirque du Soleil performer Colin Heath and magician and illusionist Shawn Farquar will be part of Canada’s first European-inspired circuses coming to town, Bacio Rosso Spiegeltent.

Heath has performed in Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach, the Arts Club, Axis Theatre, Leaky Heavy Circus. The award-winning performer is also a veteran of Cirque du Soleil, including Cirque Reinvente, Kooza and Volta. Farquhar has taken stages at the Riveria, Las Vegas, the Opera House, Blackpool and the Orpheum in Vancouver. He also has performed for Queen Elizabeth II while she visited Charlottetown, PEI.

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From the October 9th article "A DAZZLING GOURMET CABARET CIRQUE IN VANCOUVER" by Katie Nanton in Nuvo Magazine:
The talent roster is a range of eclectic performers from around the globe; together as a cast, they represent a grouping of professionals rarely seen under one roof. There is Lady Rizo, for example, a New York–based cabaret star with a wickedly funny streak; Jimmy Gonzales, a juggler and dancer just coming off a run of Cirque du Soleil; Shawn Farquhar, a multi-award-winning magician from Maple Ridge, B.C.; and Erica Nguyen, an aerial cirque performer from Moncton, N.B. Audience members will get to know them all throughout the eve while sipping fine wines and dining on Italian fare by La Quercia’s executive chef, Adam Pegg (think slow-roasted beef with carrots and jus, or sautéed wild mushrooms served over creamy polenta).

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From the November 7th article "Bacio Rosso brings cabaret, magic, acrobatics, and more to Queen Elizabeth Park" by Gail Johnson in The Georgia Straight:
Bacio Rosso is unlike anything Vancouver has ever seen. Where else do you see a room full of strangers break out into an impromptu dance party while a powerhouse cabaret singer encourages the limbo in an evening where plates fly, a magician reads minds, and a pair of muscular trapeze artists strip down to their sparkling skivvies, all within a few feet of your dinner table?

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08 November 2018

Atlas Obscura's list of Enchanting Local Magic Shops

Back in October, Atlas Obscura asked for our favourite local magic shops.  This week, they published a round up of the responses...

From the November 6th article "33 of the World’s Most Enchanting Local Magic Shops" by Eric Grundhauser at Atlas Obscura:

Browser’s Den of Magic
Toronto, Ontario

“As a woman in a male-dominated field, the Den has provided me with a space to learn and share magic without feeling like an outsider. The people who run the store are always willing to help, demonstrate tricks, and recommend additional resources for hobbyists and pros alike. I’ve never experienced another store quite like the Browser’s Den.” — Jacqueline Swan, Toronto, Ontario

“Jeff and the staff provide excellent service to magicians at all stages of development, and they go out of their way to be welcoming and encouraging. They are there to help, not just to make a sale. Conventions, special events, auctions, lectures, and club meetings at the shop all contribute to making Browser’s Den a very special place for Canadian magicians.” — Robin Dawes, Kingston, Ontario

“The store does so much more then sell magic. It strives to build a community. Brings in top magicians for lectures. Hosts a magic club, helps magicians sell magic tricks they no longer need. Any questions answered. Jeff Pinsky loves magic and it shows.” — Jim Byrns, Toronto, Ontario

Read more.

06 November 2018

Julie Eng on Pop Life CTV

From the Pop Life CTV Facebook page:

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29 October 2018

David Johnston in The Chronicle Herald

From the October 19th article "Halifax magician meets childhood hero, the man behind Big Bird" by Tim Arsenault in The ChronicleHerald:
David Johnston, a full-time Halifax-based magician, discovered last weekend that he had more in common with a childhood idol than he imagined.

Johnston, who performs as the Amazing Mr. J., made a road trip to Ontario for the chance to meet puppeteer Caroll Spinney, who has played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street from its inception in 1969.

Spinney was a guest at Hamilton Comic Con for what was billed as his final appearance in Canada, and Johnston said he got to spend some quality time with the performer.

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20 October 2018

Reader's Digest suggests watching out for David Acer

From the article "22 Canadian Comedians to Watch Out For—and Their Best Jokes" at Reader's Digest Canada:
6. David Acer

I just bought a Canada Goose jacket. I love it—it’s warm, it’s comfortable. The only problem is, whenever I run into other people wearing Canada Goose jackets, we all have to walk in a V-formation.

Follow Montreal comedian David Acer on Twitter @David_Acer.

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