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09 July 2014

Montreal: Lab Magique

There is a magicians’ association in Montreal called REGROUPEMENT DES MAGICIENS QUÉBÉCOIS. Its purpose is to promote the art of magic in Quebec and is open to professionals and amateurs to exchange ideas, techniques, etc. Phil and I were invited to a show they were presenting in an intimate cabaret like theatre  in a room upstairs of Le Fripon, a restaurant in Old Montreal, on Jacques Cartier Square. Go know! It’s a “LABATOIRE EXPÉRIMENTAL POUR MAGICIENS ET ARTISTES  DE VARIETÉ”. I say its a great idea because its a place that seats about 65 people and it was full, and it’s presented like a real show, which it is, with an M.C. who was Eric Electrik that night, with several magicians performing. This is a place for them to try out their stuff.

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