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23 December 2019

Pittsburgh: Free IBM Jam

From Alex Zander:
‪Spend a full day of learning and jamming with magic masters. Open exclusively to I.B.M. members.

‪Jan. 12, 2020. ‬
‪10am-4pm, WyndhamGrand Pittsburgh‬
‪Details at‬

*Advertisers in The Linking Ring get a free Dealer Table!*

Shawn hosted a couple of free CAM JAMs in his time (Niagara Falls and Port Coquitlam) and they were great fun.  If you can attend the JAM in Pittsburgh, go!

18 December 2019

Philadelphia: The Sentimentalists at Smoke and Mirrors

From The Sentimentalists Facebook page:
10 Jan 2020 at 20:00 – 11 Jan 2020 at 23:00
They are back... for real this time.

Fresh off this Season of Americas Got Talent (Quarter finalists) and last season on Penn and Tellers Fool Us (Foolers), The Sentimentalists. 

World renowned mentalist Mysterion teams with The first lady of mentalism Steffi Kay creating a two person mind reading experience that is truly breathtaking. Steffi brings back classic couture. Her vintage look  will transport you back to the golden age of magic. Mysterion has appeared on stages around the globe and on countless TV appearances. Together they showcase their incredibly special way of communicating, with a touch of humor and most importantly class. 

10 April 2019

Billy Kidd in Topic Stories, Liberty Magic, and Super$tition

A reminder that Super$tition runs April 11- 21 in Edmonton.

From Billy Kidd's Twitter feed:

20 June 2018

Catching up with The Sentimentalists (they're on Penn and Teller's Fool Us!)

Catch Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay:
  • Mon June 25 on Penn and Teller's Fool Us on CW Network
  • Fri June 29 and Sat Jun 30 at Smoke and Mirrors Theater in Pennsylvania
  • Sat Sept 15 at Zoetic in Hamilton

From The Sentimentalist's Facebook page:

04 July 2011

Shawn Farquhar: FISM North America / SAM 2011

Shawn Farquhar will be performing at the SAM convention in Pittsburgh, PA which runs from July 13 to 16, 2011.  Also taking place at SAM 2011 is the first FISM North American Championships!  Good luck to the competitors!

For more information about convention, visit the SAM website.

[h/t: Northern Sleights]