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26 December 2019

Oakville: 2019 Spectacular Showcase

From Scott Hood's Facebook post:
I will be in the 2019 Spectacular Showcase December 28 & 29. This cabaret show is a fun two days to be part of an ensemble cast. If you are looking for a fun family show between Christmas and New Year come out and join us. I you are going to be at one of the two shows, shoot me a private message so we can catch up following the show.

02 January 2018

Toronto: The newest hat and rabbit trick in the book

Tonight's performers (January 2nd) are mentioned at the bottom of the post.

From The Toronto Magic Company Facebook page:

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Also from The Toronto Magic Company Facebook page:

18 April 2015

Welcoming Ron Keller as CAM President

As you may have read in the note attached to the Spring 2015 edition of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) publication, "Northern Peeks," Ron Keller has recently taken over the role of President from Scott Hood.

Thank you Scott, for your time and efforts as CAM President!

Welcome Ron and thank you for taking on this important role.

For more information about CAM, visit their website at .

27 July 2014

Scott Hood, Executive Committee Member of the I.B.M.

Shawn Farquhar isn't the only Canadian with a new position among the I.B.M. officers this year.  Congratulations to Scott Hood, who was sworn in as an Executive Committee Member!

It's also worth noting that Scott is also the president of the Canadian Association of Magicians.  Thank you Scott for taking on that important role!

From the Perfect Magic Facebook page:

07 May 2014

Winners of the Best Magician Contest 2014

The results from the Best Magician Contest 2014!

From Popular Magic News:
“Best Magician Contest 2014” was successfully completed on April 26, 2014. Comparing with the past years, there were new talented magicians who came from different parts of Toronto to participate the contest; some of them even came from Ottawa just for showing off their talents and made our audience left with so much wonders and joy. 
Here is the result of the contest: 
Champion Award:  Luiz Castro
My Favourite Magician Award:  Scott Hood
Read more and click through to see photos.

Congratulations to Luiz and Scott!

[via Arthur Poon]

14 September 2012

Photos from the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's Pediatrics Ward

Back in July we posted an article about Joan Caesar and Scott Hood's visit to the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's Pediatrics Ward.  Over at The Doug Henning Magic Wand club's website, they have posted photos from the August 2012 Linking Ring article about the visit (vol 92, #8, Aug 2012, pages 45 and 46).

It's lovely to see Joan and Scott bringing smiles to the faces of hospitalized kids.

15 July 2012

Children's show at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth's Pediatrics Ward

From America's Navy:
"Every year, we try to go to a children's hospital or a hospital with a children's ward and do a quick show for the kids, to take away some of the normal hospital routine," said Scott Hood, one of the Canadian magicians and the I.B.M. director of hospital shows.

"It takes their mind off what they're going through. It's something different; they get a bit of a laugh, a bit of a giggle. They get to see something they may have not seen before or may have only seen on television. And we have fun doing it."

"I love doing magic," said Joan Caesar, the other magician from Canada. "I especially love doing magic for children, and this was perfect - to perform for kids who are in the hospital and maybe need a little smile on their face."

Read more.

10 July 2011

Ring 49: executive for 2011-12

The executive of Hamilton's Ring 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) for 2011-12:

They are sure to have an exciting season in store for us!