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Canada's Magic welcomes proposals for sponsorship from organizations that are a good fit with our readers. Please read the information below and e-mail us for more information.  Rates are subject to change without notice.

It is possible to submit more than one ad image for display.

Sponsorship categories*

Platinum sponsor:
  • $600 / year [$160 / quarter; $60 / month]
  • Banner ad (300px by 60px)    
  • Placements will begin in the area immediately below the contact information and above the "Selected Anniversaries" widget on the upper right hand side of the page.
  • Sample:
    The Fools' Monte  

Gold sponsor:
  • $400 / year [$110 / quarter; $40 / month]
  • Button ad (140px by 140px)
  • Placements will begin in the area below the "Selected Anniversaries" widget to the left of the Twitter view.
  • Sample:
    the fools' monte  

Silver sponsor:
  • $200 / year [$55 / quarter; $20 / month]
  • Text link
  • Placements will begin below the Button Ads. Character limit: 100 (including spaces).
  • Sample:
    The Fool's Monte

  • For a donation of only $20 a year, have your name listed as a friend of this website!  Friends of the blog will be listed below sponsor ads, to the left of the Twitter view.

* Sponsorship placement order is determined on a first come first served basis. New sponsors are added to the bottom of the list. Multiple consecutive spaces can be purchased for longer graphic placments. All sponsorship graphics will appear on all post pages of the website. 

Sponsored post: $45 / post
Sponsored posts will be clearly designated as such and may not include any material that is libelous or slanderous.

Pay Pal will be used for funds transfer.

Publication ready art / graphics to be supplied by the sponsor.  Graphic design services are available at an additional charge.

Canada's Magic reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship that we do not think is a good fit with our community.