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04 January 2021

Ring 17 hosts a panel on magic in the age of digital reproduction

From the Ring 17 website:

Thursday, January 7, 2021

On Zoom. 

Hosted by David Peck


  • Jonah Babins
  • Matt DiSero
  • Michael Feldman
  • Graemazing
  • Steffi Kay
  • Felice Ling
  • Aaron Matthews
  • Mysterion
  • Ben “Racoon Tamer” Train

In the past year we have been forced to make drastic and rapid changes if we wanted to continue performing. We have assembled a panel of performers, each of whom has made their own transition into the virtual space and found a way to perform from home. The panel will share their experiences, what works, what doesn’t, the challenges they have overcome and the gadgets and gizmos that make virtual performances possible.

Read more and buy tickets

14 September 2020

St. Catharines: Matt DiSero at Showtime Comedy and Entertainment

From the September 5th Facebook post by Matt DiSero:

Ontario: I'll be performing LIVE at Showtime Comedy and Entertainment Sept 18 & 19.  

I hear there's plexiglass between me and the audience, so it's like visiting Hannibal Lecter.  

Remember the rules: Do not touch or approach the glass. You pass me nothing but soft paper. No pencils or pens. No staples or paperclips in the paper.  Use the sliding food carrier. If I attempt to pass you anything, do not accept it. Do you understand me? -- Yes Doctor Chilton.

Who wants to be my Clarice Starling?

04 May 2020

Matt DiSero on the cover of The Linking Ring

Congratulations to Matt DiSero who is featured on the cover of the May 2020 edition of The Linking Ring!

You can read David Peck's article "Matthew DiSero: Celebrating Thirty Years in Showbiz" starting on page 16.  

17 January 2020

Winnipeg: Matt DiSero with Big Daddy Tazz

From Eventbrite:
Big Daddy Tazz and Friends will be again hosting its annual comedy night. With the support of the Winnipeg East AM Rotary Club.

Come join Tazz with his friends, Kevin McDonald, Matt DiSero, Graham Chittenden, Cory Mack and Chad Anderson on January 24th, 2020 at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre. Doors open at 6:00pm, rush seating, Show time: 7:30pm.

Read more and buy tickets.

10 January 2020

Toronto: April Fools Magic Spectacular

From the Toronto Magic Company:
When was the last time you were fooled? I mean REALLY fooled?

Well you’ve NEVER been fooled like this!

In honour of April 1st, the most fooling day of the year, The Toronto Magic Company has gathered together some of the best and most popular magicians to ever appear on the hit TV show “Penn and Teller Fool Us”. Using world-class sleight of hand and mind-blowing illusions, these master magicians will prove that there’s nothing more fun than being fooled!

Featuring (in alphabetical order)
  • Jason Palter - Fool Us, Season 5.
  • Jay Sankey - Fool Us, Season 2
  • Matt Disero - Fool Us, Season 3
  • Nicholas Wallace - Fool Us, Season 5. FOOLER.
  • Richard Forget - Fool Us, Season 4
  • Ryan Joyce - Fool Us, Season 3
  • The Sentimentalists - Fool Us, Season 5. FOOLER.
  • Wes Barker - Fool Us, Season 2. FOOLER.
  • Yan Markson - Fool Us, Season 4

This is a once in a lifetime event with VERY limited seating! Get your tickets before they disappear!

Read more and buy tickets.

12 December 2019

Brandon: Matt DiSero

From Matt DiSero's Facebook group:
The producers of a show I'm doing at the Keystone Amphitheatre in Brandon Manitoba on Jan 25th, asked me to make a teaser video for the performance. Here it is,...A little low res, low tech ( just like me )video promo. I'm really looking forward to being there. Thank god I'm not in video production, I'd go broke.

07 December 2019

ICYMI: Unsolicited Advice for performing on Penn and Teller Fool US

Matt's blog post (below) is also quoted in the Looper article "The untold truth of Penn & Teller: Fool Us" by David Lebovitz.  (The article also has a nice shout out to Michael Close.)

From the November 25th blog post "Unsolicited Advice for performing on Penn and Teller Fool US, a repost" by Matt DiSero:
Regarding the actual shoot. Look, I’ve been a full time act since I was 16. I’ve never had a day job. I’m a lifer and as a result, like many of you, the social aspect of being on a multi person show is huge. It IS the juice. I have better sets when I’m joking around with the other acts before I go on. It helps me get into the zone. This will NOT happen on Fool US. When you shoot you’ll be isolated from the other acts.

You can’t watch them do camera block, tech rehearsal or shoot the live show. You can’t be in the audience. You literally sit in a little room waiting to be called to go out and tape. After make up you’re kind of in a jail cell. If you’re hoping to hang with the acts backstage, forget it. Afterwards in the bar yes, but during the show, no. It’s hard to be alone and not get to chill with the acts especially on such a high pressure shoot. Be aware of that and get ready for it.
Read more.

23 August 2019

Brampton: Barry Carter and Matt DiSero

Saturday October 19th, "A Night of Comedy for Peel Shrine Club" featuring Barry Carter and Matt DiSero.

Visit the Brampton Masonic Centre for details.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

26 May 2019

Matt DiSero on Comedy Above The Pub

Season 17, episode 16 of the Comedy Above the Pub podcast has Matt DiSero in the hot seat with a bonus anecdote about David Acer.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

18 January 2019

Michael Close Webinar: The Truth about Lying

From Michael Close:
Magic depends on disseminating misinformation – in other words, lying. Learn to use this important tool with rapier-like precision in this informative and fun webinar.

Michael's live webinar will run 60-90 minutes long, you will be able to ask questions, geared for all skill levels, and you can add some tricks to your repertoire right away!

What you will learn:
  • The whole truth and nothing but the truth
  • Conditional (transitional) truth
  • Verbal vs. non-verbal lies
  • Sleight of hand as a non-verbal lie
  • Sustaining a non-verbal lie
  • Lies of omission
  • Lying to distort memory
  • Strategic placement of big lies

Read more and register.

Sign-up at to receive Michael's newsletters.  I've got it on good authority that there's an interview with Matt DiSero in the January newsletter!

19 December 2018

Holland America: Matt DiSero

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24 October 2018

Nashville: Matt DiSero

From the Twitter feed of Matt DiSero:
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12 September 2018

Welcoming a new Friend: Matt DiSero

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Matt DiSero!

I first met Matt during the early days of the Magical Arts Festival in Toronto somewhere around the turn of the century.  I remember walking to a show at Big Daddy's Crab Shack And Oyster Bar from the parking lot near The Charlotte Room and having the good fortune to have as company Matt, Julie Eng, and David Peck.

I've been joyfully entertained by Matt (and Hartnell) at numerous "Magic Tonight" events and other such productions in and around the Toronto area.

You may have seen Matt on the 2016 season of Penn and Teller's Fool Us, or heard him interviewed by David Peck or the "Discourse in Magic" crew.  You can check out his blog at

Catch Matt, along with Glenn Ottaway and James Alan in "Magic Tonight: The grumpy old men of magic" on September 15th. 

Thank you Matt, for befriending Canada's Magic!

05 September 2018

Matt DiSero in the Edmonton Journal

The Edmonton Comedy Festival runs from October 10th to the 13th.

From the August 29th article, "Edmonton Comedy Festival Sponsored by Edmonton Comedy Festival Steve Patterson, K. Trevor Wilson and more headline Edmonton Comedy Festival" by L. Harrison Kelly in the Edmonton Journal:
This year’s bill breaks new ground. For the first time in its history, the festival will feature stand-up comedy’s dark cousin: magic.

“As a festival producer, you have to wear more than one hat, and sometimes put one in the closet and not look at it,” says Grose. “As a standup comic, I don’t bring props on stage. We standups kind of turn our noses up at anybody who uses more than their voice. But there is demand for magic, and we’re going to provide it.”

That market demand will be met by Mathew Disero, a talented Canadian magician who has worked with Penn and Teller.

Read more.

14 August 2018

Toronto: Grumpy old magicians

Catch Matt DiSero and Glenn Ottaway in James Alan's "Magic Tonight: The grumpy old men of magic" on September 15th.

From the Facebook page of James Alan:

11 July 2018

Edmonton: Matt DiSero at the Edmonton Comedy Festival

Matt was also recently featured on the Travel Tales Podcast.  Details at the bottom of the post.

From the Edmonton Comedy Festival:
The Edmonton Comedy Festival is back from October 10th to 13th, 2018 starring Letter Kenny’s Trevor K. Wilson, Not Skinny Not Blonde’s Monique Marvez, That’s So Raven’s Rondell Sheridan, The Debator’s Steve Patterson and Last Comic Standing’s Louis Ramey. New to the festival this year watch out for our comedy seminars and fundraising opportunities plus more chances to win your way into the festival!

From Matt DiSero's Twitter feed:

From the Travel Tales Podcast Twitter feed:

08 July 2018

Alex Seaman and Matt DiSero remember Brian Gillis

From Alex Zander's Facebook page:

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From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

22 April 2018

Remembering Harry Anderson

By now you have likely heard the news that Harry Anderson passed away last Monday at the age of 65.

Mr. Anderson was kind to me.  Back in 2003 he gave me permission to market an effect of mine that is based on one of his better known routines.  I'm grateful that I was able to thank him in person and see him perform live and lecture, when he came to Ontario in 2012.

Little known fact: David Merry and Harry Anderson are tangentially responsible for the start of this blog!

Our condolences to his family and friends.

Here's what others have to say...

From Matt DiSero's Facebook post:

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook post:

Some thoughts from John Larroquette on Twitter:

And from his son, Dash's Facebook post:

23 February 2018

Fergus: Michael Paul, The Evasons, and Matt DiSero

From Ryan Joyce's Facebook page:

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Read more.

08 January 2018

Fergus: Bringing magic to the Fergus Grand Theatre

From the January 5th, 2018 article "Ryan Joyce aims to bring world class magicians to Fergus" by Jaime Myslik in the Wellington Advertiser:
“I’m trying to find ways to stay more locally bound and still do what I love,” he said. “I think we might have found a unique way to do both.”

The first project he’s working on is called Magician’s Masterclass, which is an educational show for magicians hosted by a guest magic legend and will be filmed at the Fergus Grand Theatre.

The goal is to “see how they learn and teach and explore magic, all on camera,” Joyce said.

The first episode was released in December with host Michael Close, a magic consultant for Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Read more.

From Fergus Filming:
I asked Michael (Close) to join us to film an exciting new project for the magic community that teaches some of magic’s most well-gaurded secrets.  The project is turning out better than I expected and there is interested to bring other world-famous magicians and variety artists right here to our community.

While filming, it became very clear the opportunity that lay ahead.  I am gearing up to bring some of the world’s greatest magicians, variety artists and visual entertainers right here to Fergus Grand Theatre and film shows for distribution.

These performances will be free* and we need to fill all 255 seats with an enthusiastic live studio audience.  Sorry, I can’t mention too many juicy details yet.  You’ll be the first to know by signing up for updates below!  Don’t worry, I don’t have time to spam you– kinda busy working to make this happen (plus travelling like crazy for my job)

Read more and subscribe to newsletter.