31 July 2022

FISM 2022 in CBC News

From the July 29th upload "World’s best magicians gather in Canada for championship" by CBC News: The National:



From the July 28th article "The best magicians in the world are gathering in Canada this week" by Joseph Pugh at the CBC:

Two Canadians are competing this year, including Yannick Lacroix from Quebec and Cobalt, who will be competing in the close-up card magic category.

"I'm excitedly terrified," Cobalt told CBC News. He qualified for the championship after competing in an event last fall for the first time.

The Toronto-based magician says there is added stress and excitement when thinking about the audience.

"It's literally every great magician I grew up reading about … or ask[ed] for an autograph who's going to be in there now watching me do this act."

There's a lot on the line for the magicians, according to Canadian illusionist Greg Frewin.

"If you place even in the top three of this competition, your life changes," he says.

Frewin speaks from experience having won first place in the general magic category at the 1994 world championships in Yokohama, Japan. He currently performs shows at the Greg Frewin theatre in Niagara Falls, Ont., and has been training the next generation of magicians. One of his students, Ding Yang of China, is also competing at FISM.

"I can't give away what she does, but I will say this, there is one part of her act that nobody, male or female, has ever done and probably won't do for a long time because of the skill level and the skill set besides magic that it takes."

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FISM 2022 results

Congratulations to the winners, the contestants, and the organizers!


From the July 31st Facebook post by Paul Romhany:

1st Place: (tie) Simon Coronel (USA); Luís Olmedo (Spain)
2nd Place:  Jacob Schenström (Sweden)
3rd Place: Mr. Triton (France)

1st Place: Markobi (France)
2nd Place: Pere Rafael (Spain)
3rd Place: Erik Tait (USA)

1st Place: Shoot Ogawa (USA)
2nd Place:  (tie) Javi Rufo (Spain); Vincent (Australia)
3rd Place:  Jonio (Japan)


Daniel Mormina (Argentina)

1st Place: Anca & Luca (Austria)
2nd Place: Rob & Emiel (Netherlands)
3rd Place: (tie) Mago Larry (Argentina); Andrea Rizzolini (Italy)

1st Place: Mortenn Christiansen
2nd Place: Ramo & Alegria (Spain)
3rd Place: Marie Helene (France)

1st Place: Yunke (Spain)
2nd Place: Double Mandoble (Belgium)
3rd Place: no prize awarded

1st Place: Laurent Piron (Belgium)
2nd Place: Ding Yang (China)
3rd Place: Zhu Mingzhu (China)

1st Place: (tie) Artem Shchukin (Russia); Junwoo Park (Korea)
2nd Place: Eden (South Korea)
3rd Place: Francesco Della Bona (Italy)

Ding Yang (China)

HJ (Taiwan Province of China)
Ramo & Alegria (Spain)
Zhu Minhzhu (China)


Richard Kaufman

Dani DaOrtiz




FISM 2025 will be in Torino, Italy










Top 5 posts in July 2022

There were 28 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. FISM in the news - More on that shortly.  Watch this space.
4. Jokers is serious about comedy - Thursday night magic starting in August!
3. Toronto: Pit Hartling lecture [July 22] and workshop [July 23] - A fabulous event, from what we heard.
2. Shane Cobalt on Global, CP24, CTV, CFRA, and SXMCanadaTalks - Congratulations on all of your achievements Shane!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. The Evasons' $100,000 pledge - That's a seriously large payout!







30 July 2022

Season 9 of Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" [Oct 14]

Looking forward to seeing which Canadians are featured this season! 


From the July 21st Instagram post by PT Fool Us:

Another great season. Thank you, magic world!




29 July 2022

Aurora: Mind Bender and Scott Hammell [Oct 1] and TV Show

Additionally, you can see Mind Bender every Thursday night at Joe Bird in Toronto.


From the July 6th Instagram post by Mind Bender:

I’m happy to announce this October 1st, 2022 I’ll be be back at my second home, Theatre Aurora. I'm especially excited for this one as it will be my first public show since 2016! 6ixth Sense is a mind-altering, unbelievable, eye-opening show that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Starring four-time Guinness World Record holder, Scott Hammell and Mentalist & Escape Artist, Mind Bender. For one night only, there is no better place in the GTA to watch a jam packed show filled with laughter, mind-reading, magic, and more. Don’t miss out as Mind Bender and Scott Hammell attempt to make the impossible, possible. Tickets on sale now. Link in bio!





From the June 6th Instagram post by Mind Bender:

I’m so excited to be finally able to share this announcement with you all and take you guys on this journey as I start something new in my career! This Wednesday we start filming my first ever TV show, ‘Mind Bender’s Great Escape’

‘Mind Bender’s Great Escape’ will follow Mind Bender's journey as he attempts Houdini's famous deathly suspension straitjacket escape. This time, Mind Bender will put an original spin on the stunt that has never been done before.

‘Mind Bender’s Great Escape’ is a reality-based show that teeters on the line of escape artists and the history behind their escapes. The show will take a peek into the magic industry as Mind Bender dives into the different ways of how he’s been able to turn magic into a profitable business since the age of 10. The first season will consist of 8 episodes, running 30-35 minutes each. Mind Bender will also take his viewers to the beautiful city of Toronto as he performs some of his most insane street magic yet.

The process of performing any death defying stunt can take a toll on you, both mentally and physically. For over a decade now, Mind Bender has been putting his life on the line for entertainment, so being able to top his last stunt has been one of his biggest roadblocks yet. Despite his loved ones being unhappy with his choice to pursue a dangerous career path, Mind Bender is determined to make this show one that his audience has never witnessed before.

‘Mind Bender’s Great Escape’ will air exclusively on @buzztv.live late October







28 July 2022

Fabien Olicard: Quebec [Aug 19-21] and Montreal [Aug 26-27]

From the June 28th Instagram post by Luc Langevin (translated by Google):

Quebec friends and lovers of mystery, mentalism and the brain; my friend @fabienolicard will be in Quebec with his show “En création” on August 26 and 27 at the Casino de Montréal (and on August 19, 20 and 21 at the ComediHa! Club de Québec… but it’s already sold out)

Fabien is a real phenomenon… and he is not often in America… so take advantage of it!





27 July 2022

SuperDogs: Edmonton [now-Jul 31], Saskatoon [Aug 9-14], Toronto [Aug 19-Sep 5], Vancouver [Aug 20-Sep 5]

Catch David Acer in Vancouver!


From the July 26th Facebook post by David Acer:

I worked with a great team at The Official SuperDogs to develop content for this fun show that unleashes their super in a whole new way! Pawvengers just premiered at K-Days in Edmonton and runs there through July 31st before launching with a different cast at the Saskatoon EX (August 9-14), the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto (August 19-September 5) and the Coliseum in Vancouver as part of the Pacific National Exhibition (August 20-September 5).

26 July 2022

Richmond Hill: Wow! The Ultimate Magic Show

From the July 14th Facebook post by Jokers Theatre:

We are excited to announce the start of our new weekly magic show called Wow! The Ultimate Magic Show. Co-produced by The Toronto Magic Company, this show features a weekly rotating cast of some of the best magicians, mentalists, and illusionists that Canada has to offer. Opening night is on August 18th with Benzi Train, Jonah Babins, and the headliners The Sentimentalists!

Tickets are on sale now via www.jokers.ca






24 July 2022

Broken wand: Brydon Evans Smith

Our sincere condolences to Brydon's family and friends.  Our thoughts are with you at this most difficult time. 


From the Globe and Mail:

February 1, 1938 - July 19, 2022

His championing of Indigenous artists was a vital but lesser-known aspect of his career. Smith was honoured in 2014 with a Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts for his extraordinary contribution to the visual arts in Canada. Accomplished magician, generous and fun-loving host, eco-warrior, inventor of the Samuel Beckett Martini, margarita-maker par excellence, Brydon will live on in our memories not only for having made a lasting contribution to the arts in Canada and abroad but as a lover of life to its fullest. Donations may be made in his name to: The Canadian Wildlife Federation, The Alzheimer Society of Canada Research branch or the Dementia Society, Ottawa Renfrew. Celebrations of Brydon's life will be held in the coming months.

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23 July 2022

FISM in the news

From the July 21st article "Merlin à Québec" by Paul Fontaine in Le Deviour (translated by Google):

As of Monday, curious phenomena will agitate the city of Quebec. More than 2,500 magicians will appear in the Old Capital, ready to amaze young and old alike during the Quebec Magic Festival. Witchcraft activities will enchant the ExpoCité site and the Québec City Convention Centre, not to mention the shopping streets of Old Québec and Lower Town.

This carnival of illusion, which takes place from July 25 to 31, will host with great fanfare the World Championship of Magic of the International Federation of Magical Societies (FISM).

The “Olympics of Magic”

“It's really a historic first,” says Luc Langevin, spokesperson for the 11th edition  of the Festival. Met under the shadow of the forest giants of Square Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier, in Montreal, the illusionist well known to Quebecers struggles to contain his excitement.

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From the July 14th article "Elora is indeed a 'magical' community" by Keegan Kozolanka in Elora Fergus Today:

Caesar said she looked forward to seeing a few tricks as she knows some magicians will leave her stumped how they pulled the trick off, which is rare as she claims to know most of the tricks of the trade.

“I’m overjoyed to finally have FISM come to North America specifically,” Caesar said, giving credit to current CAM president Renee-Claude Auclair. “I’m very grateful to Renee-Claude for having the foresight and energy to this done.”

“It’s a historic moment for Canadian magicians specifically but also North American because the FISM World Championship of Magic has never come anywhere west of the United Kingdom,” Joyce said. 

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ICYMI: 5000 posts!

Yesterday marked the 5000th post at the Canada's Magic blog!  

Whether you've read all 5000 posts, or are stopping by for the first time, thank you for visiting!

22 July 2022

Shane Cobalt on Global, CP24, CTV, CFRA, and SXMCanadaTalks

Bonne chance Shane!


From the July 19th article "Magician Shane Cobalt set to represent Canada in the World Championship of Magic" at Global News:

The World Championship of Magic is about to dazzle fans right here in Canada for the first time. Toronto’s own Shane Cobalt will be competing at the event in Quebec City. The renowned magician speaks about his excitement for the event and puts his skills on display with some card tricks.

Watch video

From the July 19th article "The Morning Show: July 19" at Global News:

Then, magician Shane Cobalt talks about representing Canada at the upcoming World Championship of Magic.

Watch video.





CFRA sound bite from July 19th "Ottawa at Work: 'I love old school magic' -- magician Shane Cobalt preparing for upcoming World Championships of Magic"





21 July 2022

Calgary: Jeff Newman in "A Different Kind Of Magic Show" [Jul 29 - Aug 6]

From the July 13th Instagram post by Jeff Newman:

The countdown is on until I bring a BRAND NEW SHOW to Calgary! ⁠

A Different Kind Of Magic Show is bringing magic and mentalism you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE to the Alexandria Centre from July 29th to August 6th for the 2022 Calgary Fringe! If you want to see the show, you can get your tickets here: ⁠

I can't wait to see you there! ⁠





20 July 2022

Hamilton: Nicholas Wallace's "A work of fiction" [July 21-29]

From the Hamilton Festival Theatre Company

Nick Wallace combines magic and story telling in exploring the murky waters of truth and fiction.

Ontario Canada

Writer/Perfomer: Nicholas Wallace

Director: Luke Brown

Running time: 55m

Age suitability: Parental Guidance (ages 13+)

Online bookings close one hour before show time. Tickets will be available for sale at the door, unless a performance is sold out.

Performance at Hamilton Fringe Festival

Read more and buy tickets.




18 July 2022

Vancouver: The Parlour Magic Show [July 20]

From Showpass:

The Parlour Magic Show: a hilarious and mystifying showcase of magic and variety!

Come have a drink and enjoy a wild assortment of tricks, stunts, and unusual skills from BC's most talented entertainers, at Vancouver's only monthly variety magic show.

Please be vaccinated. Masks encouraged. 

Read more and buy tickets.


From the July 2nd Facebook post at the Vancouver Magic Network:



17 July 2022

The Evasons' $100,000 pledge

From the June 27th Instagram post by The Evasons:

Our $100,000 Pledge started out as $10,000, then became $25,000, and later $50,000. Who knows how much it might be in the future!

The idea for a pledge came about because some people in our audience would naturally assume that we must be using hidden cameras or secret specialized micro electronic tools. We don’t use any of those gimmicks, and the only way to convince anyone otherwise was to put our money on the line!

Maybe it would be easier to just refer to what Penn & Teller said about us on Fool Us:
“You know in this day and age of electronic communication, of ear pieces and iPads and iPhones, seeing someone that does it in the old style, and seeing how much better that is than the new style, is just breathtaking."