08 April 2020

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It is a challenging time for the entertainment industry.  No doubt about it.  This is a reminder that our sponsors also have bills to pay and mouths to feed.  If you have the means, please support them by placing an online order where possible. 

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07 April 2020

Outerbridge Magic: Best live theatre

Congratulations to Marion and Ted Outerbridge, recipient of the Smith Falls Record News 2019 Best Live Theatre award!

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06 April 2020

The Browser's Den of Magic online magic competition

Updated at 9am to add:

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Dear Denizens,

A Fun Online Browser's Den of Magic COMPETITION!



Browser's Den will be hosting an online competition where we need YOU TO VOTE for the winner!

Here are the Highlights:
  • Two competition levels based on age. One for those 15 years old & younger. The other for 16 years old and up.
  • Anyone can compete.
  • All contestants need to submit a 7 minute (or less) video no later than April 30, 2020. These videos will be posted for your viewing at www.browsersden.com.
  • You will cast your vote by email no later than Monday, May 19 by 6pm.
  • On Tuesday, May 20 the winner from each group will be announced.  Each winner will win a $100 gift certificate to Browser's Den & be offered to perform their winning routine on the Bash 2020 Stage!

Read more and enter.

03 April 2020

Apply for Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) with CRA

For information about how to apply for CERB, please visit the Government of Canada website.

From the CRA Twitter feed:
To make sure we can help you quickly, as of April 6th we’re asking you to apply for the #CERB on different weekdays depending on your birth month.

Find out more at http://ow.ly/QjKH50z3N3Q #COVID19 #CdnTax

[via Peter Mennie]

02 April 2020

Jeff Hinchliffe's "30 Minutes of Magic"

From the Browser's Den of Magic Newsletter:
Here's a note from none other than Mr. Michael Close about our new project:
As we all struggle through these stressful times, here’s a suggestion to help navigate the chaos: use your new-found time to do something good for yourself and to do something good for someone else.

The Browsers Den magic shop is offering you a way to do just that. Jeff Hinchliffe (young Jeff to all of you) will be offering a weekly, thirty-minute, online magic class. Jeff will not only discuss the “nuts-and-bolts” how of each routine covered, he will also discuss the “why,” which makes me happy because this has been the focus of my published work over the last thirty years.

So, for one reasonable price, you will be able to accomplish two laudable things: 1) you’ll learn some great tricks and improve your magic; 2) you’ll help out The Browsers Den, an iconic part of the magic landscape of the GTA.

Everyone is going to be challenged by this unprecedented global situation; for small businesses, in particular, it will be exceptionally precarious. Take this opportunity to do some good for yourself and someone else.

My name is Michael Close, and I approve this message.

Now stay away from me.
Michael Close

So to you our Loyal Denizens we are very excited to introduce...

30 Minutes of Magic!

30 Minutes of Magic will be a weekly DOWNLOADABLE video lesson taught by Jeff Hinchliffe (henceforth known as Young Jeff).
Read more and subscribe.