23 August 2019

Brampton: Barry Carter and Matt DiSero

Saturday October 19th, "A Night of Comedy for Peel Shrine Club" featuring Barry Carter and Matt DiSero.

Visit the Brampton Masonic Centre for details.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

22 August 2019

Niagara and Toronto: Séance with Nicholas Wallace

Catch Séance with Nicholas Wallace in Niagara October 11-12 and Toronto October 17-19.

From The Seance:
Everyone loves a good ghost story. This is your chance to be part of one.

In this completely immersive experience, illusionist Nicholas Wallace invites you to join him in exploring the world of the Victorian spirit medium, in what is reliably being called “the first attempt to use an actual séance as part of a theatrical entertainment.”

Though the belief in ghosts and spirits is exceptionally old, one period in recent history stands out as something special. In the mid to late 1800’s, millions of people became convinced that they could communicate with the dead. For many people this belief exists to this day.

At each performance of Séance, one audience member is chosen to become The Medium. It is a different person every night. There is no way of knowing who will be chosen, what might happen, or who they might become.

You will explore the evolution of the Séance room.  You will take part in an experiment to contact the dead.  You will be scared.

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Twitter feed of Nicholas Wallace:

21 August 2019

Jeff Christensen's GoFundMe for The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion

From Go Fund Me:
The Bolivian Academy of Magic and Illusion was founded in April 2009 on the initiative of Milton Flores Marques (Mago Byron) in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.  The institution is not for profit and promotes the love of magic performance in young people and children. 

Bolivia is not a wealthy country and this group could use your help to create some "real" magic.  Consider budding young magician Raquel who's family can't afford the $3 per class for her to attend and pay for the transportation to get to the school.  Raquel has made the commitment to walk 60 blocks each day that she has magic class. 

Check out the following short video and see what happening at The Bolivia Magic School.

The funds raised from this initiative will go a long well to help provide tuition for the students as well as much needed magic supplies.  Thank you for considering sponsoring the students of this school!

Jeff Christensen
Vancouver, Canada

Read more and fund the project.

20 August 2019

Toronto: Take classes with Jeff Hinchliffe

Saturday August 24th marks the first of a series of card classes taught by Jeff Hinchliffe.

From the Browser's Den of Magic eFlyer:
SATURDAY AUGUST, 24 from 9:30am (SHARP) to 10:30am- JEFF HINCHLIFFE will be giving a group class on card magic. This will be the first of many that he will be offering on Saturday mornings.  Each class will be covering different aspects of card magic. All of the classes will be independent of one another, so that you don't have to attend them all in order to follow along. If you miss one or two you can jump right back in anytime and not feel lost.

Jeff Hinchliffe has a reputation throughout much of Canada for his knowledge of card magic and his ability to clearly teach. He really wants to help those who want to improve. So whether you are new to card magic or have been coming to Browser's Den for years you are certain to get more than your $15.00 worth of each class. And you'll have a FUN time too! PAY AT THE DOOR, $15.00

Additional classes:

19 August 2019

AGT Quarterfinals: Sentimental wildcard

Tune in to tomorrow night's AGT Quarterfinals and you may see a familiar face (or two).

Congratulations Chris and Steffi!

From The Sentimentalists' Facebook page:

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