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20 January 2020

Vancouver: Ben Price Magic @ The Mint

From Eventbrite:
In his brand new one-person show, Ben Price will Read your mind, Deceive your senses, and gross you out. Magic, Mentalism, and Sideshow stunts in a jam packed hour of theatre like you’ve never seen before.

Ben Price has been performing since 2011 for corporate events, theatres, cabarets, festivals, and more. His theatrical productions have been across the country in front of sell out crowds and received rave reviews.

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17 August 2019

Magic at the 2019 Edmonton Fringe

There's lots of magic at this year's Edmonton Fringe!  The 38th Annual Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival August 15 – 25.

  • Keith Brown and the Art of Astonishment
  • Crazy for Dick Tricks:  A Dirk Darrow Investigation
  • I sold my soul for magic tricks and Adderall by Chris Gowen
  • Mind Games: Brain-Bending Magic by Jeff Newman
  • Newman and Price: Bar Magic by Jeff Newman and Ben Price
  • Rabbit Stew: Uncensored by Ben Price
  • Minerva - Queen of the Handcuffs

07 March 2019

The Perfectly Normal Podcast: Gregory Wilson

Last June, Jeff Newman and Ben Price from Calgary started The Perfectly Normal Podcast.

Recently they sat down to chat with Gregory Wilson.

From Castbox.FM:
Jeff and Ben Sit down to talk with two time FISM award winner, magic creator, performer, lecturer, and all around cool guy, Greg Wilson. Greg shares his take on how to be a performer, what he thinks is important as a performer of magic, and we share a few jokes...Canadian and otherwise.

Read more and listen to podcast.

26 February 2019

Lethbridge: Good Times

Catch Ben Price in Good Times on March 8th.

From Evenbrite:
Ben Price Was born and raised in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. His love of magic was an early discovery and it followed him throughout his childhood and adolescent life. Throughout his childhood, he was heavily involved in theatrics whether it was acting, designing, or creating, his presence was felt in the artistic community. This continued into his middle and high-school careers.

Read more and buy tickets.

10 September 2018

Louis Pezzani and Ben Price at the Vancouver Fringe

Updated at 7:00am to add:

Thank you to The Magic Demon for informing me that in addition to Keith Brown, both Louis Pezzani and Ben Price have shows at this year's Vancouver Fringe.

The Vancouver Fringe Festival runs from September 6th to the 16th

From Louis Pezznai's listing in the Vancouver Fringe:
Master mentalist and magician Louis Pezzani has been blowing audiences’ minds around the world for decades. This astounding show features mindreading, lightning calculation, and incredible mind-over-matter demonstrations where metal bends, twists, and melts! Astonishing, interactive, critically acclaimed, and very funny. Unforgettable theatre for all.

Read more and buy tickets.

From Ben Price's listing in the Vancouver Fringe:
Have you ever wanted to attend the ultimate magic show? Ben Price uses his abilities in sleight of hand, thought influence, and comedy to take you on a journey through the perfect magic show. This 60 minute, interactive show will have audiences laughing, gasping, and cheering as Ben performs all kinds of marvels from card tricks to mind reading.

Read more and buy tickets.

27 July 2018

Edmonton: Ben Price in "Rabbit Stew"

From the Twitter feed of Ben Price Magic:
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23 April 2018

Fort Macleod: Ben Price's "Rabbit Stew"

From the April 18th article "Empress Theatre to host magic show" by admin in the Macleod Gazette Online:
The Empress Theatre Society plans to pull a rabbit out of its hat with a new fund-raiser on Saturday, April 28.

Magician Ben Price brings his new show Rabbit Stew to the Empress stage at 7:30 p.m.

Admission is by donation and proceeds from the show go to the Empress Theatre Society.

“My new show, Rabbit Stew, is set to hit the stages of festivals around Canada this summer and I thought what better place to premier the show than right close to home?” Price said.

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