30 November 2017

Top 5 posts in November 2017

Of the 34 posts at Canada's Magic this month, here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Congratulations to Luc Langevin! - I hope you and your family are getting some sleep!
4. Rounding the Central rings in November - Did you catch the Richard Sanders lecture?  It was awesome!
3. Shriners' Holiday Magic Shows - This post is three years old and apparently ranks high on search results.
2. The 2017 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award - You have one more day to make a nomination.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. 2017 "Holiday Magic" - The Holiday Magic post is very popular every November.  Keep up the great work Dick Joiner and company!

29 November 2017

Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic

From Magicana:
While the film was very well received, it was only available briefly for purchase as a VHS cassette, which was subsequently pirated. The film pops up regularly online, always low-quality copies of copies shared without any credit to those who made the project possible.
Now is our chance to fix that. We have provided Historica Canada with a clean copy, transferred from the broadcast master. It is now available to view on-line for free as part of their Canadian Biography series. A copy can also be viewed through the Screening Room.

Read more.

From Magicana's Facebook post:

Matt Johnson in the Surrey Now-Leader

From the article "Chilliwack magician’s signature water-tank escape can’t be performed at Surrey theatre" by Tom Zillich in the Surrey Now-Leader:
Matt Johnson’s magic show in Surrey won’t be quite the same as performed elsewhere.

The Chilliwack-based entertainer will not be attempting an escape from a large water tank here this Friday night (Dec. 1), after being told the contraption can’t be used at Surrey City Hall’s Centre Stage theatre, which doubles as council chambers.

The tank-escape trick was performed by Johnson on the CW Network show Penn & Teller: Fool Us last spring.

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Montreal: Jason Ladanye lecture

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Monday December 4

Jason Ladanye Jason spent nearly twenty years studying with master magician and gambling expert Darwin Ortiz. His approach to magic is similar to Darwin’s, strong and practical magic that is built for laymen. Each card trick plays like a miracle that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! In 2013, Ladanye wrote a best-selling book, Confident Deceptions. In this lecture, Jason Ladanye will be performing all new, never before seen material from his upcoming book, Game Changer. Here’s a chance to see some of the material BEFORE the rest of the world.

Read more and buy tickets.

28 November 2017

Look Ma! We're in GeniiOnline!

Welcome GeniiOnline readers!  Have a look around and we hope you enjoy your stay. 

Thank you Anna for the birthday wishes!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

From the Genii Online Twitter feed:

CBC Kids casting call for kids for magic show series

Deadline for Self-Tapes: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28th , 2017 by 5:00PM EST

Oh to be 12 again ...

From eBoss Canada:
Based on The Illusions of: Jesse Feinberg and Stu Stone!

SYNOPSIS: The first ever digital series to explore the mystical and fascinating world of magic with kid magicians! Our team of 3 master magicians are guaranteed to blow-your-mind. Watch as they travel the city of Toronto, gaining access to various VIP locations like; The Nike Factory, Apple Canada, backstage at amusement parks and concert halls as well as preforming their trickery for celebrities!Behind the scenes, “Untitled Kids Magic Series” are brought to you by some of the masterminds behind largest thrills in the history of television magic, who have worked with the biggest names in the industry such as: Criss Angel, David Blaine, Dynamo and David Copperfield.

NOTE: If you live OOT you can still submit, but you must be able to work as a TORONTO LOCAL, and MUST BE A CANADIAN CITIZEN


BOYS AND GIRLS: 8-12 years old who are interested in magic!
IDENTICAL TWINS:8-12 years old who are interested in magic!

Read more.

Rounding the Western rings in December 2017

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)- TBA
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- TBA
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of Winnipeg- SYM - Christmas Party
Fraser Valley, BCIBM Ring 387 (Fraser Valley Magic Circle, Celeste Evans Ring)- Third Monday Magic.
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- TBA
Vancouver, BCSAM 95  (Carl Hemeon Assembly)- TBA
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)  - TBA

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Central rings in December 2017

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- Free form first Fridaze
- Executive meeting
- Second Saturday night special
- Instagram Tuesday
- Sunday brunch
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- Christmas dinner.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- TBA.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- TBA
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- TBA.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- TBA
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Browser's Den visit.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

Rounding the Eastern rings in December 2017

Does anybody have current information to share about the Magic Circle of St. John?

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Visit their Facebook page
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- TBA

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

27 November 2017

Darcy Oake in the Toronto Sun

From the article "Keeping the magic during holiday season" by Joanne Richard in the Toronto Sun:
Darcy, along with his parents, veteran Hockey Night in Canada sportscaster Scott and his wife, Anne, committed themselves to helping others struggling with the same demons that claimed Bruce – raising $1.6 million to open the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre in Winnipeg. The non-profit facility will provide treatment, resources and skills necessary for residents to successfully re-enter society.

Today, the electrifying illusionist (who is actually preparing a mind-blowing act for The Illusionists show running through the holiday season Dec. 12 to Jan. 7 at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto) says he found wonder and purpose not only in his career in magic, but in working with his parents to keep his brother’s memory alive through helping others.

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26 November 2017

Luc Langevin in "le fil"

From the article "These teachers who change lives" by Matthieu Dessureault in le fil, the newspaper of Laval university, translated by Google:
On stage as on television, Luc Langevin knows how to amaze his audience with breathtaking magic numbers. Before being the talented illusionist we know, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics and a Master's degree in Optics, as well as a PhD in Biophotonics. If he left school to devote himself to his job, this passage to the University will not be vain, far from it.

Already at the time, he knew he was going towards magic. Thanks to Professor Michel Piché, he learned to master a technology that would prove very useful to invent his tricks: that of lasers. "I was very surprised that Mr. Piché agrees to frame me in my graduate studies. When I asked him, he already had about twenty students under his responsibility. I gave him my CV, where it was indicated that I wanted to become a magician. It seems that it piqued his curiosity! "Recalls laughing Luc Langevin.

A scientist who wants to become a magician, the professor admits that it is not commonplace. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate a second to take him under his wing. "I was looking for a good student for my work and Luc Langevin was clearly one. Magic requires technical skill and a good understanding of optics since the illusion comes from manipulating brain mechanisms with images. He was a good candidate to help me develop new approaches in my field of research, "says the one who has been teaching at the University since 1984.

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25 November 2017

Happy seventh blogiversary to me!

Seven years ago today, this blog was born!

Thanks to you wonderful people who have supported this project!

For free, we've published over 3,225 posts, and served well over 113,018 page loads (over 613,955 by Blogger's count).  Two hundred and twenty-one of you have given us your thumbs-up on Facebook, more than 1186 of you are following along on Twitter (20,225 tweets and counting!), and approximately 60 of you have subscribed to this site's RSS feed.  The bulk of you are Canadian, and I'm delighted to see visitors from United States, the United Kingdom, India, France, and the list goes on.

There are so many of you doing such a fabulous job of making magic a priority in this great country!

A special thanks to:

My continued thanks to all of you!

24 November 2017

Five minutes with Shawn Farquhar (at Magi-Fest)

Not to be confused with my series of "Thirty seconds with ..." interviews.

From Magi-Fest:
Magi-Fest: You have performed at virtually every major convention around the world. We’re HONORED to have you at Magi-Fest. You have also organized dozens of conventions yourself. What, in your mind, is the secret ingredient to a great convention?

Shawn: I love magic conventions! I think it is the one place, other than the stage, where I truly feel at home.  No two conventions are ever the same, and what sets them apart is the vision of the organizers.  Some convention have become stale as they stick to “working formulas” while others try new things that sometimes fail.  I’d rathe be at one that tries new things and fails as they are far more exciting and fresh. The one thing all great conventions have in common is talent that is approachable.  I don’t go to a convention to see the act do their signature routine, since I can watch that on YouTube or their DVD. I go to the convention to experience them as performers.  On and off stage.  The chance to rub shoulders, ask questions and hang out is what makes a convention special for me.  I have seldom left a convention without feeling inspired and motivated.

Read more.

23 November 2017

The OUTERBRIDGE - Touring Secrets lecture tour of Europe 2018

From the Outerbridge Magic Facebook page:
The OUTERBRIDGE - Touring Secrets lecture tour of Europe kicks off in Bonn, Germany on January 15th. The tour continues through Europe and concludes in Copenhagen, Denmark on Feburuary 2nd. More information on the way soon. 
 January 15 - Bonn, Germany
 January 19 - Hamburg, Germany
 January 21 - Chemnitz, Germany
 January 22 - Antwerp, Belgium
 January 25 - Zurich, Switzerland
 January 26 – Munich, Germany
 February 1 - Horsens, Denmark
 February 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark

22 November 2017

"Pick a Card, Any Card - The Art and History of Magic in Winnipeg"

If you missed seeing "Pick a Card, Any Card - The Art and History of Magic in Winnipeg" when it aired in 2012, you can view it now on the Sugar Cube Entertainment YouTube channel.

From the MediaCircus.TV Facebook page:
Here is the long synopisis for "Pick a Card, Any Card", coming soon to MTS Winnipeg on Demand.

- The City of Winnipeg has a rich history in the art of Magic. From the founding of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) in 1922, , to modern day successes like Dean Gunnarson and Sean Fields; Winnipeg and the world of magic have grown together to form a charming relationship.

Over a light dinner and wine, Winnipeg magicians Anders, Greg Wood, Gord Gilbey, Ray Starr, Chris Funk and Sean Fields tell stories of Winnipeg magic; how Harry Houdini played a part in the founding of the I.B.M., how Philips Magical Paradise was founded out of tragedy, which Winnipegger worked on Criss Angels "Mindfreak", and other fascinating tales.

Read more.

From the Sugar Cube Entertainment YouTube channel:

21 November 2017

Fraser Valley: Carisa Hendrix lecture

From the Fraser Valley Magic Circle Facebook page:

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20 November 2017

Toronto: Andrew Eland lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is it a show? Is it a lecture? We are really not sure. What we are certain about is that you do not want to miss the EXPERIENCE of a magic evening with South Africa's Andrew Eland.

An Internationally traveled street and stage performer, Andrew is one of the most experienced magicians in South Africa.

His performance specialty is interactive, mind-boggling sleight of hand spiced with comedy. He has performed in top nightspots across Europe, Japan and South Korea. He is the only magician to have headlined at every casino and comedy club in South Africa. Andrew's show and lecture will consist of a wide variety of magic and bits of business. Cards tricks, card manipulation, coin tricks, coin manipulation, and so much more that is difficult to describe on paper.

Our founder the late Len Cooper encouraged customers to improve their magic and skill. But truth be told Len rarely praised many. Well, about 20 years ago Andrew was visiting Browser's Den on a day when both Len and I (Old Jeff) were at the shop. When Andrew left the shop Len turned to me and said "He's a very good magician." Len was a man of few words so believe me when I say that those few words of praise about Andrew was a rare event.

Read more and buy tickets.

18 November 2017

Ottawa: Eric Leclerc family magic show

Updated at 7:50am to add:
  • The event has been cancelled.

From evensi:
Saturday 16 December

Eric Leclerc who has appeared in countless TV Shows FINALLY does an incredible show for his fans in Ottawa. Come See One Of Canada's Top Performer And Magician Live!

Read more and buy tickets.

17 November 2017

Quebec: Festival de magie de Québec May 3-6, 2018

From the Festival de magie de Québec newsletter:
We are really excited ton inform you that the Festival de magie de Québec will be back for the 8th Edition, in May, 2018. Please visit Web site: www.festivaldemagie.ca

In 2018,  many new concepts will be offered like the "Strange Gala" on Friday night, the "Kids Gala" Saturday afternoon and of course our "International Gala" Saturday night with 7 renowned artists.  You will have the chance to see during that gala: Bill Abbott, Juliana Chen, Éric Leclerc, Max Maven, Xavier Mortimer, Xavier Tapias and Daniel Coutu as Emcee.

Since the Festival also organises the CAMarederie in 2018, the magicians will have the chance to see 9 lectures from Bill Abbott, Stéphane Bourgoin, Juliana Chen, Max Maven, Xavier Mortimer, Xavier Tapias, Christopher Taylor, Marc Trudel and R.Paul Wilson.

You can already buy your magician's package at 300 $ + tx (value of $400 + tx) on our Web site. We also offer a show only package at 75 $ + tx. (Value of $95 + tx)

Prices will raise on January 1st, 2018.

You can also register for the Magic School that will offer different levels during the week-end.  You can also join the Club de Magie du Québec. Its mission is to support magicians who want to compete at high levels of competitions.  You can also register to our 6th Edition of the Concours International de magie "Michel Cailloux" with $4000 in prizes for the winners.

Read more and buy tickets.

16 November 2017

The 2017 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award

Reader's Choice logo 
Updated December 1st to add:
  • The nomination period is over.  Please check back regularly to see when voting starts!

Updated November 28th to add the following nominee:
  • Neil Croswell - "I have watched Neil devote his life to magic from a young age and he has stuck to his vision from day one. His determination and work ethic over the years make him an inspiration as well as his countless awards and international TV appearances (Fool Us, etc.). In 2017, he appeared on "Masters of Illusion" , completed 250+ shows on a cruise in the Bahamas, and performed internationally across Asia which helped raise money for charitable causes in Sri Lanka. To accomplish what he has at his age, I believe, is an inspiration to Canadian magicians with goals of a professional career."

Updated November 27th to add the following nominee:
  •  Ryan Brown - "Ryan started performing magic very early in school. While he was in my class, he would bargain his work completion in order to go to the kindergarten class and perform his latest trick. He continued to perform and cam back several years to perform free at our school's fun fair. True school and community spirit. Ryan has inspired many of the students to believe in their dream and to work hard to achieve it. He continues to seek advancement in his craft by seeking peer help and taking classes taught by more experienced magicians."

    "Performed at Screemers at Exhibition Place Toronto in October. Great show Ryan!!
    Increased his knowledge of magic by taking classes in Las Vegas with the master of masks and magical knowledge, Jeff McBride earlier this year."

Updated November 24 to add the following nominee:
  • Benzi Train "because of his tireless work over the years to promote the performance of live magic in Toronto and his efforts at the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club and bringing in of top quality lecturers to our community. His (and partner Jonah Babbins) show Newest Trick in the Book gives any magician a venue/opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. He has inspired many magicians to challenge themselves creatively or to even perform live."

Updated on November 21 to add the following nominee:
  • Murray and Teresa Hatfield - "The Magic Demon nominates Murray and Teresa Hatfield for starring in and producing their second ever extraordinary magic and illusions-filled phantasmagoria "Unbelievable" at this summer's PNE in Vancouver. For the second year in a row, it was again one of the the most inspiring and entertaining stadium-scale magical events Vancouver has ever seen."  In addition, Murray and Teresa amazed on season 4 of Penn and Teller Fool Us this year where Penn said of their performance "I haven't seen a better version of Metamorphosis ever.".  Murray is the president of the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Updated at 4pm to add the following nominee:
  • Julie Eng - Along with running programs such as "Senior Sorcery" and "My Magic Hands," this year Julie (with Jonathan Levit) interviewed David Williamson at Magic Live! in addition to being the official photographer for "The Magic of Johnny Thompson."  Julie is also one of the guides in an upcoming hour-long documentary for CBC's The Nature of Things that will be looking at the the intersection of science and magic cross paths.  Julie is the Executive Director at Magicana.

Updated at 1:30pm to add:

  • First nomination is for 11 year old Caiden Finch!
    "He has performed on stage for paying audience and I might say he was great. His magic was excellent. He was dressed for the occasion. He had a themed routine and what I really liked was that came in [to Perfect Magic] about week before the show and asked for some advice. I talked, he listened and implemented 95% of it in his show."
    (I had the pleasure of meeting Caiden at Sorcerers Safari in 2016.  He's a fine choice for inspirational nomination!)

The Canada's Magic "Readers' Choice 2017 Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award nominations are now open.

You may nominate living Canadian Magician(s) of your choosing by leaving their name along with a short note about how they inspired you in 2017, in the comments below.  (Or you may email me your nomination.)

Nominations will be accepted up until 11:59PM on Thursday November the 30th.  I will contact the nominees via email and give them one week to accept or decline their nomination.  The full list of nominations will be published and voting will commence in December.  (Canada's Magic is not eligible for the award, nor will it be participating in the nomination or voting process.) 

This is a "bragging rights" only contest.  There is no cash value for this award.

Here are some ideas for potential nominees (individuals and groups can be nominated):

The list of worthy entrants goes on and on ...

I look forward to seeing your nominations!

In the spirit of celebrating all Canadian magicians, last year's winners of the Readers' Choice award (Steven Lafond) or Editor's Choice award (Mahdi Gilbert) are not eligible for nomination in 2017.

15 November 2017

Kickstart Leon Playing Cards

From the Leon Playing Cards Kickstarter page:
My name is Chris Mayhew. I am a magician living in Toronto Canada, and I love playing cards. For me, my interest in magic was inevitable. I grew up in Calgary Alberta, close to a magic shop that opened a few blocks down the street from my house.

As soon as I walked into that shop I was hooked. I would spend every chance I could hanging out at the magic shop, absorbing as much as I could from the local magicians that frequented it. I found the Dr. Leon Playing Cards at the magic shop, and fell in love with the look and feel of the cards instantly.

Read more and back project.

From Chris Mayhew's Twitter feed:

14 November 2017

Random thoughts from the Browser's Den of Magic 42nd anniversary party

I had the pleasure of spending some time at the Browser's Den of Magic 42nd anniversary party on Sunday.  A great time appeared to be had by all!  Here are a few random thoughts:
  • I missed the auction, but heard it was absolutely packed, with a lot of great deals to be had.
  • There are lots of a amazing finds and deals in the Back Room.
  • It was still pretty busy in the afternoon.
  • The trivia segment was great fun, as always.  Jeff has a lot of very knowledgeable patrons!
  • Trivia question answers included: Jeff Hinchliffe, Jeff Pinsky, and 1995.
  • Bernice was looking well.  It was great to see her.
  • It's not an anniversary party without an award ceremony...

  • Happy to see Sorcerers Safari alumnus RJ Steele win the Len Cooper Memorial Award this year.
  • Congratulations on another great anniversary event, Jeff et al!

13 November 2017

Congratulations to Luc Langevin!

Congratulations to Luc Langevin and his wife Esther Béland on the arrival of the newest member of their family!

From an article by Karine Paradis published in En Vedette (and translated through Google):
This is not an illusion!

Luc Langevin and his wife Esther Béland welcomed a new member into their small family ...

See the first post on Luc's Instagram account:

A post shared by Luc Langevin (@langevinofficiel) on

12 November 2017

Toronto: The Toronto Magic Company presents Paul Vigil (one night only!)

From The Toronto Magic Company's Facebook event:

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11 November 2017

A "Go Fund Me" for Gerard Dietrich

I remember Gerard from the Ring 17 club exchange days.  I think it was Gerard who first introduced me to the work of Bruce Posgate.  A a couple of years back, at the Browser's Bash I became acquainted with Gerard's son Scott, who set up this campaign to help out his parents.

Wishing Gerard a speedy recovery!

From the "Save Santa's Christmas (broken hip)" Go Fund Me page:
After 40+ years of delighting children with his holiday magic, and listening intently to their Christmas wishes, professional Santa Claus, Gerard Dietrich’s Christmas is in jeopardy.

On Sunday, November 5th Gerard accidentally fell and broke his hip, specifically his femur just below the ball joint. On Tuesday, November 7th he had a successful operation to mend his broken hip which included inserting a metal rod into the bone and securing it with screws and wire.

All though Santa is on the road to recovery, it will take an estimated 6 weeks. He cannot drive a car, let alone a sleigh for this length of time either. This means he will miss his main season of employment, which he and Mrs. Claus (my Mom) rely on. Without their supplemental Christmas income, it could be a very long winter for Mr. and Mrs. Claus; two kind hearted people who have brought joy to thousands.

The money collected will go to supplementing their lost income to cover basic bills, rent, etc. and any additional medical expenses.  This time of year Santa should be focused on making children’s holiday wishes come true, not how he will pay rent.

Read more and donate.

10 November 2017

Thornhill: Christmas Magic with Uncle Buck

From the Christmas Magic with Uncle Buck Facebook event:

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09 November 2017

Welcoming a new Friend: Ian Crawford

Welcoming our newest Friend, Ian Crawford!

I first met Ian at a Ring 17 meeting back in the day. (If I recall correctly, we pledged in the same year. This may have been when the club was meeting at a venue close to a Pickle Barrel, but I digress.)

Performing a literacy based show as "Magic Ian," he has shared his love of magic with thousands of children over the years.  By day Ian is a partner in an Executive Development and Human Resources Company.  A few years back, he kindly wrote us a guest post about Steve Cohen's performance at Luminto. Ian currently sits on the Ring 17 executive as the Sergeant at Arms.

Thank you Ian, for befriending Canada's Magic!

08 November 2017

Toronto: Browser's makes Pop announcement for Bash 2018

Browser's Bash logo  
From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Dear Denizens,

We are very excited to announce that Pop Haydn will be making a very rare Canadian appearance, bringing his award-winning magical talents to our 2018 Browser's Magic Bash.

Pop Haydn started out as a street performer in the 1960's, and he has worked all over the world in every type of venue.

He is a seven time Magician of the Year award winner at the Magic Castle. He is easily one of the most versatile performing magicians alive.

He is well known for his comedy Four Ring Routine, Multiple Peeked Cards to Pocket, Mongolian Pop Knot, Six Card Trick, Chicago Surprise, and Colour Changing Handkerchiefs. However, it is not only his handling of these effects that are impressive but the entertainment he squeezes out of each moment that is truly amazing and a lesson for all to study.

As well, through School for Scoundrels (a company he co-founded with Chef Anton) he has given the magic community valuable lessons on classic cons such as Three Card Monte, Fast & Loose, and the Three Shell Game.

Read more and buy tickets.

07 November 2017

Toronto: Bobby Motta's "Cryptic"

From Bobby Motta's Facebook page:
Canada’s most coveted mentalist and mind-reader Bobby Motta hits the stage with his show Cryptic on November 22, 2017 in downtown Toronto at Crow's Theatre, Scotiabank Community Theatre 345 Carlaw Avenue.

This is a rare performance in Toronto, space is limited making it a very close and intimate show.

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06 November 2017

McCord Museum poster contest

From the McCord Museum Twitter feed:
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05 November 2017

Vanish Magic Magazine 40th edition

The 40th edition of Vanish Magic Magazine is out now! Have a look at vanishmagic.com.

From Paul Romhany's Facebook page:

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04 November 2017

Remembering Nick Sacco

The folks at Ring 49 have more information to share about Nick Sacco.

From The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club:
  •  He was President of IBM Ring #49 (2002-2003) & also an active member of the Canadian Association of Magicians & IBM Ring 17 Toronto.
  • Nick was instrumental in the creation of the IBM Ring 49 Web-Site that won an IBM International 1st place Award of Excellence for Best Web-Site for 2003-2004.  
  • Nick was also involved in the nomination process that lead to the induction of the late Doug Henning onto the Canada Walk of Fame in Toronto in 2010. 
  • Nick was also the recipient of the John E. Shipton Memorial Award of Achievement for 2000-2002 for his unending work & contributions that benefited Hamilton Ring #49. 
  • Nick’s love of card magic and endless practice also achieved him a personal invitation as a performer and member of the exclusive Four F International Convention held in Batavia NY every year. 
  • Nick will be sadly missed.

03 November 2017

Toronto: Free magic club

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Hi Guys,

Hope that you are all well and happy.

Friendly reminder that our monthly Magic Club is this Saturday, November 4 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm.

Feel free bring a trick or a move to show others.

AND...Our 42nd Store Anniversary Party is coming up on Sunday, November 12. You can find full details about the party on our homepage.

Thank you for your kind support-Old & Young Jeff, John Cardella.

02 November 2017

Thank you to our November 2017 friends!

Thank you to John Smithman, John Harrison, Richard Lyn, Joan Caesar, and The Outerbridges, for being Friends of Canada's Magic!

It's good to have friends like you.

You too can Be Our Friend for only $20 per year! 

Donations of any size are always welcome.

01 November 2017

Thank you to our November 2017 sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.

This site would not be possible without their backing.

We're grateful to have the support of:

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