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08 April 2015

Hamilton and Ottawa: Henry Evans lecture

From Joan Caesar:
Henry Evans is lecturing in Hamilton on April 27 and in Ottawa on April 28 at the IBM Rings in those cities.

Thanks for the update Joan!

02 April 2015

Montreal: Henry Evans lecture

Henry Evans
When: Wednesday April 29, 7pm Where: Mainline Theatre 3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec MapOnly $25 before April 21

After a bit of break, we’re back and very excited to present a lecture by one of the top card magicians in the world: Henry Evans!

Direct from Argentina, Henry will demonstrate the importance of imprinting your own personal style on every effect you perform. The first time you see Henry Evans perform, you are reminded of what it is like to be a lay person! His astonishing magic is HIGHLY visual and ultra deceptive, he will fool you… again and again and AGAIN!

Over the course of the lecture, he will explain several important concepts, each one illustrated with an effect, making sure you will understand how to apply them to your own magic. You will see original openers and closers, and new ideas created by Henry, like Watch, Watch, Watch, a very nice and visual idea to open a show using a rope and a watch!

Read more and buy tickets.