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09 July 2020

Eric Leclerc's "Fool Us" REVEALED

Congratulations on achieving 100 K subscribers Eric!

(In case you missed it, watch Eric's appearance on Fool Us.)

From "HOW I Fooled Penn & Teller!!! (SECRET EXPOSED!!!)" on Eric Leclerc's YouTube channel:
MAGICIANS ONLY! Magic Spoiler Alert! A full tutorial and explanation of the ruses and methodology I used to fool some of the best minds in magic! I decided to reveal the secret because we invented this Magic Trick SPECIFICALLY for this show! It has never been done before AND I will never repeat it again!

05 July 2020

Remembering Marvyn Roy, "Mr. Electric"

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Marvyn Roy on July 1st.

Magicana has some footage of Marvyn Roy in their Screening Room.

Below is a round up of Canadians remembering Mr. Electric:

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Watch Murray Sawchuck and Marvyn Roy from May 2017:

Watch Murray Sawchuck on Penn and Teller's Fool Us where he pays homage to Mr. Electric:

29 June 2020

Magical Women with Connie Boyd

Connie Boyd (originally from Newmarket, Ontario!) started the "Magical Women with Connie Boyd" YouTube channel during quarantine.  Since that time it has grown into a series of in-depth talks with  magicians in different magic genres.   Weekly talks are uploaded to the Magical Women YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Connie's off to a strong start featuring Canadian magicians Ekaterina and Billy Kidd.   Juliana Chen's episode will be released this week.  (A little birdie has told me that Carisa Hendrix will be in a future episode too!)

Watch the teaser for the Magical Women series on YouTube:

Episode 1 with Ekatarina:

Episode 2 with Billy Kidd:

22 June 2020

Eric Leclerc: Virtual French Press Awards 2020 (June 25)

The dress code for this event is advertised as "pants optional."

From the Facebook page of the Association de la presse francophone - APF:
Join us on Thursday, June 25 at 19 pm (EDT), on the Facebook page of the APF, to attend the Virtual Anti-Gala of the French Press Awards 2020 the magician Eric Leclerc.

03 June 2020

Murray SawChuck in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

From the May 21st article "Las Vegas magician Sawchuck developing ‘Tiger King’ doc" by in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

It’s all, still, fertile material for follow-up coverage.

“We went there to do a YouTube clip, and we came away with enough for a three-part episode,” says Sawchuck, who adds that he was stunned at some of Lowe’s on-camera claims that dead bodies — no joke — remain buried on the property. “Seth was watching this stuff and saying, ‘You know this is all going to go viral, right?’ And Jeff was just fine to talk to us about everything. I was shocked, actually.”

The first mini-doc in the series is set to post June 3 on Sawchuck’s YouTube page.

Read more.

02 June 2020

Carisa Hendrix and Billy Kidd in a magical "drop the brush"

From Rhys Morgan:
A little fun from some friends of ours, a take on Drop the Brush. We give you Drop the Deck :D

Featuring me, @WestMagic, @RealMaxMaven, @Billykiddshow, @CarisaHendrix, @bretmwxyz, @rudycoby, @Carogmatic, @TheArchini, @IamSPELMANN, @RobZabrecky, @toddvarious, and @MacKingShow .

21 May 2020

Welcoming a new Friend: Loran

Please join me in welcoming our newest Friend, Montreal based Loran!

I had the pleasure of first meeting Loran almost 20 years ago at the Magical Arts Festival in Toronto, and then being reacquainted with him through Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp.  His shows are consistently a feast for the senses (and often involve fire)!

You can see some recent video of Loran 5 seconds into the video "Magic in Canada - 100 Magicians Come Together for Food Banks Canada," at 1 minute and 17 seconds into the video "Magiciens au Québec - Magicians in Québec," and in his magical Steampunk glory at the 5 minute 5 second mark of the video "Pass the Map."

Learn more about Loran at his website and follow him on Facebook.

Thank you Loran, for becoming an official Friend of Canada's Magic

20 May 2020

Magiciens au Québec

The Vancouver Magic Circle magicians aren't the only ones with video tricks up their sleeves!

From Loran's YouTube channel:
La magie existe au Québec. C’est pourquoi nous somme 20 magiciens québécois se sont réunis pour vous offrir un petit brin de folie et d’émerveillement. Merci à tous ces magiciens qui habitent partout en province ainsi qu'à Romain Kowalsky pour le montage. À partager sans retenu pour transporter la magie partout !
Magic exists in Quebec. This is why we are 20 Quebec magicians who have come together to offer you a touch of madness and wonder. Thank you to all these magicians who live throughout the province as well as to Romain Kowalsky for the editing. Share the magic everywhere!

19 May 2020

Vancouver Magic Circle presents ZOOMagic!

From the IBM Facebook page:
Take a look at what our International President Alex Zander's local Ring did together!

Well done Vancouver Magic Circle, IBM Ring #92! Way to #KeepCalmAndPerformMagic

With Murray SawChuck Rod Boss, Kelvin Ng Rod Chow Juliana Chen, Glen LaBarre, Graham Kita, Henry Tom, Shawn Farquhar.

Video production: Shawn Farquhar
(Music: Benjamin Tissot Thanks )

You'll need a Facebook account in order to view the video.

18 May 2020

Jamie Allen interviews Paul Romhany

Congratulations to Paul Romhany who is featured on the cover of the April 2020 edition of Northern Peeks (vol 24, 2).

Paul is also taking on the role as producer/designer of Northern Peeks, the official publication of the Canadian Association of Magicians.  Thank you Paul for taking on this important role!

From the Jamie Allen's May 8th iMagician Live Show 6 featuring Marc Spelmann, John Archer, and Paul Romhany.

13 May 2020

Canadian magicians in support of Food Banks Canada

Canadian magicians in support of Food Banks Canada!

(Some of you are getting hard to recognize with some of your quarantine hair styling!)


Thanks for putting this together Brent and Sarah.

From Brent and Sarah's YouTube channel:

24 April 2020

New project by David Merry on CBS Sports

From David Merry:
Really happy to announce that our TV Show Off The Hozzle starring comedian Dave Hemstad and golf broadcaster Mark Zecchino will start airing May 4th. It will be shown in primetime on CBS Sports Network at 8:30pm ET.

Take a look below for more information!

From Yahoo News:
"It's a golf show, but more importantly a buddy show. As you watch each episode you start to feel like you're hanging out with friends, and that you're in on the jokes. It's inclusive, and makes you want to root for them." (Ali Greene, Director of Photography and Executive Producer)

"Knowing these guys for over twenty years, and being one of their regular golfing pals, it was really fun stepping in as the director and watching their natural abilities fill the screen." (Dave Merry, Director and Executive Producer)

Read more.

17 April 2020

Julie Eng interviewed by Richard Crouse

Richard Crouse has started a new web series from Isolation Studios.  His first guest?  Julie Eng!

From Julie's Facebook page:
My pal Richard Crouse invited me to "Isolation Studios" for a socially-distanced conversation about what it's like to be a magician stuck at home trying to make the minutes disappear. We talked about some magic projects I am involved in, including the Art Gallery of Ontario's poster exhibition, Illusions: The Art of Magic, and another program that is extremely near and dear to me, the Allan Slaight Relief Fund for magicians. Richard is reaching out and finding creative ways to brings us together in these challenging times when we are told to say apart. I am so honoured to be a guest on this wonderful series—where I get my own magical surprise at the end of our conversation! Thank you, Richard

27 March 2020

Greg Frewin: Magicians helping animals

From the Greg Frewin Theatre Facebook post:

Join us next Wednesday for a live youtube magic show..FREE. Some of my good friends are going to help me entertain you and your family. Any donations to the SPCA will be great in helping animals in these tough times.
@jondorenbos @kevinjamesmagic @imagicianlive @charles.bach @ryanjoycemagic @spcaniagara @rickwilcox @chrisstolz @leonardobruno #magic #freeliveshow #spca ~ Greg Frewin

24 March 2020

Walter Blaney documentary series

Visit to learn more about the Walter Blaney documentary series.  The site is curated by Timothy Drake.

18 March 2020

Online meetings and shows

Updated at 15:31 EST to add:
  • Jeff & Tessa Evason have opened up their vault to share this TV special featuring Thomas Baxter, James Cielen, Carl Cloutier, Dean Gunnarson, Gary Kurtz, Richard Sanders and Jay Sankey, with a special appearance by magician David Peck.  Watch on YouTube.

Are you itching to make it to a magic meeting from the comfort of your own home? 

Interested in catching a show?  Peter Mennie and Carisa Hendrix have you covered!

An upcoming lecture series on April 5th:

There's also consumable content from R. Paul Wilson and Mark Clearview:

From Mark Clearview:
We're all going to die and I'm going to document it. Listen to what I'm doing with all my free time. Follow my adventures through headlines and misinformation as I contribute a heaping helping of my own. Exclusively on my website until we're up and running on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Put the things we're missing in the comments!

15 March 2020

Magicians talking magic podcast livestream

Magician's Masterclass:
Livestream Monday 730pm EST with SPECIAL GUESTS talking about impacts of coronavirus.

Stay tuned for more information and sign up for live stream notification here:


25 February 2020

Kent Wong on Global News Edmonton

From the February 18th post "Edmonton parents turn to local magician to help raise money for their school" on Global News:

Some Edmonton parents have found a creative way to raise money for their school amid tough economic times. As Sarah Komadina explains, they’ve turned to a local magician.
Read more and watch video.

13 February 2020

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson at FISM NACM 2020

A quick reminder that the deadline to register to compete is rapidly approaching!

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson will be there.  Check out the bottom of the post to see more names!

Watch a message from Joan Caesar about the competition:

From the FISM NACM 2020 Facebook page:
We are so proud to announce that Shawn Farquhar will be with us from May 6 to 10, 2020! Nous sommes très fiers d'annoncer que le magicien Shawn Farquhar sera des nôtres du 6 au 10 mai prochain!

17 January 2020

Winnipeg: Matt DiSero with Big Daddy Tazz

From Eventbrite:
Big Daddy Tazz and Friends will be again hosting its annual comedy night. With the support of the Winnipeg East AM Rotary Club.

Come join Tazz with his friends, Kevin McDonald, Matt DiSero, Graham Chittenden, Cory Mack and Chad Anderson on January 24th, 2020 at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre. Doors open at 6:00pm, rush seating, Show time: 7:30pm.

Read more and buy tickets.