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24 June 2020

Magicians Talking Magic with Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed

Ryan and Graeme have been super productive since quarantine began.  Have a look and a listen to the podcasts (including an interview with Chris Pilsworth) they've recorded since early March:

15 March 2020

Magicians talking magic podcast livestream

Magician's Masterclass:
Livestream Monday 730pm EST with SPECIAL GUESTS talking about impacts of coronavirus.

Stay tuned for more information and sign up for live stream notification here: https://magicianmasterclass.com/live


05 February 2020

London: Magic at the Marienbad Valentine's day show

From the Magic at the Marienbad Valentine's day show Facebook event:
Bring your dates and prepare yourselves for a magically romantic night out. Our skilled performers will wow you with illusions that will make this evening one you will remember for a long time. The amazing Graemazing Reed is returning to opening the night. Then headlining the show is the mysterious mentalist Ryan Edwards!!! His show will leave you mystified and amazed. magic, mystery and Romance! Bring your dates and couples who wish to get engaged that night may get in free! (some conditions apply)

14 December 2019

OWOW Recap by Ryan Joyce

From the December 7th article "Magic festival appears in Fergus Ontario" by Ryan Joyce:
We organized a three-day magicians convention, produced a four-day festival featuring five stage shows, two parlour shows, and first-ever Livestream Magic Special during the seven days.

The OWOW Festival scheduled magicians performing table-to-table at local restaurants, secret sessions for magicians, world-class gala magic shows at the Fergus Grand Theatre and exclusive private events around town. 

This year we featured twelve internationally acclaimed magicians, Stephen Bargatze, Michael Close, Greg Frewin, Carisa Hendrix, Rick Merrill, Paul Romhany, Jay Sankey, Nicholas Wallace, Owen Anderson, Ryan Joyce, Cody Moynihan, Peter Mennie, Graemazing Reed and Ed Stone.

Read more.

08 September 2019

Magicians Talking Magic

Earlier this summer, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed launched the podcast "Magicians Talking Magic."

Episode list:
  • Hans Klok returns to Vegas, Danger Magic TRAGEDY & magicians Logos
  • Dynamo Rumors, MAGICIAN NEWS, magic fails & magic marketing tips
  • Magician business cards, exclusive Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear and sad news for magicians
  • MAGICIANS WATCHING: Donny & Marie Vegas Magic Show
  • Lucy Darling's lost luggage, magician websites and ten hours to Jeff McBride
  • Cartamundi buys Bicycle, DIY magic and how to promote your next show
  • MAGICIANS: How to Create a Business Card That Gets Noticed
  • Magic Live 2019 Convention Review
  • Magician Show Posters, Magic Books & Magic Festival Update

07 September 2019

Nottawa: Graeme Reed

From Ticket Scene:
Friday October 4

A Friendly Magic Show
Nottawa Memorial Community Centre

Featuring: Graeme Reed as 'Graemazing'

Graeme Reed is the friendly magician and he's coming to Nottawa for a special afternoon show. Hilarously entertaining (and clean humour) perfect for the whole family looking to spend the PA Day close to home. This is a fundraising event for the Clearview Youth Centre - Outreach Programs at the Nottawa Memorial Community Centre.

Read more and buy tickets.

19 February 2019

Ontario: Ryan Joyce

From Ryan Joyce's February 16th blog post "Magician on tour: Upcoming Ontario magic shows":

I'll be travelling with my long-time friend and on-stage partner Jenna and my magician friends Peter Mennie and Graeme Reed. Meet all these crazy characters plus Will our sound engineer.

O.S.C.V.I. Auditorium – East Ridge Community School
Friday, February 22, 2019

Maranatha Auditorium
Saturday, February 23, 2019

Showplace Performance Centre
Sunday, February 24, 2019


Read more.

03 October 2018

Rounding the Central rings in October 2018

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- TBA.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- Peter Mennie lecture.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Magic history and rubber band workshop.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Graemazing lecture.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- TBA.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- TBA
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Quentin Reynolds lecture.
(also Chris Philpott lecture at Browser's)

Please leave a comment or email me about corrections or omissions.

09 June 2018

Waterloo: Two fools

From Graeme Reed:
Two Fools

Presented by Kitchener Waterloo Magic Society – Two Fools is a one night only magic show featuring local magicians, Scott Boyd and Graemazing.

Scott Boyd is the president of the KW Magic Society and quickly becoming one of the most booked magicians in Kitchener-Waterloo! Be sure to come check out this local Talent as seen on CTV Kitchener!

Graemazing is a unique act not to be missed! His comedy mind-reading show is a mix of dangerous stunts and 90’s nostalgia. Graemazing has appeared on CHCH Morning live and is a TEDx Performer.

Two Fools Special Guest Opener is Noah Nogueira. One of KW Magic Society’s youngest members will be showcasing his unbelievable juggling skills!

Two Show times!

Read more and buy tickets.

23 May 2018

Fergus: FLASH TV Filming

From Ryan Joyce's Facebook page:

We have a last-minute FLASH TV Filming in Fergus with special guests and surprises!! This Sunday, May 27 come eat dinner at the Brew House on the Grand and enjoy FREE world-class entertainment!!!! Special guests including Michael Paul - Comic/Writer/Director direct from Hollywood and more!!!! Arrive at 5:30pm enjoy a meal at the Brew House and be part of this incredible opportunity that is taking place in our community. Help us make magic happen!

 You must register below, show tickets are free with your meal!

PS: You will see us around Fergus Filming this weekend! Say hi and tell a friend!
 PSS: Don't forget we are filming!!! By arriving you agree to be filmed for TV.

20 March 2018

Toronto: A super secret special guest at the Newest Trick in the Book

From The Toronto Magic Company's Facebook page:
Come see the Newest Trick in the Book on Tuesday March 20th!

The show is FREE, and we have an AMAZING lineup, of world class performers.

Get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-newest-trick-in-the-book-to…)

Graemazing Reed A Newest Trick in the Book newcomer, but an expert magician is here to show off some brand new magic! He has a Tedx talk, countless TV appearances, and AMAZING magic to boot! Come see his BRAND NEW material on Tuesday!

Bella M. Eurta - A wildly talented variety performer, a Newest Trick in the Book newcomer, and all around expert on stage. She's going to be performing something that I PROMISE you have never seen before

Benzi Train - A TMC founder, Newest Trick expert, and a ridiculously talented performer, is bringing something amazing and a little bit frighting to the stage

and your host

Jonah Babins - A TMC founder, and frequent time traveller, potion drinker, and holder of magic secrets. Come see the some magic that might just make you believe!



08 January 2018

Fergus: Bringing magic to the Fergus Grand Theatre

From the January 5th, 2018 article "Ryan Joyce aims to bring world class magicians to Fergus" by Jaime Myslik in the Wellington Advertiser:
“I’m trying to find ways to stay more locally bound and still do what I love,” he said. “I think we might have found a unique way to do both.”

The first project he’s working on is called Magician’s Masterclass, which is an educational show for magicians hosted by a guest magic legend and will be filmed at the Fergus Grand Theatre.

The goal is to “see how they learn and teach and explore magic, all on camera,” Joyce said.

The first episode was released in December with host Michael Close, a magic consultant for Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Read more.

From Fergus Filming:
I asked Michael (Close) to join us to film an exciting new project for the magic community that teaches some of magic’s most well-gaurded secrets.  The project is turning out better than I expected and there is interested to bring other world-famous magicians and variety artists right here to our community.

While filming, it became very clear the opportunity that lay ahead.  I am gearing up to bring some of the world’s greatest magicians, variety artists and visual entertainers right here to Fergus Grand Theatre and film shows for distribution.

These performances will be free* and we need to fill all 255 seats with an enthusiastic live studio audience.  Sorry, I can’t mention too many juicy details yet.  You’ll be the first to know by signing up for updates below!  Don’t worry, I don’t have time to spam you– kinda busy working to make this happen (plus travelling like crazy for my job)

Read more and subscribe to newsletter.

Introducing "Magician's Masterclass"

Magician's Masterclass is brought to you by Ryan Joyce, Graeme Reed, Peter Mennie, and Matt DiSero.

From Magician's Masterclass:
A place where magicians help magicians.

Registration is free and you can join now.  Behind these walls are videos, podcasts, ideas and trade secrets for serious magicians, enthusiasts and professionals. We’ll also offer incredible classes and resources from the minds of the world’s greatest magicians.

Read more and register.

11 June 2016

Video peeks behind the scenes of fundraising for Fort McMurray

Watch on Paul Romhany's YouTube channel, video highlights of the New Westminster edition of "Fundraising for Fort McMurray."

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Watch on Ryan Joyce's YouTube channel, video highlights of the Brantford edition of "Fundraising for Fort McMurray."

02 June 2016

Fighting Fire with Smoke and Mirrors

From the Brant News:
The local response to the Fort McMurray wildfires has been magical.
Not only has Brantford city council approved a $50,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross, but the city has waived rental fees and crew from the Sanderson Centre has donated their time for a fundraiser on Thursday night (June 2).

The show "Magicians versus Fort McMurray Wildfire – Fighting Fire with Smoke and Mirrors" will feature several of Canada’s top magicians in an up-close-and-personal performance at the Sanderson Centre.
All of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to support relief efforts for displaced Alberta residents.

Read more.

23 May 2016

Brantford: Fundraising for Fort McMurray

On the heels of New Westminster's "Magic for Fort Mac" event (raising approximately $8,150 for the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal) and "Family Fun for Fort Mac" in Calgary, comes "Magicians vs Fort McMurray Wildfires" in Brantford, ON.

The talent listed at the Benefit Show site include:
  • Keith Brown
  • Craig Douglas
  • Ryan Joyce
  • Peter Mennie
  • Ryan Edwards
  • Doug Hunt
  • David Merry
  • Graeme Reed

Read more and buy tickets.