31 July 2011

Eric Leclerc in Metro Ottawa

From MetroNews.ca:
"It’s the reactions of the kids‹and the other people he dazzles‹that Leclerc says helps him convince his YouTube audience around the world that his magic tricks are more than just magic video editing."

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30 July 2011

Did Shawn Farquhar fool Penn & Teller?

Watch this YouTube video and see for yourself:

Calgary: Houdini's Last Escape in the Calgary Fringe Festival

From See.CalgaryFringe.ca:
Houdini's Last Escape

Playwright: Ryan Gladstone
Director: Ryan Gladstone
Cast: Tara Travis and Christopher Bange

Can Houdini, the greatest escape artist of all time, Escape His Own Death?

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[h/t: @magicassistant]

Tracey Erin Smith solo show weekend intensive

From soulOtheatre:
Workshop for people wanting to create one-person shows, Memoirs & Explore their own Hero’s Journey. For all levels of experience.
Topics Include: Theme, Characters, Writing from a deep and honest place, Character Improvisation, Plot, Showcasing You, Work-Shopping, Fund-Raising, Marketing, Fringe and Solo Festivals & Self Producing.
TORONTO – AUGUST 12th-14th

Visit soulOtheatre for workshop details.

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

29 July 2011

Live tweeting from CAM/PCAM

Doug Cuff, creator of magicinfo.ca has been live tweeting from the CAM/PCAM Combined Convention: M.A.G.I.C.  Follow Doug at @magicinfo_ca.  Use the tags #CAM2011 and #PCAM2011 #PCAMCAM2011 if you'd like to join in.

Edited to add:

Helen Donnelly clown workshops

From Helen Donnelly's website:
  • August 1-5th will be a level 3 "Clown: Evolution of Performance" at the Haliburton School of the Arts
  • 6-night workshop 'Discover Your Clown' in Toronto (Sept 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, Oct 12, Oct 19)
  • 6-night workshop 'Develop Your Clown' in Toronto (Nov 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Dec 7)

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

28 July 2011

Toronto: Alan Grose coin and magic workshop

 Alan Grose will be holding a coin workshop on Saturday, September 24 at The Browser's Den of Magic (new location).

Confirm details at The Browser's Den of Magic.

[h/t: magicinfo.ca]

27 July 2011

Shawn Farquhar on Penn & Teller's Fool Us

Edited July 30th to add this YouTube video I found:

As if there wasn't going to be enough amazing magic going on in Canada at the end of this month, on July 30th (smack in the middle of the CAM/PCAM Combined Convention: M.A.G.I.C.), Shawn Farquhar will appear on Penn and Teller's show, Fool Us.

See Shawn's Facebook page for a photo of him with Penn.

26 July 2011

James Alan: profiled by Leah Morrigan

James Alan is deconstructed by image consultant Leah Morrigan at her blog In the Key of He.

From her post, "The magic suit":
Today, there are illusionists, mentalists, sleight-of-hand entertainers, and impossibilists, but a few are true to the original tradition and uphold the practice of old-fashioned magic. Toronto-based  James Alan is one of these magicians. He practices old school magic, modernizing timeless classic tricks for current audiences, and pays homage to the respectful dress of the magician and the magician’s tools.

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25 July 2011

Links for 25-July-2011

Ryan Joyce predicts winner of Canada’s Got Talent

From the press release on GotTalentWinner.com:
"I know who is going to win Canada’s Got Talent." says Joyce on a website that’s already going viral among the social media sites. "By the time you view this video my prediction will be well hidden under heavy surveillance."
See what Ryan has to say on YouTube:

To read the full release, visit GotTalentWinner.com.

Canada's Got Talent 2012 auditions

For the latest information about the second season read "How to audition for Canada's Got Talent 2012."

From the Canada's Got Talent website:
Do you have an inner talent that needs to be seen? Are you the next Shania Twain, Howie Mandel or do you belong on stage at the next Cirque du Soleil show? Is your child the next Justin Bieber or is your talent something brand new the world has never seen before?

Whatever it is you do then we want to hear from you! Canada's Got Talent and Citytv are searching for Canada's most talented performers. Canada's Got Talent is open to acts of all ages - jugglers, comedians, dancers, magicians, trapeze artists, singers, and more. Think you've got talent? Fulfill the dream of a lifetime and sign-up now!

Auditions are being held this Fall.  For more information visit the Canada's Got Talent website.

[h/t: Randy Burtis]

Toronto: Nathan Kranzo lecture

From The Browser's Den of Magic:
Date: Sunday, September 18 at 2pm
Location: Browser’s Den of Magic
Dear Magic Friends,
We are so very pleased to offer you another PROFESSIONAL lecture.  That is a lecture from a magician who does material that not only fools magicians but seriously kills and entertains laymen too!
NATE KRANZO BRINGS YOU AN ALL BRAND NEW LECTURE…Material with a focus towards those who enjoy performing MENTALISM.
Read more.

Please confirm details about date, time and location by contacting The Browser's Den.

24 July 2011

CAM/PCAM Combined Convention now with more talent!

From  MagicianConvention.com:
 Eugene Burger, John Kaplan, Shayne King and Shu Yan Yu have all been added to the roster. Our closing gala show, which is a close up spectacular will feature...
To see the full line up, read the full post "More talent added to the convention!" at the convention website.

For more information about the convention, please visit MagicianConvention.com

23 July 2011

Review: An Incredible Evening of Magic

From Monday Magazine:
When I went to the Victoria Conference Centre theatre last Saturday night for An Incredible Evening of Magic with Murray Hatfield and Teresa, I expected to see some slight of hand and some smoke and mirrors. I wasn’t sure if these two local illusionists would be any good and I guess I was expecting something more hokey than hocus pocus. 
Read more.

[h/t: @MurrayHatfield]

22 July 2011

21 July 2011

Introductory offer: 50% off

Canada's magic is offering a 50% discount on any one year advertising package purchased in 2011.  Qualifying packages include Banner adsButton ads , Text ads and RSS Footer ads.  (This offer does not include Sponsored Posts.)

For more information, please visit the "Advertise" tab, leave your question in a comment below or send an e-mail.

Toronto: Dan Hauss lecture

From the Morrissey Magic website:
Dan Hauss, the creator of Flow, Rattled, Lit and Sleeping Queen (just to name a few),has a wealth of unpublished underground magic to share with you!
Saturday September 17th 2011 2PM

Read more.

Tickets $20 Call 416-782-1393 to reserve your seats.

Please confirm details about date, time and location by contacting Morrissey's Magic.

20 July 2011

Ray Chance quoted in the Toronto Star

From The Toronto Star article "How to make your iPhone do magic tricks" by Elizabeth Haggarty:
Self-taught performer turned resident MuchMusic magician Ray Chance points out that while magic has been around for hundreds of years, the tricks that are being performed are pretty much the same. It’s the presentation that has changed — and now that means iPhones.

Read more.

Do you agree with Ray's position on smart phones in magic?

Joan and Obie at The European Coin Magic Symposium

This year's European Coin Magic Symposium, taking place November 12th and 13th in Milano, includes  Joan Caesar and Obie O'Brien!

For more information about convention, visit the European Coin Magic Symposium website.

[h/t: Magic Convention Guide]

19 July 2011

Review of SAM 2011

Over at About.com Magic & Illusion, Wayne Kawamoto reviews SAM 2011 in Pittsburgh.

Under the heading of "The Contests" Wayne has this to say about Richard Forget:
Richard Forget offered an effect that can only be described as "zombie fire." Forget also produced a drum set on stage and offered manipulations - vanishes and multiplications - with the drum sticks.
Read more.
Those of you who are attending the CAM/PCAM M.A.G.I.C. convention this year will have to tell me all about Richard's act.  It sounds fabulous!

Titan Knight: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

From the Magic Convention Guide:
Witness phenomenal feats of pure mind magic as Canada’s premier hypnotist (Titan Knight) invites you on an insane unpredictable journey through the subconscious. Astonished audience members are left asking what’s real and what’s not? See it for yourself

To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the The Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

[h/t: MagicConventionGuide.com]

18 July 2011

Carleton Place: Festival of Wonders

From the Abracadabaret website:

Saturday & Sunday, July 30 & 31: 
James Alan will be appearing at the Festival of Wonders presented by Carnival Diablo Productions. Experience the variety of Vaudeville, the astonishment of sideshow and the mystery of the Paranormal. As part of this 3-day festival at the Hay Shore Resort, James will be presenting a special program of Classical Conjuring featuring magic seldom seen today.

For more information visit Abracadabaret.com

17 July 2011

Toronto: Eric Jones lecture

From Sorcerers Safari:
WHO: Eric Jones with YOU!
WHAT: The Eric Jones Lecture Extravaganza
WHERE: Yonge and Eglinton Public Library 40 Orchard View Blvd. Toronto, ON
WHEN: Saturday August 27th, 2011 - start time: 1PM
HOW MUCH: $20 pre-sale // $25 at the door

Eric Jones comes to Toronto! With the help of Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp, the Browser's Den is proud to offer you the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon with Eric Jones - World renowned Coin manipulator.

Read more.

Purchase your tickets now by calling the Browser's Den at (416) 783-7022 or buy your tickets online at http://www.sorcererssafari.ca/ej.

16 July 2011

Toronto: Non Fiction

From the Abracadabaret website:
Saturday, July 30:  Bobby Motta presents Non Fiction
Mentalist Bobby Motta’s incredible one-man theatre show is back by popular demand. This time see him downtown at the Alumnae Theatre (Adelaide & Berkeley).

For more information visit Abracadabaret.com

15 July 2011

Toronto: Saving Second Base

From the Abracadabaret website:
Saturday, July 16: 
Saving Second Base presents a special fundraiser for Women’s Cancers at the Thirsty Fox (Bathurst & Eglinton). See live magic featuring James Alan.

For more information visit Abracadabaret.com

14 July 2011

Victoria: An Incredible Evening Of Magic

From Sharing Wonder:
You will now have a chance to see Murray and Teresa this summer in, An Incredible Evening of Magic, which will be presented every weekend in July and August in Victoria, BC, at the beautiful Victoria Conference Centre Theatre. It is a must-see show featuring some of Murray & Teresa’s signature routines. You won’t be disappointed. 
Read more.

To purchase tickets or for more information visit MagicInVictoria.com

13 July 2011

Calgary: A Brush With Death (now with bunny rabbits)

From Yeats Wong:
Brush With Death... And Bunny Rabbits:  Every show has been sold out at Calgary's only adult bizarre magic show; featuring an evening of morbid mentalism, macabre magic, and comedy mayhem.  Each show is hosted by Yeats Wong, as he explores inner fears, phobias, and perhaps awaken forces better left in peace.  The July show has headliner Michael Berends and a feature performance by Gwyn Auger.
Read what Metro News in Calgary has to say about the show.

According to their website, the July 14th show is sold out and they've added another show on Monday July 18th due to popular demand.

Visit BrushWithDeath.ca for more information or to purchase tickets.

12 July 2011

Nicholas Wallace: The mind reader

Nicholas Wallace will be bringing his show "The mind reader" to the Hamilton Fringe Festival this month.

From the show's Facebook page:
No fancy props, no scantily clad assistants and no special effects, just bamboozling feats of magic and mind reading. Not a serious show, but a serious attempt to present magic and mind reading as a performance art. All these elements combined create a show that is mysterious, challenging and most importantly, entertaining.

Ticket information available at http://www.hamiltonfringe.ca/

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]

11 July 2011

Ring 66: executive for 2011-12

The executive of Calgary's Ring 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring) for 2011-12:
  • President:  Rob Vanden Heuvel
  • Vice President:  Malcolm Russell
  • Past President:  Ryan Pilling
  • Treasurer:  Ruben Franise
  • Sargeant at Arms:  Yeats Wong
  • Secretary:  Ryan Sanderson
  • Member at Large:  Charles Silbernagel

The Calgary club is in for a great year ahead!

10 July 2011

CAM/PCAM Combined Convention updates

Ring 49: executive for 2011-12

The executive of Hamilton's Ring 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) for 2011-12:

They are sure to have an exciting season in store for us!

09 July 2011

CBC: Ryan Joyce on Being Jann

This morning on the CBC show Being Jann, Jann Arden chatted with Ryan Joyce about his passion for magic.

Ryan created this video tribute to Jann called "Meaningful Deceptions" using her song "Hanging By A Thread."

Visit the CBC website to listen to Jann Arden interview Ryan Joyce.  (Ryan starts about at about the 25:30 mark.)

London Magician's Guild: executive for 2011-12

The executive of the London Magician's Guild for 2011-12:
No doubt they're busy planning another successful year!

08 July 2011

Calgary: Junior Magic Club at Calgary Stampede!

From Yeats Wong:
The Calgary Junior Magic Club is proud to be performing at the world famous Calgary Stampede, on July 13, 3:30pm, at the Window on the West Stage.  These enthusiastic youths have spent the past year honing their magic performance skills, to prepare for this event, and for many of them, this is their first stage performance. 

The Junior Magic Club consists of youths, ages 8- 16, under the Parent organization of the The Calgary Magic Circle.  Instructors Yeats Wong and Ryan Pilling meet with these youths once a month to teach them the secret arts of magic and the skills of presentation and entertainment.  For more information on the Calgary Junior Magic Club, visit http://www.calgarymagic.com/

To purchase tickets or for more information about the Stampede, visit CalgaryStampede.com

Vancouver Island: Jeff McBride at MusicFest

From the Island Musc Fest website:
Friday Night in the Concert Bowl.

New York Times columnist Glenn Collins writes, “What Mr. McBride gives his audiences is a mesmerizing performance…a magic show that is at once a celebration of mystery and a struggle to understand powerful forces.”  Read more.

Visit the festival's website to check out the schedule, see who's on tap, purchase tickets or learn more about the event.

06 July 2011

[Guest post] Magic: The Next Generation

A few days ago, Ariel Frailich was describing his experience lecturing at the Browser's Den magic club along with James Fulford, James Alan and Mahdi Gilbert.  I found his take on the day intriguing and cornered Ariel into agreeing to write it up as a guest post.  True gentleman that he is, he graciously agreed.
The following is a guest post* by Ariel Frailich: writer, publisher, creator of magic and owner of  I Saw That! Exclusive Magic.

Toronto’s wonderful magic shop, the Browser’s Den of Magic, has its own magic club that meets once a month. The club is aimed at young magicians and beginners, but everybody is welcome, of course. Jeff Pinsky, the owner of the shop, regularly invites members of the magic community to perform at the club as special guests.

When Jeff invited me to perform at the July 2nd meeting, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to show. In my experience, young people who start out in the contemporary ‘flash and flourish’ school of magic consider our older, ‘hide-your-skill’ style passé. This is hardly surprising, as their idols put forth the idea that a magic performance is a display of dexterity. Hence, every gesture must be flashy, every action must be a flourish.

I asked myself: what could I show that wouldn’t be greeted by stifled yawns and polite applause?

A few days later, the answer came to me in a flash (of inspiration, not manipulation). I would show them some “old-school” esoterica! In the ‘70s, we used the term ‘esoteric’ for techniques that were particularly angly or finnicky to perform. The term has fallen into disuse. (The wags might argue that it’s because angly and finnicky techniques have become the norm today, so there’s no reason to give them a separate category. But I’m not a wag.)

I decided to demonstrate and teach the techniques I used in my first ambitious card routine (which later evolved into DIY Ambitious Card, published in Card Stories). A double lift from the centre, Tabled Tilt, ‘Rise, rise, rise!’ and a tabled colour change. I wanted to show that “old school” techniques could be just as bold, clever and visual as “new school” moves. I also wanted to show something they could use; for all that they’re on the esoteric side, the techniques I chose are actually quite practical and not terribly angly. But most importantly, I wanted to show that hiding one’s skill creates a much more magical effect than displaying dexterity.

It was a success. I caught their interest and fooled them. I got oohs and ahhhs, laughter, applause -- and even a minor avalanche of questions, for they were eager to learn. I showed them that “old school” magic may not be as passé as they had thought. I taught them a few techniques that they can use. And I showed them that magic without obvious displays of skill can look very magical indeed.

Then I moved in for the kill.

I performed my 'Andrus Misunderstood' colour change, which replaces the tabled colour change in the published version of the trick. It’s the most magical-looking thing I do, and approaches my ideal of looking like the magic happens without the performer doing anything.

Eyes popped. Jaws dropped. Stunned silence. The young man to whom I had taught the move a few weeks earlier literally begged me not to explain it. The others continued to stare in disbelief.

The first time I did this move for an audience of contemporary of young magicians, one young man told me: “This is the first time I’ve ever seen ‘real’ magic. Now I’m going to have to re-think everything I do.”

What an eye-opener! From this and a few similar experiences, it became very clear to me that “new school” magicians simply never experienced good magic without flash and fury, or at least, not enough of it to make them see that there is a better way.

This is why I always make a point of showing young magicians this move. On its own, it’s rarely enough to cause as dramatic a shift as in the case of the young man mentioned above. But it is a step in the right direction and an opportunity to broach the subject for further discussion.

To my fellow “old shoolers,” I would like to say: “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Instead of bemoaning the ‘new school’ approach, let us show young magicians what good magic is supposed to look like and foster discussion.” And to the “new schoolers,” I would like to say: “Hey, you of the Butterfly Cut Brigade -- don’t dismiss the grey beards quite yet; they just might give you a run for your money!”

Thank you Ariel for guest posting at Canada's Magic! 

To read more of Ariel's thoughts on magic, read his book "Card Stories," visit the Articles section of I Saw That! or follow his companion blog, I Wrote That!

* This post is copyright © Ariel Frailich and is published with permission.  Please contact Ariel directly to work out terms and conditions for republishing.

05 July 2011

CAM/PCAM Combined Convention: tickets on sale now

Adapted from the CAM PCAM Facebook page:
Tickets for the public shows of the MAGIC convention are now on sale!  Tickets are just $20 and you can get them online at MagcianConbention.com.

What are you waiting for?  Buy your tickets now!  You just can't beat the $20 ticket price to watch the talent lined up for these shows!

04 July 2011

Shawn Farquhar: FISM North America / SAM 2011

Shawn Farquhar will be performing at the SAM convention in Pittsburgh, PA which runs from July 13 to 16, 2011.  Also taking place at SAM 2011 is the first FISM North American Championships!  Good luck to the competitors!

For more information about convention, visit the SAM website.

[h/t: Northern Sleights]

03 July 2011

Sorcerers Safari 2011 special guest announced!

From the Sorcerers Safari website:
Toronto, Ontario. – July 3rd, 2011 EST
Amidst rampant magic forum speculation, Sorcerers Safari Summer Magic Camp announced it is bringing in the hip American coin virtuoso as the special guest at Magic Camp this summer.
With several best selling DVDs, a cover of SAM’s magazine and a ton of great unpublished ideas – Eric Jones has lots to offer the campers. Eric Jones is famous for his interviews on REEL MAGIC, he’s also known for teaching beginner coin handlings on METAL and AUDIO DVDs which have received international acclaim. Now imagine what it would be like to spend a camp session with this guy?!?   Read more...

02 July 2011

CAM: Welcome Shawn!

This summer the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) welcomes Shawn Farquhar as its new president. 

A bit about Shawn (adapted from magiChampion.com):
CAM voted Shawn Magician of the Year in 2003 and 2010, the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians awarded him the Grand Prix d'Honneur, the International Brotherhood of Magicians awarded him both Stage Magician and Sleight of Hand Magician of the Year, (he is the only magician in history to win both world championships) and in 2009 the Olympics of Magic in Beijing, China awarded him the highest award in magic, the Grand Prix World Champion of magic!
Best wishes in your new role, Shawn!

CAM: Thank you Joan!

I was reminded by Jon and Susan in last month's Northern Sleights that this summer marks the first time in the history of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM), that Joan Caesar will not be the president.  Joan founded CAM on March 15, 1997 to allow Canada the opportunity to apply for membership to FISM.  In the year 2000, CAM was accepted as a FISM member and Canadian magicians could, for the first time, compete under the Canadian banner at FISM's World Championship of Magic.

Since 1997, Joan has lead the charge for 6 national conventions, been International President of IBM (2008-9) and kept a watchful eye on the publication of over 100 issues of Northern Peeks and Northern Sleights.

Thank you Joan, for all of the blood, sweat and tears that you have invested in this wonderful national association for over 14 years!

01 July 2011

Links for 1-July-2011

Ring 17: executive for 2011-12

The executive of Toronto's Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club, IBM Ring 17 for 2011-12:
  • President: James Alan
  • 1st Vice President: Dr. Sammy Jakubowicz
  • 2nd Vice President: Deborah Fallick
  • Secretary: Rylan Cardoso
  • Treasurer: Andrew Goss
  • Past President: Robert Taylor

I can't wait to see what's in store for the club next season!