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25 February 2019

Paris: Luc Langevin

Luc Langevin returns to Paris with his show "Maintenant Demain"  March 21 to March 31, 2019!

He is also touring through Europe through May 2019.  Visit Luc's European website for details.

09 July 2018

Paris: Luc Langevin in 2019

From the June 28th article "Le magicien Luc Langevin de retour avec un Nouveau Spectacle en mars 2019" in Stephane larue as translated by Google:
After his triumph at the CASINO DE PARIS in 2016 and 2017, LUC LANGEVIN returns to the stage with his new show NOW DEMAIN. Combining numbers of great illusions, new technologies, poetry and mentalism, LUC LANGEVIN propels us into a futuristic world while keeping his passion for science and magic at the heart of the show.

16 October 2015

Luc Langevin in Paris

Watch Luc give the people in Paris a taste his upcoming show!

From Luc Langevin's Twitter feed:

13 January 2015

Paris: Luc Langevin at the Casino de Paris

Luc Langevin has a magical journey! At 31, this former nerd shy lover of science is now the preferred magician Quebecers. In five years, the illusionist has built a small business with his magic tricks. There were TV shows and a show on stage Really, who turns three years throughout Quebec (with more than 125,000 tickets sold). In February 2016, his show will be on view three weeks at the Casino de Paris.

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From  le Journal de Montreal as translated through Google Translate:
During our interview, the magician was quite busy with the shooting of his new TV series, on whom he has the greatest mystery. After collecting a Gemini nomination for the third installment of At the limits of illusion, Luc Langevin is currently filming a new show that will air in the spring of 2015 on ARTV and Radio-Canada.

The mystery surrounds this new project, but it is known is that the illusionist will be accompanied by two other magicians. "This is a very different concept of what I did before," said he just said.

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