13 April 2021

Broken wand: Harry Robert Herbert

Our sincere condolences to Harry's family and friends.


From the Wallace Funeral Home:

Harry was a hard working man who was never idle. He was a true craftsman and jewellery maker. He owned and operated The Magic Lantern Gift Shop with his wife and love of his life, Anne. He was an internationally known magician, a tailor, a member of the historical society, a member of the Sussex Silverados and a very proud and active member of the Penobsquis Baptist Church. He loved to lead Bible Study and teach Sunday School. It was never odd to see him out and about or stopping to talk to someone.

Harry will live on in the hearts of his children:Richard Herbert and his wife Eva, Steven Herbert and Karen Herbert; his stepchildren: Kevin Demas and Christie Demas all of British Columbia; as well as several gradnchildren and great grandchildren.

Mr Harry Robert Herbert of Kingston, formerly of Penobsquis passed away at the Sussex Health Centre on April 6, 2021 at the age of 88.

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[via the Magic Circle of St John]

12 April 2021

Late Night with Ben and Jonah [April 25]

From the April 11th Instagram Post by the Toronto Magic Company:

Late Night with Ben and Jonah takes everything you love about late night tv and combines it with a highly interactive virtual magic show… Toronto Magic Company style.

You can expect fun, special guests, outrageous segments, and a whole lot of magic.

Plus this time, it's not just Ben and Jonah. We're bringing on two special guests to share incredible magic of their own to blow your mind: One of Boston's finest up and coming entertainers - Colin Robinson, and AMA award winner, and Penn and Teller Fooler, Suzanne! 




09 April 2021

Darcy Oake in the season finale of Hudson and Rex (and interview with Franz Harary)

Updated April 10th to add:

  • screen shots of Darcy's appearance added to the end of the Hudson and Rex segment.


Darcy is guest starring on the season finale of Hudson and Rex, next Tuesday at 9pm EST on CityTV! 

(At the bottom of the post is Franz Harary Talking Magic with Darcy Oake.  They talk about touring Canada, Britain’s Got Talent and his 200 million viewers, The Illusionists on Broadway and oh yes, performing for Queen Elisabeth. )

From the April 7th Facebook post by Darcy Oake:

[with thanks to Peter Mennie for the tip!]



From the February 16th Facebook post by Darcy Oake:


08 April 2021

A peek behind the curtain with Big Trick Energy

A peek behind the curtain with Big Trick Energy 

In October we reported that Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer created a show called Big Trick Energy that is scheduled to air on April 22nd on truTV in the US.


The Universe knocked (for real) last week, offering us the chance to interview these newly minted "bad boys of magic" and find out more about their show.  We happily accepted.

Tell us about a memorable prank that didn't make it to air.
Eric: I convinced Wes' wife to have a Boudoir sexy photoshoot with me in a hotel room months before filming, with a professional photographer and the network deemed it a little too risqué because they didn't know our characters yet, they didn’t know how good friends we are. 
So it’s going to be up on my YouTube channel.    
The show is unscripted.  Can you give an example of things that turned out better than you hoped?
Chris: Definitely the thrift shop.  That was probably right down the last thing and we surprised you guys so bad he fell on his a$$! That was like the opposite of where the trick was going to go originally so it's just beautiful like all the minds working together and then you come up with something that no one wrote down on a piece of paper the night before.

Eric: This show is unscripted but there’s also pranks. So we're having secret meetings, secret production calls with producers and show runners where maybe one or two people aren’t involved because to we’re there to prank them.

Chris: It might be three versus one, one pranking three, one pranking two, two people pranking two other people and this  constant secrecy going around.  A lot of us are blind to that actively because we want to make the show good.  So, I'll be at table they’ll go “Chris, can you leave?”  And I’m like, “got it.” 

[SPOILER ALERT (but you may have seen it already on social)]

Eric:  A perfect example was in the show in the first season in episode one they crushed my BMW, my car, my baby, and I knew something was up but I had no idea that they brought my car down and crushed it in front of me. It was really something that I had no idea so that synergy is very interesting amongst friends, y’know to hide stuff like that.  

What unique talent or skill did everyone bring to the project?

Chris:  Wes is a massive jack of all trades. He learned everything so quickly he has all these crazy abilities that we're still finding out about because he keeps them secret and he practices in the dark and then all the sudden he'll show up and be an amazing axe thrower or a ride a unicycle or something. He’s got a lot of hobbies. 
I love putting Eric in the worst situations and watching him get out of them cuz that's his skill, it really is, he can get out of any situation flawlessly and turn it around.
Alex doing all the music.  All the animals actually.  We found out, there’s something we didn’t know, Alex does all the animal magic [in the show].  If you look at all the trailers and stuff you keep seeing Alex with animals and it doesn't appear that much in the show but they used all of it. So Alex is now the professional animal wrangler!
Wes:  And Chris talks a lot.  I don't know if you noticed.

What were the more challenging parts of the project?

Alex:  I really thought by the end of the season one we’re not going to be friends anymore because it’s hard to be with same people all the time and riffing and being like  “I like that.  I don’t like that. Who’s going to do this trick?”  But it brought us closer. 

Chris: I think obviously, the pandemic has been challenging to shoot through but besides all that we were in a bit of a time crunch too. We had a couple months of production leading up to this, but when you're in a position to create these magic tricks, we need professional builders, we need locations, we need all these things. With the pandemic happening nothing was super accessible. We had to really think on our feet for a lot of those things. So a lot of late-night meetings staying up till four in the morning, finalizing what we're doing the next day showing up at 7 a.m. call time. So the difficult part was really creating all of that ‘cause there is a lot of magic in the show. 



There’s a ton of magic and we wanted to make it all original. Not out of the box tricks.  We wanted to make this show as original as we could. 
That was the most challenging part.


Eric: We really had to rely on our bag of tricks…

Chris:  … and also on our magic consultants. We had Daniel Garcia, Enrico de la Vega, Marcus Eddie, and we also had Blake Vogt helping us out.  So we had the best, arguably The Best magic team did on the planet.  We could not have done it without them. Period.  The show would not be possible without those guys. One hundred percent are they took it on their backs and you know so like really us as a group putting our minds together every single day, every single minute, to go into the show.

What's the origin story of how the four of you came together
Chris: Mainly through magic conventions.  These two [Alex and Eric] have known each other because they grew up in the same place, Eric kind of took Alex under his wing a long time ago and taught him a lot of magic and business stuff.  Then we kind of all met at a magic convention. You know how magic conventions go, most people just hang out at the bar like once you're done watching the shows, going to dealers room. You go to the bar and then you find each other and we found that we really clicked.  We have the same sense of humour, we didn't get offended by each other just you know digging in each other and stuff like that so we became instant best friends.

Wes: Eric was the common thread at the beginning. I think he was holding it all together a little bit.

Eric: Wes and I worked on a show called Trick’d in 2015, Wes was a consultant on the show, we became best friends.

Chris:  Me and Wes did Wizard Wars around the same time and were in the studio together.

Who are their non-magical inspirations?

Wes:   I’m totally inspired by the world of stand up comedy just I love the world of stand up so that's that's where I get all inspiration from and then I'm a huge like Jim Carrey fan my whole life so I always try to think of that when I’m on camera and be more physical.
Eric: Steve Carell.  
Alex:  For me it’s the world of music, like the bands and stuff how they work together. 

You’ve all be YouTubing / magicianing on TV for many, many years.  How have you changed or evolved?
Eric:  I mean when I started YouTubing it was 10 years ago I did this project [Editor's note: Eric's referring to his Project 365], I did a video every day and I didn't know what audiences want I just wanted to do this for myself and now these guys are much better at it than me nowadays and much more successful at.  It's a big thing to listen to your audience, right?

Chris: But I also think it’s up to people in the entertainment industry and in magic to teach that audience where magic is going and what's happening.  Always catering to an audience can be a detriment because in you’re stagnant. You know if you give me analytics and numbers I look at them.  Then you think, forget all that.  We’ve got a vision, we think this is right, we think this is the way to go, let's see if they'll follow us instead of us following what they want. I really believe that it's up to people to push the boundaries and no matter what entertainment field you're in. Respectfully, magic on TV in the past 20 years... David Blaine changed the game up in 96, but since then I would say only probably Michael Carbonaro has done something totally different. Other than that it's reiterations of the same show over and over and over and over and over. But it took those guys for us to realize that something needs to change. 
Without them we wouldn't have come up with these crazy ideas and this crazy outlook we have today with magic. We're really trying to change it up with a vision we have for magic.


Thank you Chris, Eric, Wes, and Alex for making the time to answer our questions.  We hope it comes to Canada soon! 

Catch Big Trick Energy on April 22nd on truTV in the US!

07 April 2021

Hidden Wonders - virtual experience [April 17]

There's also a 5pm PST show time!


From the March 31st Hidden Wonders Facebook post:

We're hosting an evening Hidden Wonders Experience starting at 7Pm on Saturday, April 17th.  Come have some fun...

06 April 2021

Ring 17 hosts Barron & Athena Stringfellow Magic in the Niche of Time

From IBM Ring 17:

Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Barron & Athena have assembled a Zoominar about finding your niche. Whether you are a professional, a hobbyist or in another field than magic entirely, niching is a great way to add value to whatever you do! This is a lecture about the business side of magic, but Barron still has a few tricks up his sleeve for virtual guests.

Read more and register.

02 April 2021

You're invited to a CAM JAM with Chip Romero

Wednesday, April 14 at 8 PM EST

This is a magicians-only event and it's free to attend.  Membership is not required. 


From The Canadian Association of Magicians:

Recently, we caught rumour of a magician with some rare and exciting items.  

A collection of historical magic props, illusions and memorabilia that was out of this world. Including some treasured Canadian history from the likes of Doug Henning and Dai Vernon!

So, we offered this magician some maple syrup and Tim Hortons to convince him to share a peek at the rarest items in his collection!

We're happy to say Chip Romero agreed!  

Chip is a professional magician and collector who has offered to share CAM JAM attendees with a unique glimpse into magic's cherished history. Here's an opportunity to look behind the curtain in one of the largest collections of Doug Henning props, illusions and most treasured memorabilia.   

Read more.

01 April 2021

See you on the other side!

"My friend in Leicestershire offered me use of a flat he has.  It's sitting empty for at least the next 6 months,"  I said sarcastically to KOP.

KOP replied, "You could benefit from a change of scenery.  We can manage without you here for a bit."

I blinked in disbelief.

A trip on my own?  Time to myself? 

Everyone here can get by fine without my constant hovering.  Kidlet has outgrown the moniker. 

But how would I pay for it all?  Sure the rent is covered, but there's food and airfare...


You may remember me raving about a complimentary set of Changing Cards I received last year.  Recently I placed an order for more of Richard Young's beautifully handcrafted miracles.

During our correspondence about my order, Richard mentioned that his business is doing really well. He is so busy making his Changing Cards and his new Torn and Restored Cards, that he barely has time to keep up with the business administration side of it all!


*knock knock knock*

Um.  Hello?

Hi!  It's Opportunity knocking.



Just like that, after a little back and forth, I've landed a part-time gig in England doing back office work for Changing Cards.  (It comes with the ominous title of "Head of Glue.")

In my downtime I hope to explore the member benefits of The Magic Circle.  (You may have heard me spontaneously gush about this organization in a recent podcast.)

During the transition, there may be a slow down in publishing here.  (There will be lots of time to create and publish during the enforced 10 day quarantine on arrival!)  I plan to continue my coverage of the Canadian magic scene while abroad.

I'm really looking forward to the change of pace, working with Richard, the chance to finally watch BBC's "Staged," and the strong possibility of me receiving my vaccinations ahead of whenever I'd be scheduled to receive them here!

See you on the other side ...













... of April 1st!

31 March 2021

Top 5 posts in March 2021

There were 28+ posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Broken wand: Rod Doiron - Our condolences to Rod's family and friends. 
4. Keith Brown in support of Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario's Purple Palooza [Mar 26] - Great cause to support!
3. You're invited to a CAM JAM with Steve Valentine - Soooo good!
2. Broken wand: Paul Royter - Our condolences to Paul's family and friends.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Worldwide search for new magic in collaboration with Murphy's Magic and CAM - Can't wait to see the ideas that come out of this collaboration!


Vitaly Beckman in the Vancouver Sun

From the March 24th post "Vancouver-based magician Vitaly Beckman fools Penn & Teller for second time" by Stuart Derdeyn in the Vancouver Sun:

“It’s ironic that I was performing in (Las) Vegas and went to see the last taping Season 7 of Fool Us as a guest on March 14, and the next day everything closed down,” said Beckman. “Suddenly, I had a lot of time on my hands to work on new illusions for my act, so when I heard Penn & Teller were doing the show virtually, I thought, ‘Why not? Let’s see if I can still impress them after a five-year break.’ ”

Read more.

30 March 2021

Chris Ramsay teams up with Immersive Tech

From the March 22nd article "Immersive Tech Teams Up With Celebrity YouTube Creator Chris Ramsay On An Exclusive Immersive Experience That Will Be Featured On His Social Media Channels To His 6.4 Million Fans" at Street Insider:

“Celebrity vlogger, magician and social media influencer Chris Ramsay will be teaming up with Immersive Tech to provide an immersive experience like no other!” said Immersive Tech CEO Tim Bieber. “While the nature of this highly anticipated experience will be kept confidential until the video premieres, I promise all that it will be a truly engaging experience that will invite fans and the public to actively participate in a companion experience. I hope that this announcement will be the start of a long and productive relationship with Mr. Ramsay,” said Bieber.

Chris Ramsay said, “I am stoked to be teaming up with my fellow Canadian experiential experts at Immersive. I am impressed with the Company’s trailblazing attitude and technology as it positions itself to be the global leader in the emerging AR/VR - LBE based products through 'UNCONTAINED',” said Ramsay. This project with Mr. Ramsay will have narrative tie-ins to the upcoming flagship “UNCONTAINED” experience, offering fans an opportunity to be part of the story themselves.

Read more.

29 March 2021

Save the date for the 52 Plus Joker annual gala convention

From the February 10th Instagram post by 52 Plus Joker:

Playing Card lovers - UNITE! @52PlusJoker will hold an annual #playingcard convention in Niagara Falls, New York this October 20th through 23rd, 2021.
Make plans to be there. Your #playingcardcollection will thank you!





26 March 2021

FISM / NACM Quebec 2021

From FISM/NACM Quebec 2021:

September 30 to October 3, 2021
2021 North American FISM Magic Championship
and CAMaraderie 2021

The largest magic convention ever held in Canada and three important magic competitions!

  • The 2021 Canadian CAM Magic Championships
  • 2021 North American FISM Magic Championship
  • The "Michel Cailloux" International Magic Contest for those 17 and under.


  • Identify up to 15 magicians who can represent North America at the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2022
  • Crown the next 2021 Canadian Champion of Magic
  • Crown the next champion, aged 17 and under, in the "Michel Cailloux" International Magic Competition.

Read more and register.

25 March 2021

Carisa Hendrix at Kids' Entertainer Fest

From the March 11 Facebook post by Buster Balloon Caldwell:

June 3, 4, & 5th (and maybe just a little bit of the 6th).

Registration is now open at...

Check out our amazing Line-up of instructors and performers!

Azhelle Wade, The Toy Coach

Carisa Hendrix


Fay Presto

Gus Davis

Heather Green

Iman Lizarazu

Katie Rosa Marchese

Leah Orleans

Lindsay Benner

Regina Martinez

Marcela Murad

Yasu Ishida


24 March 2021

The Ontario Science Centre's show The Science of Magic

From the March 17th Facebook post by Neil Croswell:

The show explored the relationship between science and magic and we were joined by Illusionarium creator, Jamie Allan, as well as Richard Wiseman, psychologist and creator of Quirkology. These gentlemen joined us from their studios in the UK while my fellow cast mates, Cammy Gibson, Caitlin Mckeon and I, live-streamed directly from the Illusionarium in Toronto. 

Thank you to all involved! 

For those interested in all things science and magic it is a great watch and the recording of the event can be viewed back here:






23 March 2021

Mark Clearview's Try This at Home - now with Nick Wallace! [Mar 27 & 28]

From the March 14th Instagram post by Nick Wallace:

My friend @markclearview has been doing some really fun virtual shows. And now he’s inviting friends to join him. This month that friend is me. So you can join both of us on March 27th and 28th form the comfort of your own home. Best part of all - it’s Pay What You Can. Magic. Comedy. You. Me. Mark. Try This At Home. Head on over to @markclearview for all the ticket info.  [www.markclearview.com/trythisathome]

22 March 2021

Broken wand: Roman Szydlowski (Romaine)

Updated March 29th to add:


Updated at 9:35am EST to add some thoughts about Romaine from Jeff McBride (bottom of post).


Our sincere condolences to Romaine's family and friends.  

You can read a little about Romaine in our post from last December, "A lifetime of achievement: Romaine (Roman Szydlowski)."


From the March 21st Facebook post by Phil Matlin at Perfect Magic:

It's with a heavy heart I am informing you of the passing of Romaine Saturday March 20th. A long time friend for over 40 years and an unbroken 35 years of of spending Christmas and New Years with him and Joan. Originally in Montreal and it continued after they moved to Kitchener. Not only a close friend, but he was also my mentor in magic. His knowledge and willingness to share it with me was exceptional. Known world wide as Monarch of Manipulators, and wherever he went he got 5 star reviews. Romaine will be remembered and missed in the magic community. RIP my friend.





From the March 21st Facebook post by Phil Matlin at Perfect Magic:

To all those who have asked or will be asking, at this moment there are no additional details such funeral home, dates etc. As soon as I get any additional information, it will be posted here on the Perfect Magic [Facebook] site.

21 March 2021

[Guest post] A preview of Calculated Thoughts

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon. 


(And magicians seriously interested in mentalism)

An exclusive preview for Canada's Magic

by The Magic Demon

Doug Dyment, longtime resident of Gibsons on the "Sunshine Coast" in beautiful British Columbia, has penned a magnificent new 398 page hardcover book containing 40 awesome routines that (in the words of Richard Webster) "will become a classic and will be read and studied by future generations of magicians and mentalists".

Entitled "Calculated Thoughts" and published by Vanishing Inc. (and retailing for $60 US) this is an impressive publication consisting of original material and material reworked from his legendary self-published manuscripts (some of which have had their original editions go out of print). Mr. Dyment has long been considered one of the foremost highly-regarded "underground" thinkers in the world of mentalism, and is a past president and lifetime member of the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA).

Written in an erudite, precise, and clear prose style I don't believe this is a book for the casual beginner. Motivated beginners and more experienced performers will gain much, however, from its original effects and (in the words of Ken Weber) "Doug's dazzling insight[s] into some of mentalism's classic plots".

I won't waste any more space on its unanimously glowing reviews but by all means check them out for yourself on-line at (for example) The Magic Cafe or Genii forum as well as on Doug's own unique and informative website, www.deceptionary.com. (It's well worth a visit even if you aren't yet planning to buy the book.) Doug's site also has a password protected section of corrections and supplements for "Calculated Thoughts".

I'm calling this a "preview" because I don't feel I can properly review "Calculated Thoughts" yet. It offers too much to contemplate too quickly and I've only just very recently bought it - but I can tell you how happy I am that I did and why.

Not so very long ago I was more than willing to pay $50 CDN for one of Doug's acclaimed "underground" booklets, the one dealing with his ingenious solution to one of the "core tools of mentalism", the billet tear (which he called R2D2). I was disappointed to discover the original edition had gone out of print. How pleased and excited I was to discover that for only about 50% more (Browser's Den of Magic is currently selling "Calculated Thoughts" at a very reasonable $74 CDN) I would not only get a thorough and detailed chapter full of Doug's updated and revised best billet tear explanation - but also nine other thoughtful, innovative and powerful chapters with enough new ideas, musings and variations on numerous effects to keep me reading and busy for months and months... and months. Such a deal! Was I happy? Very.

Very very, in fact.

So if you're "into" mentalism, may I humbly suggest this could be your best purchase of 2021. I already have a good feeling that it is going to be mine.

Thank you Mr. Dyment for presenting us with such an inspiring collection of your finest work. It is very much appreciated.


Alternatively to obtaining your copy from the Browser's Den of Magic (where it is currently in stock and listed on their website), this site's other sponsors might also be able to special order it for you. They may even already have it in stock since I last looked.

Full Disclosure: The Magic Demon paid retail for their copy from Clownin' Around (Canada's only brick and mortar magic shop west of the Great Lakes) on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC and has received no compensation for writing these words.


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!


20 March 2021

Julie Eng interviewed by Connie Boyd and on the cover of Vanish Magazine

Julie's been busy!  Not only did she participate in the Asian panel (ep 78) of Shezam, she was also interviewed by Connie Boyd and appeared on the cover of Vanish Magazine!

Watch the March 3rd episode of Magical Women with Connie Boyd, "Julie Eng #1 | Helping others through Magicana: My Magic Hands & Senior Sorcery | Magical Women #36":

From the March 1st Facebook post by Paul Romhany:



19 March 2021

Take the Tarbell Challenge

From the March 15th Instagram post by the Toronto Magic Company:

We're throwing out a challenge to all the magicians out there!

The Tarbell Course in Magic is widely considered one of the most important collections of magic secrets ever published. Most magicians have copies on their shelf, but few have actually gone THROUGH them. Time to change that.

For the next 8 months Jonah and Ben will be going through the Tarbell course, one book per month, competing to see who can find the coolest trick. The winner each month gets fame and fortune. The loser? A horrible punishment.

Here's how YOU can participate! First, grab book one of the Tarbell course (available from any good magic dealer as well as online as a free resource). Then, read the book. Find a cool trick.

Next, send us a video of your performance (either by emailing it to us or posting it online and tagging us). EVERYONE gets a shout out when our video comes out... but if our judges like your trick better than either of Ben's or Jonah's, YOU win the prize and the boys get punished!

Get in on the fun. Take the Tarbell challenge today!




18 March 2021

Carisa Hendrix at Vanishing Inc's Connected Live [March 20]

Talent includes: Carisa Hendrix, Jason Suran, Steve Thompson, Dani DaOrtiz, Mark James, Will Houstoun, Harry De Cruz, David Parr, Matt Szat, Matthew Gilmore, @Royalpainisme, Joshua Jay, and Andi Gladwin.


From Vanishing Inc Magic:

"Connected: Live" is an all-day online magic convention dedicated to virtual magic shows. Whether you’re a virtual magic veteran or just LOVE magic in general, this convention will provide a blueprint for developing the best possible show and exploring all the opportunities virtual magic can provide. You’ll enjoy virtual performances, lectures, panel discussions, and interactions with top luminaries in the industry.

Read more and register.



From the March 17th Facebook post by Carisa Hendrix:

17 March 2021

Vitaly Beckman on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" [Mar 19]

From the March 13th Facebook post by Vitaly Beckman:

On this day, one year ago I was performing in Vegas and in the evening decided to attend the taping of Penn and Teller: Fool Us and watch the show as an audience member... it was the last filming day of season 7 and I was surprised to see a few good friends Shawn Farquhar and Clinton W. Gray being taped that night! Little did I know that from that very day I won't perform live nor see another live show for a year.

Coincidentally, I also didn't know that one year later I will be invited to participate in the Fool Us show as a contestant again... virtually! And so, I'm excited to announce that I will be performing a brand new piece of magic this Friday at 9pm on The CW. Wish me luck!



16 March 2021

Ben Price workshop (free)

From the February 25th Facebook post by Ben Price:

Brushing up on my basics before my FREE workshop with Green Fools Theatre - If you want to learn a FULL ROUTINE that will impress your friends and family (in person or online!!) register HERE https://bit.ly/3kmM6Xz for the workshop on March 23! 



15 March 2021

Broken wand: Paul Royter

Updated March 20th to add to bottom of post, thoughts by Scott Boyd posted to Facebook on March 17th.


Updated March 18 to add a link to the Magician's Talking Magic podcast tribute to Paul, "Ep 116: Paul Royter: Lessons from a Touring Legend."


Our thoughts are with Paul's family and friends at this impossible time. 

More details will be posted as they become available.


From the March 14th Tweet by Ryan Joyce: