31 October 2023

Top 5 posts in October 2023

There were 47 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the five most viewed posts in the past 30 days:   

5. Parry Sound: Canadian Masters of Magic [Dec 16] - Tickets on sale now!
4. A peek behind the curtain with Alex McAleer [2023] - See Alex in Champions of Magic with tour dates in Canada in 2023 - 2024!
3. Chicago: Shawn Farquhar lecture [Nov 6] - We love listening to Shawn's lectures!  Hope you do too. 

2. Random thoughts about "Young and Strange Delusionists" 2023 - Such a fun show!

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1.  Broken wand: Joseph Kaufert - Our condolences to Dr. Kaufert's family and friends. 





Random thoughts about "An Evening of Magic and Laughter"

Last Friday, KOP and I ventured to Brampton to see An Evening of Magic and Laughter with Matt DiSero, headliner Steve Valentine, and emcee Evan Carter.  I'd seen adverts these three a number of times.  I know that Matt and Steve are guaranteed to entertain, and I'd heard excellent things about Evan Carter.   


TLDR:  A show bursting with magic and laughter!





Here are some random thoughts about the show:

Also at the show (in no particular order):
- Glenn Ottaway
- Richard Forget
- David Merry
- Ray Anderson
- Artemus Syman 
- Ian Batterbury, and
- Gord Gardiner!
  • The Rose Theatre in Brampton is a beautiful cozy theatre where almost all of the seats have a fantastic view of the stage.  I hope to get back to see more shows here. 
  • Evan Carter lives up to his reputation.  He made hilarious observations about everyday life and was family friendly.  He quickly and expertly won over the audience. 
  • Matt DiSero took the stage and did not disappoint! 
  • Matt leaned into playing in his hometown and the audience loved it! 
  • His years of experience and lessons learned on the road shone through and in spite of the fact that Hartnell wasn't behaving, we saw Matt at his best.

  • The highlight of Matt's act was his selection of volunteer Camilla.  This five year old had just the right ratio of adorableness, impulsiveness, and respect for authority.  It was a delight to watch Matt guide her through the piece and let her shine like a star!

From the October 29th Instagram post by Matt DiSero, Camilla and Matt:


  • A brief intermission followed.
  • Steve Valentine took the stage by storm and never looked back!

  • The hand may be quicker than they eye, but Steve produces magic effects faster than my brain can absorb them!
  • There was some difficulty with the tech and there was no AV for his show.  Those familiar with Steve's show, know that there are a ridiculous number of AV cues with multimedia woven throughout his set.  IT DIDN'T MATTER.  Steve ran through his show, improvising AV at times to great comedic effect, and no one was the wiser.

  • Things were thrown, things were produced, things vanished, and the laws of physics were stood on their ear.

  • Much of Steve's show was similar to the show he presented at Jokers, with minor tweaks and polishes. 

  • There were also brilliant additions (to already strong pieces) that were absolutely amazing and well received.  (Who wouldn't want to leave the show with a box of kisses from Steve?)
  • It was interesting for me, to see his show play in a theatre after seeing it first in a comedy club.  It was just as fabulous in the theatre as it was in a more intimate setting.  Steve masterfully delivers in any venue size.

  • As I've said before, it is obvious to the casual observer that Steve takes his role as entertainer seriously.  It is equally obvious that he doesn't take himself seriously, which always endears him to the audience.

All in all it was a wonderful evening of entertainment by highly seasoned performers giving us their very best!


Thank you gentlemen, for sharing with us the gift of your talent!




30 October 2023

Gatineau: Les Soirées Illuminées avec Alex Boyer [Nov 23, 24, 25, 30, Dec 1-2]

From the October 25th Instagram post by lumivalli.prod (translation by Instagram):

Les Soirées Illuminées | Dinner x Show by @alexboyer | Zibi Gatineau

🌟 Dive into the magic of the holidays with @alexboyer's Illuminées! 🌟

Much more than just a supper spectacle, it’s an immersive adventure where mystery, magic, and culinary delights meet in a spellbinding setting reminiscent of Poudlard, Harry Potter’s Wizarding School. ✨

Bringing together more than 1,200 guests over two weekends, our Illuminated Nights promise a festive and magical atmosphere from the moment you arrive. 🎉

 📍 Zibi Gatineau
 🗓️ 23-24-25 nov
 🗓️ 30 nov & 1-2 déc





28 October 2023

Eric Leclerc sur La France A Un Incroyable Talent

Bonne chance Eric!


From the October 25th upload at the Eric Leclerc YouTube channel (translated via Google Translate):

I traveled to Paris to appear on the show LA FRANCE A UN INCROYABLE TALENT! What do you think of my number?!

Follow me on Instagram @magic4yourbrain

Eric Leclerc has been practicing his magic since the age of nine. He is often seen on television on shows like Brain Games on Netflix BIG TRICK ENERGY on TruTV and TRICKED on Disney+. Eric is a Guinness World Record holder and also the only magician to have won the title of Canadian Magic Champion twice.






27 October 2023

A peek behind the curtain with Alex McAleer [2023]

This is the fourth in a series of interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour Canadian dates in:

Additional rumoured locations include cities in BC and NS!  Check the Champions of Magic website for updates.

Read our thoughts about their 2022 show:

TLDR: So. Much. Fun!

Random thoughts about "Champions of Magic" 


In addition to his stage shows, you may know Alex McAleer through:

On episode 4 of Through the Magic of Television (Apple Podcasts link), Alex and guest Erik Tait    CanCon   discuss The Worlds Greatest Magic 4 (1997), which includes performances by Juliana Chen and Carl Cloutier.
[Editor's note:  This podcast requires a paid subscription.]

We're delighted to interview Alex ahead of his Canadian Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour dates!

A peek behind the curtain with Alex McAleer

We were fortunate to see Champions of Magic in three times in the past five years.  Your part in the show changed significantly from year to year.  In fact the 2022 experience was almost completely different from the first time we saw you in Toronto in 2018. 

When you have an audience tested, well-received show, what drives you to modify and advance your act?

It’s very tempting to just do the tricks and lines you’ve been doing for years, and the temptation is even greater when you’re waiting in the wings about to go on stage and do a new routine. It’s very rewarding however to keep things fresh, in my own act there are sections that are brand new every night so I have to think on my feet.
I think what drives me to make changes is not wanting things to become stale, and it’s always fun to tinker and improve each performance of a new routine.

Have you studied any magic-adjacent disciplines? 

I’ve studied various other skills that have all informed my performances. Theatre work when I was younger and performing in plays, readings, even panto! I’ve also studied a bit of comedy writing and physical comedy. I also went to Art School so that's given me an interest in aesthetics. 

Alex McAleer on stage

Alex on stage with an audience member keeping Alex's eyes shut
Do you remember the specific moment when you knew you could or wanted to perform magic full time?

I think it was probably after my first “show” - I did a twenty minute show on stage in between some one-act plays in my hometown. The show I did was dreadful in hindsight but the audience really responded to it; this shy young man they all knew could now apparently read minds and hold a room’s attention. 

What is your most memorable performance misadventure? 

Probably when a prop we were using in Champions malfunctioned and the ‘big prediction moment’ I had been teasing throughout the show just didn’t happen. Foolishly, there was no out. I just had to move onto the next, much smaller and less significant, part of the prediction.  

What sets Champions of Magic apart from other touring ensemble magic shows?

I think it’s probably that you’re seeing a full show, not just a series of different acts doing their own thing. There are multiple moments when we are all working together on stage, or involved in another performer's act. 

Alex McAleer on stage

Alex on stage


Do you have any guilty pleasures while on tour?
Vegan junk food. Vegan Poutine is always a highlight for a trip to the true north.
One imagines that it’s sometimes hard to leave the comforts of your home for a lengthy tour.  Do you bring a special something from home with you? 

As silly as it may sound but having a VPN on my iPad means I can enjoy the comforts of UK television. 


Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers of Canada’s Magic?

Subscribe to the Magicians' Podcast Network (Apple Podcasts link) to hear my nostalgic-rewatch-podcast Through the Magic of Television (Apple Podcasts link) . Oh and I guess you can listen to [Richard] Young’s podcasts on there too.  
[Editor's note:  These podcasts require a paid subscription.]

Thank you Alex, for making the time to answer our questions!


Learn more about Alex at AlexMcAleer.com and follow him on Facebook, and Instagram


  Champions of Magic  

Catch Alex in Champions of Magic touring across Canada in 2023 - 2024:

Additional rumoured locations include cities in BC and NS!  Check the Champions of Magic website for updates.

Read our 2022 interviews with the cast:

Learn more about Champions of Magic at ChampionsOfMagic.co.uk and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonders Tour




26 October 2023

Ryan Joyce interviews Julie Eng and CAM October round-up

Updated at 9am to embed Instagram post from CAM at bottom of post.

As part of the Canadian Association of Magician's monthly interview series, Ryan Joyce interviewed Julie Eng, Executive Director of Magicana.

From the CAM website:

In this interview with Julie Eng, we discuss:
  •     Importance of Learning from Magic’s History
  •     Current State of Magic
  •     How Magic Has Evolved
  •     Magicana’s Initiatives, Awards & Publications
  •     Advice for Magicians

Join CAM and watch the interview at https://www.cammagic.org/post/julie-eng-magicana


While you're logged into the CAM website, have a look at Ryan's October 2023 round-up which includes:

  1.     October's Canadian Conjuror's Chat
  2.     A Towering Achievement
  3.     National Magic Week (October 25-31)
  4.     Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 10
  5.     Question of the Month 






25 October 2023

NYC: Asher, DeGuzman, and Ramsay at Cardtopia [Nov 4]

From the October 4th Instagram post by Cardtopia:   [emphasis added]

Join us on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at Moonlight Studios in New York City for unforgettable performances by the biggest names in the world of cards: Chris Ramsay, Anna DeGuzman, Chris Brown, Felipe Mojave Ramos, Bea Staack, Rick Smith Jr, Rokas Bernatonis, Lee Asher, Chris Chelko, Bill Kalush, Richard Turner, Laetitia Barbier, and the dynamic duo, Kristen & Alex! 🎩🃏

But hold onto your seats, because that's just the stars you can witness on stage at the Studio! 🌟 Stay tuned for the list of performers on stage at the TED World Theater and the full program, including master classes, discussions, interactive games, and more, which we'll reveal this Wednesday. You won't want to miss it! 🤩

There's still time to be part of this card lover's paradise! 🎫 Grab your tickets now at www.cardtopia.com and let the magic unfold before your eyes. Don't miss out on the ultimate card experience! 🎉



From the October 23rd Instagram reel by Chris Ramsay:






24 October 2023

Bakersfield: Gabriella Lester and Alex Zander in Celebrities of Magic [Nov 13]

Tickets at the Melodrama.


From the October 16th Facebook post by Ron Saylor:

"Celebrities Of Magic" presents GABRIELLA LESTER and ALEX ZANDER, Live in Bakersfield, Monday, November 13th, at The Gaslight Melodrama.

GABRIELLA LESTER is an internet sensation. With 50 thousand followers and over a million views, her fans flock to keep up with what she is going to do next.

Originally from South Africa, GABRIELLA LESTER, before the age of 20, has already appeared on some of the Largest stages in Las Vegas, The Magic Castle and even Penn & Teller’s FOOL US.

GABRIELLA LESTER is fascinated by Escapology Magic and, as a Junior Member of The Academy of Magical Arts, she is officially one of the youngest magicians to master Houdini’s Upside-Down Strait-Jacket Escape.

Also on the bill, ALEX ZANDER just completed a 500-Show Tour across America.

ALEX ZANDER’s Magic will tug at your heart-strings with childhood nostalgia and modern miracles.

It’s no wonder that ALEX ZANDER has already been elected as the President of the World’s Premier Magical Organization, The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

THIS SHOW WILL SELL-OUT so Do Not Wait to Reserve your Seats.





23 October 2023

Scotland: Shazam with Graeme Reed and Scott Boyd [Nov 3]

Tickets at Flux Brews.


From the October 13th Instagram post by Flux Brew:

SHAZAM AT FLUX: A magic & mind reading experience / Nov 3

We’re bringing magic back to the taproom on Friday, November 3 ✨ with the fantastic @scottboydmagic and Level 7 Wizard @graemazing 🪄🔮






21 October 2023

London: Billy Kidd at Young Magicians Club Junior Day gala [Oct 22]

The Young Magicians Club is the youth initiative of The Magic Circle. 

Talent for the Junior Day gala includes:  Tobias Dostal, Billy Kidd, Jake Allen, Florian Brooks, Yollin Lee, and hosts Young & Strange.


From the October 9th Instagram post by the Young Magicians Club:

Our packed gala show line-up for Junior Day 2023. See you there!





20 October 2023

Broken wand: Ralph Wright

Updated November 15th with the following from Ralph's family (via Gary Wiseman, thank you Gary): 

Ralph Douglas Wright

Ralph passed away peacefully with his wife Margaret at his side on October 20th, 2023 at the age of 88 years old in Peterborough, Ont.

Survived by his wife, Margaret, two sons Steven and David, daughter Cindy, and granddaughter Sarah.
Ralph had many interests, he loved Magic and was delighted in entertaining family and friends. He was past president of The Hat and Rabbit club Toronto, A member since 1976.

He was also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

He will be missed and remembered very much by his family and friends.



We were just informed of the recent passing of Ring 17 member Ralph Wright.

We will always remember Ralph for his friendly greetings and encouraging words about whatever project we brought to share with the club.

We will update this post as more information becomes available. 

Our sincere condolences to Ralph's family and friends at this difficult time.