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11 December 2014

Shawn Farquhar raising money for Paul Green

Updated Dec 12 to add:

  • Dollar amounts are in USD.
  • After you pay, if you aren't redirected to the download site, check your e-mail for the download link.

From Palmer Magic:
This is a digital download video that was shot at Chateau Farquhar with iPhones.  No this is not a high quality video production.  However the tips and instructions on how to do the Classic Force are high quality and will help you to learn Shawn Farquhar’s version of this amazing technique.  If you have ever seen Shawn perform, the chances are you saw him Classic Force a card.

This project was created because so many people asked Shawn for advice on his handling of the Classic Force.  Shawn felt that most of the information he shared was given to him by mentors such as Tony Eng and John Gilliland and did not want to charge for something given to him freely.

So why are we charging you anything?  Well a wonderful magician and friend, Paul Green is facing some health challenges and Shawn felt this would be a great way to raise some needed funds.  If you know Paul Green, you know he is a master of the Classic Force and even has his own DVD.  We recommend you purchasing this too, as it approaches the technique in a different way.  All funds raised by this project will go directly to Paul Green.

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From the International Brotherhood of Magicians Facebook page:

19 August 2013

Goodbye to Murray’s Trick and Joke Shop -- the end of an era in Victoria

A reminder to us all to support our local brick and mortar magic shops while we still can.

Don't have brick and mortar shop in your area?  Consider supporting one through their online shops.   (I direct your attention to two of the wonderful sponsors of this blog, Perfect Magic and
 The Browser's Den of Magic!)

Read the comments on Murray's Facebook page.

From the Times Colonist:
There will be no large puff of smoke or silk curtain drawn as house lights fade to black. Instead, with the simple closing of a door and turning of a key, three decades of illusion and whimsy will end as Murray’s Trick and Joke Shop closes for the final time Aug. 25.

The store — the go-to destination for gear, tricks and effects for amateur and professional magicians, as well as a year-round costume source and a gold mine for would-be office pranksters and kids of all ages — is about to pull its own disappearing act.

“It’s sad because of the long history of this place, and my wife and I were thrilled to have been a part of that,” said current owner Murray Hatfield, who along with wife Teresa Midbo bought the store seven years ago from Tony and Ann Eng.

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08 August 2012

Tony Eng Memorial Peoples Choice Award

From The Daily Deception:
The very first Tony Eng Memorial Peoples Choice Award was given out at this years PCAM 2012, and will continue to be given out each PCAM to follow. This award is voted on by the people and features the 1st place winners of the competitions from the convention.

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Watch the award presentation:

[h/t: @james_alan]