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11 June 2018

Marien Hopman's magic stolen

From the June 9th article, "Chatham magician hopes tricks will reappear after being stolen" by Stacey Janzer in the Windsor CBC :
Poof. The magic's gone.

Chatham, Ont.'s Marien Hopman likes to perform a trick or two when he can, but his box of magic tricks were stolen.

At 71, he's been interested in magic since he was 10. The retired professional salesman says he would perform magic at children's parties.

Last week, he spotted a sponge ball on the floor of his car and wondered what it was doing there. He opened up his glove compartment — it was empty and his heart sank. That's where he kept his treasure trove of tricks.

"I just keep it in there to so I can make people happy," Hopman said.

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23 February 2014

Magically benevolent Canadians

In this month's issue of the Linking Ring (Vol 94, #2, February 2014, pages 30-34), five Canadians were featured in the article "Still Giving:  The Benevolence of Magic Continues, part 3."  They are:
and last but not least

If you recall, Canada also had an entry in the article that started it all in The Linking Ring (v92, #12), Dennis Schick wrote "The Benevolence of Magic" (page 56) which had a lovely mention of Magicana for it's My Magic Hands, Senior Sorcery and Tony Eng Youth Fund initiatives.

19 January 2013

Marien and Jeff Hopman: Busking for hunger

From the Chatham Daily News:
A Chatham father and son are gearing up to "busk for hunger '' across Chatham-Kent this month.

Retired life insurance salesman Marien Hopman and his son, Jeff, will set out Jan. 18 on a cross-county tour to raise money for Chatham Outreach for Hunger.

"We plan to visit four towns in the municipality with no money in our pockets and will only be working on faith and the good will of the people,'' said Marien Hopman, who is also a long-time magician-entertainer.

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[via: CAM]