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24 December 2020

Luc Langevin: “Interconnected”

Tickets for Interconnected are currently available from December 27th through to the end of March 2021.


From Luc Lagnevin's website (as translated by Google):

Each performance of the show takes place live and is therefore unique. The spectators are an integral part of it. A ticket purchase is equivalent to a unique viewing link. It is therefore not possible to share it. If everyone you'll be watching the show with is doing it on the same device, you only need one ticket (one ticket per device).

Premium ticket holders
23 participants (and other residents of their household) will have the privilege of personally interacting with Luc during the show and will appear on screen throughout the performance ($ 68 + tax or € 45). They must connect to the show 30 minutes in advance

Regular ticket holders
Other spectators will be able to attend the show live and participate in the collective acts without appearing on the screen ($ 25 + taxes or € 20).

Read more and buy tickets






08 November 2020

The Canadian Association of Magicians 2020 launch

On October 22nd, the new CAM President, Renée-Claude Auclair, and the new board of the Canadian Association of Magicians had their first official public meeting!



The board members were energetic and passionate about their goal to make "CAM 2.0" an engaging organization for magicians nationally and internationally.  The board consists of:

  • Renée-Claude Auclair (President)
  • Greg Frewin
  • Ryan Joyce
  • Luc Langevin
  • Mark Pallin (Treasurer)
  • Paul Romhany (Editor of Northern Peeks)
  • Mike Segal
  • Jason Verners
  • Kent Wong (Secretary)


They've completely redone their website (and created a spiffy new logo) over at


Also announced is a contest where CAM members as of November 30th, will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a registration for Quebec FISM 2022, spending money, and tickets to the Greg Frewin Theatre!


Register at today!  

(Existing members start the process here:

13 August 2020

Luc Langevin at Casino de Paris in January 2022.

Official announcement

My shows at the Casino de Paris in January 2021 are postponed to January 2022.
If you have a ticket, it is automatically valid for the new period.
That said, you won't have to wait until 2022 to experience my magic live ...

20 July 2020

Luc Langevin interviewed by Matt Pritchard

From the July 15th post "Luc Langevin – magician (#124)" by Matt Pritchard at Words of Wonder:
How do science and magic interact?

Well, in history… since the beginning 🙂 In my own story, I started to be fascinated by magic at the age of 6 when I saw a magician for the first time. Around the age of 8 or 9, when I first learned about the existence of atoms, I became passionate by science too because I saw an opportunity to really understand how the world works. Magic and science were my 2 passions for many years and when I was around 22, I decided to link them in the presentation of my magic tricks in order to have a signature as magician and really be myself on stage. We created my first TV show around that time, and I needed to be different from other magicians. Using the science to do it was the natural choice.

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15 January 2020

Diverson on TF1 January 24th

It's official 👉 new #distraction Friday, January 24th at 21 pm on #tf1 💫 forget everything you think you know about magic and let yourself embark on the incredible universe of our magic!

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— with Luc Langevin : Page Officielle, Viktor Vincent, Gus, Enzo Weyne - L’insaisissable, Caroline Marx - Magician performer and Antonio le Magicien.

17 August 2019

"Diversion" on Saturday August 24th

Saturday August 24th catch "Diversion" on TF1!

From the Medias France Twitter feed:
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25 February 2019

Paris: Luc Langevin

Luc Langevin returns to Paris with his show "Maintenant Demain"  March 21 to March 31, 2019!

He is also touring through Europe through May 2019.  Visit Luc's European website for details.

05 January 2019


Canadians include Shawn Farquhar, Luc Langevin, and Shin Lim.

From MagicTube as translated through Google Translate:
Do you like magic? Looking for the video of a magician ? MagicTube gives you categorized access, by menu and keywords, to the best videos of professional magicians (conjurer, illusionist) published on the web via hosting sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc ...

The site is for magic enthusiasts or anyone who wants to discover through magic videos of the best current or past numbers.

The site references more than 400 magicians' videos from 26 countries.
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View untranslated site.

23 August 2018

Friday's Diversion

From the Diversion Twitter feed:
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09 July 2018

Paris: Luc Langevin in 2019

From the June 28th article "Le magicien Luc Langevin de retour avec un Nouveau Spectacle en mars 2019" in Stephane larue as translated by Google:
After his triumph at the CASINO DE PARIS in 2016 and 2017, LUC LANGEVIN returns to the stage with his new show NOW DEMAIN. Combining numbers of great illusions, new technologies, poetry and mentalism, LUC LANGEVIN propels us into a futuristic world while keeping his passion for science and magic at the heart of the show.

01 June 2018

Luc Langevin received the medal of the National Assembly

Congratulations Luc!

From the May 30th, 2018 article, "Luc Langevin était à l’Assemblée nationale mercredi, mais n’a pas fait disparaître le premier ministre...," by Marie-Renee Grondin in le Journal de Quebec (as translated by Google translate):
Rest assured! The illusionist Luc Langevin was visiting the National Assembly Wednesday, but it was not to remove the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard ...

Although this may have been a scenario dreamed up by some voters (who will have the power to make it disappear themselves, if that is their wish, next October), the famous conjurer was in parliament to receive a prestigious distinction.

He received the medal of the National Assembly, from the hands of Geneviève Guilbault, the member for Louis-Hébert who represents the riding where he grew up.

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14 April 2018

Reviews: Luc Langevin's "Now tomorrow"

From the April 12th article "Luc Langevin still spectacular" by Sandra Godin in le Journal de Quebec, translated by Google:

Amazement and incomprehension: two feelings that will invade you constantly during this second show of Luc Langevin, who concocted us ten new spectacular illusions, between telepathy, teleportation and levitation.

The public remained speechless after the illusionist had teleported a spectator locked in a safe, at the end of the first media of Now tomorrow , which was held Thursday at Albert-Rousseau Hall. It was just before he levitated up the stage.

The master of illusion retains its title with numbers that combine mathematics, science, technology, projections and optical illusions, at the end as fascinating as each other.

Read moreRead original.

From the April 13th article "Luc Langevin: The magic of illusions" by Virginie Landry in Journal Metro, translated by Google:
"Everyone knows that magic does not exist." It is on this statement that Luc Langevin begins his new book, The science of illusion , in which he decrypts his art through scientific concepts. But we have a hard time believing that there is not an ounce of magic in what he does ...

"In my wildest dreams, I was hoping to go there, but I did not expect to get there in such a short time," says the magician, who is celebrating his 10-year career this year. In the last decade, Luc Langevin has animated As Magic , At the Limits of Illusion , Defying Magic , as well as several specials with local artists and documentaries. He also put on his first indoor show and released three board games. Phew. "When I look at all this, I think I was productive!" He laughs. (And he wants us to believe that there is no magic in there? Anyway ...)

In 2018, question of being as busy as in recent years, the magician launches a second show indoors, Now tomorrow , and a first book. The purpose of this book? "I wanted to lift the veil on some physical phenomena that I use. I found that these methods or phenomena were almost more interesting than the tricks I make with them. "In doing so, Luc Langevin wanted to give magic its nobility so that people understand that" it's not just clowning. to entertain children "is an art.

Read moreRead original.

From the April 13th article "Luc Langevin: believe in the impossible" by Sandra Godin in le Soleil, translated by Google:
In the Tomorrow Today program, Luc Langevin notes that his way of practicing his job as a "creator of illusions" has changed since his first show: "My scientific knowledge still inspires my illusions, but I learned that to reach the the brain of the public, sometimes you have to go through the heart. "

And that's exactly what he's doing with this new show: his numbers are still as surprising and spectacular as they are ... human and sincere, and tell a story. Including that of this extremely shy boy that was the little Luc Langevin, for whom magic was a lifesaver ...

And although the magical numbers of the illusionist are (of course) the nerve of the war of this evening staged by René-Richard Cyr, we must say that the success of the company is very much based on the likeable and endearing personality of Luc Langevin, and the constant dialogue he sets up with his audience.

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23 March 2018

Program highlighting Luc Langevin's 10-year career

From the March 9th article "Luc Langevin célèbre ses 10 ans de carrière" on Lien Multimedia as translated by Google:
A special show on Ici Radio-Canada Télé

Luc Langevin's journey in 10 years is phenomenal. Thanks to his hard work, his innovative vision, his charisma, his simplicity and his personal signature, he has become THE reference in magic in Quebec. Luke has set new standards in magic in the dusty and making it more accessible. This new special issue, which chronicles the milestones of the last ten years of Luc Langevin's career, is a magic fire that once again fascinates and entertains. The public will see in particular Luke in rehearsal behind the scenes of his new show as well as unpublished images of his performances on French television.

A special show will be presented on Ici Radio-Canada Télé, Thursday, May 3 at 20h, Sunday, March 25 22h50 and on ICI ARTV Monday, April 16 9pm.

Read more. En français.

14 March 2018

Luc Langevin in le Journal de Montréal

From the March 10th article "La magie m’a apporté tout ce qu’il y a de bon dans ma vie" by Bruno Lapointe in le Journal de Montréal, as translated by Google:

"It's very long to create illusions, test them, tweak them ... I put two years, one full-time. And all this time, I told myself that I must absolutely deliver the material. I do not have a choice, "he reveals.

To achieve this, the illusionist has sought the help of director René Richard Cyr, to enhance the visual coating of the tour. His first and only choice for this role. But he had to work hard to convince the man of theater to join this project, something that was far from being won in advance.

Read moreEn français.

We've previously published dates for Luc's "Now tomorrow" tour.  Here are some additional dates from Lien Mulitmedia:
  • Quebec City: Salle Albert-Rousseau in  on April 12, 13 and 14
  • Montreal: Théâtre Maisonneuve on April 18 and 19 
  • Laval: André Mathieu Hall - July 19-20-21, 2018
  • Montreal: Salle Maisonneuve, Place des Arts - November 30 and December 1, 2018
  • Quebec: Albert-Rousseau Room - December 9 and 10, 2018
  • All the details of the tour on

20 February 2018

Luc Langevin's "Now Tomorrow"

From evenko:
  • March 6, 2018    Sainte-Thérèse, QC    Theatre Lionel-Groulx   
  • March 7, 2018    Sainte-Thérèse, QC    Theatre Lionel-Groulx   
  • March 10, 2018    Gatineau, QC    Salle Odyssée   
  • March 20, 2018    Trois-Rivières, QC    Salle J.-Antonio Thompson   
  • March 21, 2018    Trois-Rivières, QC    Salle J.-Antonio Thompson   
  • April 12, 2018    Quebec, QC    Salle Albert Rousseau   
  • April 13, 2018    Quebec, QC    Salle Albert Rousseau   
  • April 14, 2018    Quebec, QC    Salle Albert Rousseau   
  • April 18, 2018    Montreal, QC    Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts   
  • April 19, 2018    Montreal, QC    Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts

« Mon premier spectacle m’avait permis de partager avec le public mon passé; comment j’étais devenu l’illusionniste que je suis. Avec ce deuxième spectacle, on se retrouve MAINTENANT et on regarde vers DEMAIN. Après le succès que j’ai connu ces dernières années, je me suis demandé "Qu’est-ce qu’on fait lorsqu’on a réalisé son rêve d’enfance et qu’on a encore la vie devant soi ? Maintenant qu’on a tout ce qu’on a toujours désiré, qu’est-ce qu’on fait demain ? »  Dans le spectacle Maintenant Demain, à travers de nouvelles illusions qui mystifient, font rires et émerveillent plus que jamais, j’ai décidé de raconter ma réponse au public ".


Read more and buy tickets.

19 December 2017

A magical Diversion to start the New Year

From the December 12th article "Entertainment Diversion Opposes The Great Illusion Friday, January 5th!" by Pascal at le blog TV news (translated by Google):
A program presented by Arthur and proposed by Satisfaction, The Television Agency, broadcast Friday, January 5 at 21 hours on TF1.

For one evening, forget everything you think you know about magic and let yourself be immersed in the incredible universe of "DIVERSION"!

" For this second issue, six magicians specializing in illusion or mentalism will take control of your TV!" Caroline Marx "The Sorcerer", Enzo Wayne "The Elusive", Luc Langevin "The Scientist", Gus " The manipulator ", Antonio" the expert "and Viktor Vincent" The mentalist "have given themselves the mission to make you spend an amazing evening that mixes magic and humor On the set, they will surprise anonymous and celebrities with blows many more bluffing turns than the others! "

Read more.

Read original article "Le divertissement Diversion opposé à La grande illusion vendredi 5 janvier !" in French.

From the MT1 Twitter feed:

26 November 2017

Luc Langevin in "le fil"

From the article "These teachers who change lives" by Matthieu Dessureault in le fil, the newspaper of Laval university, translated by Google:
On stage as on television, Luc Langevin knows how to amaze his audience with breathtaking magic numbers. Before being the talented illusionist we know, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics and a Master's degree in Optics, as well as a PhD in Biophotonics. If he left school to devote himself to his job, this passage to the University will not be vain, far from it.

Already at the time, he knew he was going towards magic. Thanks to Professor Michel Piché, he learned to master a technology that would prove very useful to invent his tricks: that of lasers. "I was very surprised that Mr. Piché agrees to frame me in my graduate studies. When I asked him, he already had about twenty students under his responsibility. I gave him my CV, where it was indicated that I wanted to become a magician. It seems that it piqued his curiosity! "Recalls laughing Luc Langevin.

A scientist who wants to become a magician, the professor admits that it is not commonplace. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate a second to take him under his wing. "I was looking for a good student for my work and Luc Langevin was clearly one. Magic requires technical skill and a good understanding of optics since the illusion comes from manipulating brain mechanisms with images. He was a good candidate to help me develop new approaches in my field of research, "says the one who has been teaching at the University since 1984.

Read more.

13 November 2017

Congratulations to Luc Langevin!

Congratulations to Luc Langevin and his wife Esther Béland on the arrival of the newest member of their family!

From an article by Karine Paradis published in En Vedette (and translated through Google):
This is not an illusion!

Luc Langevin and his wife Esther Béland welcomed a new member into their small family ...

See the first post on Luc's Instagram account:

A post shared by Luc Langevin (@langevinofficiel) on

04 August 2017

McCord Museum: Magic, music, and dance

From Perfect Magic:
If you haven’t been to the McCord Museum this summer it’s worth going to. Not your usual museum exhibition. It’s called ILLUSIONS – The Art of Magic and Luc Langevin is the ambassador of the exhibit. It’s the Allan Slaight collection, which was acquired by the McCord with the help of the Emmanuelle Gattuso Foundation.  A tip of the Top Hat to the people who designed it.. Phil and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were invited by magician Dr. Joe Culpepper, magician, scholar, consultant and friend and customer of Perfect Magic. Before the guided tour, we were treated to a magic show, in a lovely little theatre there, given by the young students, who attended the McCord Museum Camp, Abracadabra, who were guided and taught by Joe and the counsellors. The kids did a great job and they all knew how to take a bow when the applause came.

So what’s the link between magic and music?

Read more.

22 May 2017

Luc Langevin on "Trucs & Cie"

From Luc Langevin's Twitter feed:
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