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03 October 2017

2017 "Holiday Magic"

Dick Joiner is once again presenting "Holiday Magic" with performances in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Ontario.  This is a family style variety show raising much needed funds for the Shriners and their work for children's charities.

If you would like to attend one of the shows, please call 1-877-948-6626 for ticket availability and information.

The East Coast Tour features:

The Ontario Tour features:

Scroll down to see the show dates (or download the PDF from

East Coast:
  • Nov 4th 1pm show. Gwendolyn Kent Auditorium. Bathurst N.B.
  • Nov 5th 1pm show. Bernard Poirier Theatre. Fredericton. N.B.
  • Nov 6th 7pm show. Capitol Theatre. Moncton. N.B.
  • Nov 7th 7pm show. Horton High Theatre. Wolfville. N.S.
  • Nov 8th. 7pm show. Th'Yark Playhouse Theatre. Yarmouth. N.S.
  • Nov 9th. 5pm and 7.15pm shows. Bella Rose Theatre. Halifax. N.S.
  • Nov 10th. 7pm show Savoy Theatre. Glace Bay. N.S.
  • Nov 11th. 1pm and 4pm shows.Glasgow Square Theatre New Glasgow. N.S.
  • Nov12th. 1pm and 4pm shows.  I'Isle-Saint-Jean Theatre. Charlottetown . P.E.I.
  • Nov 13th 7pm show. Cobequid Ed Centre. Truro N.S.
  • Nov 14th 7pm show. Imperial Theatre. Saint John N.B.

  • Nov 18th 1pm show. Catherine Street Auditorium. St. Catharines.
  • Nov 20th 7pm show. Capital Theatre. Windsor.
  • Nov 21st 7pm show. Kiwanis Theatre. Chatham.
  • Nov 22nd. 7pm show. Library Theatre. Sarnia.
  • Nov 24th. 7pm show Forest City. London.
  • Nov 28th 7pm show. Empire Theatre. Belleville.
  • Nov 30th. 7pm show. Rose Theatre. Brampton.
  • Dec 1st. 7pm show. Sanderson Theatre. Brantford
  • Dec 2nd. 1pm show. Humanities Theatre. Waterloo
  • Dec 8th. 7pm show Seneca Queen Theatre, Niagara Falls
  • Dec 16th. 1pm and 4pm shows. Meadowvale Theatre. Mississauga

FOR TICKETS call: 1-877-948-6626. 

[with thanks to Dick Joiner for sending this information along]

19 October 2012

Shrine Fantasy Show

It's the time of year for the Shrine Fantasy Show!  From their website:
The Shrine Fantasy Show will amaze, surprise, and entertain the entire family when it comes to your town this autumn. This magical extravaganza which includes magic, illusions, juggling acts, comedy, and more, is filled with imagination and showmanship. 
For years the Shrine Fantasy has toured the country entertaining thousands with new acts.

What’s more, just by coming out to share in the fun and excitement, you will assist in creating true magic in your community through support of worthy causes. A portion of all proceeds from Shrine Fantasy will benefit the many Shrine activities.
Participating talent includes:  Dick Joiner, Patrice MeunierFantasy Circus, Neil Croswell, John Park, Johnny Toronto, Michael Bourada, Sheldon Casavant, Greg Tarlin, and Damien James (performers vary by province).

Schedule and ticket information at the Shrine Fantasy Show website.

03 December 2010

Shrine Fantasy Show

It's late in the game, but if you can, try to catch the Shrine Fantasy Show.  From their website:
Proceeds from this show benefit many Shrine activities. For your support you are provided with a great evening of entertainment (and therefore it is not eligible as a charitable donation deduction.) Thanks for helping the children!
Participating talent includes:  Dick Joiner, Craig Douglas, Sheldon Casavant, Magic Mike Segal, Majinx, Aristov and Company, Greg Tarlin, John Park, Steven Kline, Patrice Meunier, French Connection and Mysteract (performers vary by province).

Schedule and ticket information at the Shrine Fantasy Show website.