31 July 2020

Top 5 posts in July 2020

There were 23+ posts at Canada's Magic last month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days:

5. Broken Wand: Evelyn Matlin - Our thoughts are with Evelyn's family and friends at this time.
4. Shezam with Carisa Hendrix and Kayla Drescher - Carisa and Kayla have been busy since March.
3. A safe place to scream into the void - In case you need to scream into the void.
2. Big news from The Browser's Den of Magic - The shop is open now, no appointment necessary.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Sad news from The Browser's Den of Magic - Our condolences to Shawna's friends and family.

30 July 2020

Halifax Busker Festival Online

From the July 24th Instagram post of MichaelJamesMagic:
2020 Halifax Busker Festival Online is just days away, and the full list of performers (including myself) and daily performance schedule is now available!

Halifax Busker Festival ONLINE 1:00 pm Atlantic Time July 31, August 1, and August 2

29 July 2020

First magic performance in Canada?

Updated August 6th to add this find by Lee Asher:

Updated at 8:45am to add this find by Joe Culpepper:


Lee Asher asked an interesting question on Twitter Monday morning.
What is the name of the first magician to perform in Canada?

Was it Maginnis (circa 1875) as reported in The Canadian Encyclopedia?
Technically it could be yes, as The Dominion of Canada was officially born on July 1, 1867.  But lets expand the question to the first magician to perform in what is now considered Canada.

Was it MacAlister performing in Montreal in 1854 as shown by this clipping in the Ottawa Daily Citizen?


How about Philippe in Quebec City September 30th in 1846?

Wrong again.

From an Ottawa Daily Citizen article published on May 22nd in 1852, discussion a performance by a Signor Blitz:

So far the earliest named and documented magic performance in what is now Canada, goes to Mons. Desage, as referenced in the Kingston Chronicle and Gazette December 30 1835.

There's evidence of an unnamed woman doing magic in Kingston in 1835!

And ventriloquists too.

People were complaining about magicians as early as the January 21st 1805 edition of the Quebec Mercury:

A final very important note from Joe Culpepper:

With thanks to Lee Asher for asking this question and Bill Mullins and Joe Culpepper for their hard work and sharing their findings!

27 July 2020

Toronto Magic Company starts a vlog (and Newest Trick on July 28)

From the July 17ty Toronto Magic Company Instagram post:
I know what you're thinking.⁠
You started a VLOG in the middle of a pandemic???⁠ 
Yes we did!⁠ ⁠ 
We took a trip to the Browsers Den of Magic to visit Jeff, buy some tricks, and have a good time⁠ ⁠ 
Please like, share, subscribe and whatever Youtube things to help us explode!⁠ ⁠

From the July 22nd Toronto Magic Company Instagram post:

View this post on Instagram

One week today is The Newest Trick in the Macbook, our virtual open mic magic show streaming live on Facebook.⁠ ⁠ It featured 5 incredible performers. Blowing your mind Virtually.⁠ ⁠ Plus a little bit of antics from Jonah and Ben.⁠ ⁠ It’s happening on July 28 at 8:00pm EST⁠ ⁠ We want to see you there⁠ ⁠ sign up and get notified when we go live so you don’t miss the show!⁠ ⁠ Oh yea… and did we mention that it’s FREE?⁠ ⁠ Link in Bio⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #magic #magician #torontomagic #torontomagician #magicintoronto #magiciantoronto #torontomagicshow #torontotheatre #torontocomedy #torontomagiccompany #comedytoronto #torontoentertainment #torontoevents #torontoevent #abracademy #visualmagic #magicianslife #cardmagic #magicians #magicperformance #sleightofhand #cardtricks #didyouknow #illusionist #creativeart #artofvisuals #artlife #artistry #artofmagic #thenewesttrickinthebook
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24 July 2020

Waskesiu: Sean Watson's "Magician & the Muse"

From the July 21st Facebook post by ReginaCadabra:
Sean Watson performed at the inaugural Reginacadabra festival. He returns for a premiere live performance of his new show Magician & the Muse on August 8 in Waskesiu SK. If you are there at that time please show your support for magic and attend this show. Sean and Chanelle would really appreciate it.

23 July 2020

Sessions with Shawn Farquhar (and "A Cup of Tea")

From Shawn Farquhar's July 22nd Facebook post:
With ONLY four spots still open for the August 3rd Session and a ton of emails from folks in Europe and elsewhere asking for a different time slot, I have decided to do one more on August 4th. This one will be at 12:00 PM (noon) in Vancouver which will be a much more reasonable hour for my friends in Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Read more and register.

From the June 16th episode "#17 How to fool Penn & Teller not once but 3 times? A Cup of T asks champion magician Shawn Farquhar" of A Cup of Tea on YouTube"

Howard Brown has the most amazing story to tell. In fact several stories as a twin, cancer survivor. And the collaboration of jewish and muslim faiths to serve meals to first responders. Listen to learn more from Lady Sarah and Keith Fields on their 30 mins show - A Cup of T.

Champion of champions Shawn Farquhar will be joining from Canada. He has fooled Penn and Teller on their hit show 'Fool Us', not once but 3 times. He has magic and stories about his magic theater 'Hidden Wonders' to share.

22 July 2020

London the Magnificent on Penn and Teller's "Try this at home too!"

Keep an eye out for one of the Calgary Magic Circle's Junior Members on Penn and Teller's upcoming "Try this at home too!"

From London the Magnificent's July 21st Instagram post:
I was asked by Penn&Teller to submit a trick for their show - I submitted 3 - haha!! No idea what they will use, but I was told I am appearing in the show!! I'm so excited!!

21 July 2020

Sad news from The Browser's Den of Magic

Updated at 5:15 PM to add:
  • From the Facebook post of Aaron Farberman:

    For anyone who wants to watch
    Topic: Shawna Ross-York Funeral Service
    Time: Jul 23, 2020 10:00 AM Toronto

From the July 19th post by Jeff Pinsky at The Browesr's Den of Magic Facebook group:
Today was one of the most difficult days I have ever had at the shop.

Marvin York called me before we opened the magic shop to inform me that Shawna Ross York died last night... a couple of days after her knee surgery. She was only 54.

Shawna worked at Browser's Den of Magic for fourteen years.

And though she never learned how to do magic she became a part of the magic community.

She met her husband Marvin through the shop.

Shawna waited for the knee surgery for so long and now this disaster.

Life just sucks sometimes.

Jeff Pinsky, Browser's Den of Magic.

Leave your comments on Jeff's Facebook post.

Our sympathies to Shawna's family and friends at this difficult time.

20 July 2020

Luc Langevin interviewed by Matt Pritchard

From the July 15th post "Luc Langevin – magician (#124)" by Matt Pritchard at Words of Wonder:
How do science and magic interact?

Well, in history… since the beginning 🙂 In my own story, I started to be fascinated by magic at the age of 6 when I saw a magician for the first time. Around the age of 8 or 9, when I first learned about the existence of atoms, I became passionate by science too because I saw an opportunity to really understand how the world works. Magic and science were my 2 passions for many years and when I was around 22, I decided to link them in the presentation of my magic tricks in order to have a signature as magician and really be myself on stage. We created my first TV show around that time, and I needed to be different from other magicians. Using the science to do it was the natural choice.

Read more.

17 July 2020

Murray Sawchuck at the Nowhere Comedy Club

From the July 12th Murray Sawchuck Instagram post:
LIVE STREAMING SHOW August 7, 2020 with #Lefty 6pm PST click the link in bio for tickets! @nowherecomedy @gersh_production

16 July 2020

Ken Sky in The Hour

From the July 15th article "Three Acclaimed Performers Share the Pivots They're Making to Succeed" by Cheryl Conner in The Hour:
Ken Sky, corporate magician and speaker
"Man of mystery" Ken Sky is a mind reader and keynote speaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sky is no stranger to striving through life’s challenges, having grown up in Paraguay. He moved to Winnepeg 17 years ago in 2003.

From his childhood, Sky recalls creating his toys from corn cobs by adding arms and legs and turning them into people. When he was five, his mother began to teach him the magic of words and language. She spelled out the alphabet using a stick to form letters in dirt. He was captivated and declared his life’s direction was chosen. He wanted to be a teacher. As he grew, his father pointed to the sky and taught him about the presence of airplanes and satellites, and the dream of someday moving to Canada.

Read more.

15 July 2020

Miranda Allen on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

Edmonton based Miranda Allen did a fabulous escape on Monday night's "Fool Us" that Penn described as "perfect" while Teller nodded in agreement.

From Miranda Allen's YouTube channel:
Miranda Allen and Sarah Emslie on Penn & Teller: Fool Us Season 7 Episode 04. Miranda Allen is handcuffed, wrapped in chains, and submerged in an oak barrel overflowing with red wine. The lid is secured on top with 35 pounds of chain and a maximum-security padlock. There is no light, and no air.

"You inspired us" - Penn Jillette

14 July 2020

Lethbridge: Jeff Newman - The Socially Distant Mentalism Show

From the July 12th Newman Mentalism Instagram post:
On July 24th, I'll be in #Lethbridge to influence your thoughts, make predictions, and read minds! If you think that will be amazing, I'll do it all while ALSO keeping socially distant!

That's right, #yql; on July 24th, Jeff Newman: The Socially Distant Mentalism Show is hitting the stage @goodtimesyql at 7 & 9:30 PM. SEATING IS LIMITED, so get your tickets now at https://goodtimesyql.com/tickets/ols/categories/jeff-newman!

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13 July 2020

Nathan Kranzo: Coin gaff workshop

From the Kranzilla's July 8th Instagram post:
I’m teaching my favorite Gaffed Coin routines next Wednesday night! LINK IN BIO!!! #CoinMagic #CardMagic #CloseupMagic #CoinTrick #Magician #MagicWorkshop

12 July 2020

Broken Wand: Evelyn Matlin

Updated at 8:15pm to add:
  • The formal obituary can be found at Paperman and Sons.  The family requests "In lieu of flowers, donations in Evy’s memory may be made to the Palliative Care Unit c/o Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation, (514) 369-2222 ext.: 1299, or to the Gynecology-Oncology Unit c/o the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, (514) 340-8251."

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of Evelyn Matlin, co-owner of Perfect Magic in Montreal.  I first met Evelyn at the CAM-JAM in the spring of 2013.  I had the pleasure of reacquainting with her over the years through Sorcerers Safari and the Browser's Bash.  She had a wonderful upbeat personality and always had something nice to say.

In her 40+ years at Perfect Magic, Evelyn left her mark on the Montreal magic community.  She demonstrated magic in the shop and was often responsible for starting the ball rolling in people's lifelong love of magic.  Many of you know Evelyn as the authour of the blog Perfect Magic Then and Now.  You can read more about Evelyn in the March 13th article "The magic of pursuing your dreams: father's bravery had a ripple effect" by her daughter Julie Matlin in the Montreal Gazette.

Our condolences to her husband, Phil, their children Ronna, Michael, Brian, and Julie, as well as Evelyn's extended family and friends.

From Julie Matlin's July 11th post on Perfect Magic's Facebook page:
On Friday night, after a mercifully short battle with cancer, Evy passed away. We don't have to tell you what an exceptional human being she was. Everyone who met her knew. For the past 42 years, she was a proud member of the magic community, and few things gave her more pleasure than introducing people to the wonders of the craft. There are generations of people who remember how Evy showed them their first card trick, and she remembered each one of you.

We thank you for respecting our privacy at this time, while we grieve.

Julie Matlin

10 July 2020

Thank you to our July 2020 Friends!

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09 July 2020

Eric Leclerc's "Fool Us" REVEALED

Congratulations on achieving 100 K subscribers Eric!

(In case you missed it, watch Eric's appearance on Fool Us.)

From "HOW I Fooled Penn & Teller!!! (SECRET EXPOSED!!!)" on Eric Leclerc's YouTube channel:
MAGICIANS ONLY! Magic Spoiler Alert! A full tutorial and explanation of the ruses and methodology I used to fool some of the best minds in magic! I decided to reveal the secret because we invented this Magic Trick SPECIFICALLY for this show! It has never been done before AND I will never repeat it again!

08 July 2020

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07 July 2020

Workshop with Lee Asher

From Lee Asher's July 6th Instagram post:
Join me this Friday July 10th and Saturday July 11th for a personal hands-on workshop where you'll learn some of my coolest #magic. Limited seating. If you're interested, act now. 

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