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02 July 2014

Montreal: Gaston lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
When: July 10
Where: Espace La Risée
1258 Bélanger Est, Montréal

Two-time FISM Champion, Gaston, is a key member of the famed Flicking Fingers and one of magic’s most creative performers. 
Gaston: an actor, comedian, and master magician all rolled up into one. Born in Munich Germany, Gaston started performing magic at an early age of seven. He trained at the school of magic in Munich where he later became a teacher. In 1988 he started working on adding skills with intensive classes of pantomime, ballet, jazz, acting, and attended the Drama School Schauspiel Munich. He’s written and starred in two solo shows that have played in Germany; both shows revolving around 10 characters from literature.

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[via Magic Information Canada]