30 June 2013

Toronto - Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay

Various dates in early July.

From Bloor Cinema:
Touted as one of the greats in the world of magic, Jay is dedicated to researching, teaching, performing and perfecting his craft. Magicians would normally be reluctant to let their secrets out, let alone allow a documentary crew to peek behind their velvet curtain, but in Deceptive Practices Jay allows the directors behind the curtain. Shot over ten years, the film examines Jay’s life, career and profession while providing a rare glimpse into the world of magic itself. Robin Smith, Hot Docs

Directors Molly Bernstein and Alan Edelstein will participate in Q&As on Friday, July 5, at 9:00 p.m., and Saturday, July 6, at 9:00 p.m.

Read more and buy tickets.

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29 June 2013

Toronto: Learn the art of magic

From Joylister:
July 20

Learn the Art of Magic with Chad Zhou

Learn the basic principles and theories behind simple, close-up magic tricks, including:
  • Sleight of hand
  • Making items vanish
  • Reading people's minds
  • Manipulating cards, coins, and other daily objects
  • Techniques for a great performance

Absolutely NO experience is required - just be sure to bring a pen, notebook, your curiosity and passion to learn! In this interactive setting, you'll have the opportunity to test out your craft in front of your peers and gain valuable feedback to further improve your performance. 

Read more and register.

28 June 2013

Montreal: Fredo, complètement fou

From Montreal Families:
July 5

Fredo is a magician with a unique style. Incapable of remaining in one place, he has a wild imagination that constantly invents new tricks with the help of everyday objects.

Read more.

[via Perfect Magic]

27 June 2013

Gwyn Auger in Calgary is Awesome

From Calgary is Awesome:
Everyone comes to see the Magician on the stage.  He or she is the Illusionist that take our attention, grabs hold of our imagination and suspends our belief. With a twist of the wrist and a fortuitous puff of smoke, the unbelievable becomes reality.

But that’s just part of the story. It often takes 2 (3 if you include the rabbit) to make the event an act with panache as opposed to a clumsy fumbling of playing cards and rumpled sleeves. After all, the Magician needs his assistant to set the mood, follow the invisible cues and distract the crowd. It takes a special person who can be trusted with all that on stage, PLUS protect the secrets of the ages, float in the air, cheat death and do it all with a smile.  So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages from 1 to 100, introducing Gwyn Auger, Calgary’s Magic Assistant.

Read more.

Check out Gwyn's company, Sparkle Events Services, which promotes magicians and performers of all ages and of all sorts for public and private events. 

26 June 2013

Help solve the mystery of the Ring 49 photo

Jeph Stahl, CAM webmaster and webmaster from Ring 49, is helping Herb Cullen's granddaughter identify the names of the people in a photograph from the Ring 49 charter year.

Read Jeph's post and help him if you can!

25 June 2013

Toronto: The HUNT -- Magic edition

From Mayhew Productions:
Join the entire magic community as we traverse around Toronto scavenging quirky items, solving magic-related clues, and crisscrossing the TTC tracks taking photos of random awesomeness — for points.

At the end of this game, the team with the most points wins a bag of cash! Sound like something you want to be a part of? Register below, and reserve your spot right now.

Read more and register.

Sounds like fun!  Who's in?

Toronto: James Alan lecture POSTPONED

The James Alan lecture originally scheduled for Sunday July 7 at the Browser's Den has been postponed.  I'll publish the new date when it becomes available.

Calgary: The last Garden Variety Show

From James Jordan's Twitter feed:

24 June 2013

Please help flooded Calgary magicians!

Updated June 25th to add Ryan Pilling's fundraising efforts at BC's Magic Festival.
Updated at 13:06 to add additional method of fundraising through Garden Variety Show ticket sales.

The Calgary Magic Circle has a PayPal link up that you can use to contribute money to help Calgary based magicians who have suffered losses due to the recent flooding.  If you live in the area, you may also donate books, tricks, DVDs and gift cards by contacting Gwyn Auger.

Other ways to reach out to those impacted:

Thank you Gwyn for letting me know.

Stay safe Calgary.  I hope the recovery is swift.

Dave Attwood interviews Julie Eng

On June 12th, Dave Attwood interviewed Julie Eng.  Julie "talks about growing up in magic and living the life in Toronto."

Listen to the interview at Dave Attwood's site.

23 June 2013

Bill and Chico on cover of Rubber Chicken

From Bill Abbott's Twitter feed:

22 June 2013

Port Coquitlam’s mayor to saw a Farquhar in half

From the Tri-City News:
Don’t be fooled when you see Port Coquitlam’s mayor at the first annual Magic Festival on Sunday.

Greg Moore will not only cut the ribbon for the inaugural event at Leigh Square Community Arts Village, he’ll also saw a woman in half.

“It’ll be my wife,” Maple Ridge resident and festival organizer Shawn Farquhar said. “It’s all in good fun.”

Moore will take to the stage at 2 p.m. on June 23 and will be followed by a free family magic show by the Vancouver Magic Circle, Canada’s largest magic group headed up by PoCo’s Alex Seaman.

Read more.

Chad Juros honored for cancer fundraising efforts

Chad Juros is a counsellor at Sorcerers Safari magic camp.  Congratulations Chad and keep up the great work!

From Shore News Today:
Egg Harbor Township resident Chad Juros was diagnosed with leukemia in 1991 at age 3. Four years later, he relapsed and spent 17 months in the cancer ward, during which time his father, Dr. Donald Juros, kept his spirits up by teaching him magic tricks.

Sadly, soon after he was released from the hospital, his beloved father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and passed away in 2000. In January 2003, Chad was once again confronted with grave illness, and when he recovered, he decided it was time to make his father’s dying wish his own living wish.

He founded the nonprofit Spread the Magic Foundation to fulfill his father’s hope that he would “continue to spread the magic around the world.” Today, Juros is an accomplished magician and inspirational speaker whose performances raise money for pediatric cancer care.

Read more.

[via Wayne Kawamoto]

21 June 2013

More Luminato 2013 reviews

From The Globe and Mail:
Monday evening: George Brown House, an Ontario heritage building situated just south of the University of Toronto, is named, of course, after the distinguished Father of Confederation and founder of The Globe, the newspaper that became the newspaper you are reading. Normally off-limits to the great unwashed, Brown’s stately home was the venue chosen by Luminato’s go-to magic man, David Ben, to showcase the extraordinary legerdemain of American magician Steve Cohen.

The setting proved an apt backdrop for Cohen’s act, which owes a considerable debt to Johann Hofzinser, the 19th-century Austrian known as the father of card magic. At New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Cohen’s unofficial home, he typically entertains audiences of no more than 50. For the Toronto cohort, only slightly larger, the diminutive Cohen – nattily attired in morning coat, waistcoat and striped trousers – deftly stick-handled his way through a series of jaw-dropping tricks, each seemingly more difficult than the last.

Read more.

From Mooney on Theatre:
I straightened my bowtie and tucked in my pocket square this evening to see Steve Cohen perform his show Chamber Magic at George Brown House for Luminato, where the dress code is as fancy as the attendees (let’s just say that for this evening anyhow, his sobriquet The Millionaires’ Magician was well deserved). The show, a classic parlour magic display designed for close audiences, sent me running home to the interwebs to try to figure out how some of his tricks had been performed. I’ll say only this: even online, magicians are pretty tight-lipped.

The pleasure of a magic show is in allowing yourself to be amazed – and it’s nice to be able to stay amazed. Cohen’s skills are really a pleasure to watch as he performs of variety of tricks that are indeed bewildering and delightful. You understand that, on some level, something must be happening somewhere you can’t see it, but that feels beside the point for a moment (except to the gentleman sitting a bit in front of me, who murmured his guesses to his companion frequently). When the card is turned or the glass fills with the correct colour of liquid, we in the audience both expect it and cannot fathom it.

Read more.

From Opus One Review:
We enjoyed being fooled. We pay good money to people who can trick us. We long for the impossible, and what Miguel Puga does is impossible, but there it is.

To help us catch him in his onstage trickery while we are seated in an auditorium, Sr. Puga shows some of his illusions live on a big screen, so we can scrutinize his hands. For openers,  he mixes a deck of cards, draws the Ace of Hearts out of the deck, mixes again and draws again, until he has ‘randomly’ drawn out all the hearts in sequence from deuce to King. While his assistant at the piano, Ms. Paz Sabater, plays Manuel de Fallas’ El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician), Puga turns the cards face down and their backs spell out EL AMOR BRUJO. Impossible! How did he do it? I’ve no idea, but I want to see him do more ‘magic’. And he does.

Read more.

Toronto: Mentalist Mark Fletcher – Live

From Mark's website:
Mark it down on your calendar folks! On Friday July 12th, 2013 An Evening with Mentalist Mark Fletcher will be taking the stage at the Al Green Theatre in Toronto for One Night Only! Tickets are on sale now.  There are a limited number of seats available for this performance so be sure to get yours early.

Read more.

[via: Deborah Fallick]

20 June 2013

Keith Brown on CTV News

The clip of Keith was on the CTV London/Windsor: News at 6, June 16.

From Keith's Twitter feed:

Broken Wand: William Anderson

Recently we were notified by Dennis Schick, the editor of the Broken Wand in the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring, of the passing of William Anderson. Dennis is graciously allowing me to pass this on to you.
Dennis also pointed out that the more ALL of us share news and information about magic with the REST of us, the better off the entire magic community will be.
I take this opportunity to ask you to not just ASSUME that we already know about some magic news that YOU hear about. Please tell us about it. We would always rather hear some news SEVERAL times rather than not at all!



The I.B.M. Headquarters recently learned that William J. (Bill) Anderson, 83, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, died July 29, 2012 of cancer. His member number was 63254, and he had been a member since 2002. He became interested in magic as a teenager, and it became a life-long hobby. He was literally a jack of all trades, from a master plumber and welder, to a carpenter and furniture and antique restorer, He and his wife lived and traveled throughout Canada and the United States over their almost sixty-four years of marriage. Survivors include his wife, Phyllis; children Richard, Heather (Alex) Chiong, and Judith (Mike) Meyer; and grandchildren, Nora, Mark and Tina.


19 June 2013

[Guest post] Steve Cohen Performs at Luminato

The following is a guest post from Ian Crawford.


For years I have wondered what it would be like to attend one of Robert-Houdins' Soirée Fantastic.  Steve Cohen brought the essence of Robert-Houdin to life last night at his Luminato performance in historic George Brown House in Toronto.  First you must understand the setting.  George Brown House is a national historic site, the home of a father of confederation and founder of the Globe newspaper.  The Edwardian house has been perfectly restored to its former glory and is the ideal setting for a performance that celebrates parlour magic.  And Steve Cohen is one of the few magicians with the presence, experience and passion to bring the parlour magic experience to near perfection.

Steve performed a mix of classic magic and mentalism that honoured past masters while acknowledging a twenty first century sensibility.  A lifetime of study, 16 years of performances combined with an engaging intelligence and perfect diction makes Cohens' performances ideal for the Luminato audience.  He expected an intelligent audience, and the tickets even suggested that suitable dress was "cocktail attire".  In return Cohen performed 90 minutes of witty, engaging magic.  He was also suitably attired in a modern morning suit with yellow waistcoat and aqua tie.

Cohen's magic was direct, simple, elegant and completely fried many of the magicians and all of the rest of the audience of more than 60.  Beginning with a multiple card selection, he immediately engaged his audience.  He invited the back rows to stand and others to come and surround him while he performed some coin vanishes culminating in a solid, real brick appearing under his hat.  Appropriately, it was a reclaimed brick.  He performed a classic linking finger rings with style and grace and engaged the audience with some predictions about the inscriptions inside the rings.

One of Cohen's trademark tricks is based on Hoffman's Think a Drink.  While performed part way through the show, this could have easily been the closer.  Five different drinks were predicted, poured and enjoyed by audience members, the last being poured by a volunteer.  Cohen went out of his way to acknowledge and thank the volunteer for dressing appropriately, nice touch.  His message was clear that an evening out should be an experience for all, in keeping with the setting.

Cohen finished his set with a map prediction and then went into some mentalism using billets and an unusually large journal.  The mix of magic and mentalism was clearly a salute to Robert-Houdin, and Cohan engaged his audience constantly.

For his finalé, Cohen asked the audience to come closer and gather round to watch as he performed what I can only describe as a a two deck Triumph.

If you missed Cohen, you can always catch him in New York at the Waldorf Astoria in Chamber Magic.

Toronto is blessed to have a magic benefactor in the Slaight family who sponsored the evening.  And David Ben and Julie Eng of Magicana should be thanked for bringing some of the best magic to Luminato year after year.  Together they have elevated magic to a respectable place.  Robert-Houdin would have been proud.

Ian Crawford


Thank you Ian for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

Toronto: Buster Canfield and His Amazing Fleas

Playing various dates in July and August.

From Brown Paper Tickets:
Ladies & Gentlemen Boys and Girls of all ages!
Step right up and behold the most miraculous manifestation of mite-sized marvelosity ever to appear on any stage!

Buster Canfield's Circus of Industrious Fleas!

Come one, come all!
Be stunned!
Be astounded!
Scratch your skin with delight at our microscopic, entomic entertainment!
"Little creatures can do Marvelous Things."

Buster Canfield & His Industrious Fleas is a TYA play for solo actor, puppets, masks, parlour magic, and the Greatest Humbug Flea Circus ever seen on any stage!

Buster is a small boy, growing up in Port Hope, Ontario in the late 1800s. He is small for his age, shy, bullied, and feels overwhelmed by the world around him. His life changes when meets a mysterious old man from Europe by the name of Louis Bertolotto.

Read more and purchase tickets.

18 June 2013

Welcoming a new patron: Perfect Magic!

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Evelyn and Phil Matlin from Perfect Magic!

In Montreal in 1976, Perfect Magic was founded as a mail-order company run out of a basement, selling their own original products.  In short time, they grew out of their basement and into a retail property of their own.  They expanded their catalogue with more original products.  In 1979, they collaborated wtih C.W. Vermeys to launch the very first Magie Montréal convention!  Magie Montréal ran annually until 1998.

In the words of David Acer, "Today, Perfect Magic continues to be a highly respected manufacturer, distributor and retail outlet, supplying tricks and accessories to magicians around the world."

If you haven't already, check out their blog, Perfect Magic Then and Now, where Evelyn shares wonderful stories from her 30+ years of experience in the magic business.  If you keep tabs on their Facebook page or Twitter feed, you will be notified when new blog posts are up.

Did you know that Phil is also a professional ragtime piano player?  Browse through his YouTube channel! I enjoy both of his CD's, Ragtime Daze and Ragtime Magic.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Evelyn and Phil at this year's Spring CAM-JAM.  They are warm, and wonderful people!

Thank you Evelyn and Phil, for your constant support of the Canadian magic scene and your sponsorship of this website!

17 June 2013

Toronto: Mark Lewis Hypnosis Show

From Ticketwise:
Date: Saturday - July 6, 2013
Location: The LOT - Toronto - Cabaret 

Mark Lewis in his new show displays the incredible hypnotic powers of the mind in ways often hilarious... sometimes spine-chilling...but always fascinating.

The show consists of volunteers being hypnotized on stage and participating in various comedy situations.

Read more and buy tickets.

16 June 2013

Reviews: Luminato 2013

From Musical Toronto:
Luminato failed to show its hand with the first of its magic-themed shows, which opened at Mazzoleni Hall on Friday night. The title is Concerto for Piano and Pasteboards. It’s a fine show.  But it has almost nothing to do with pianos and everything to do with card tricks.

It’s a short, sweet magic show where the assistant doesn’t mutely stand at the magician’s side in a sequined suit but plays a grand piano instead.

Read more.

From Torontoist:
When Miguel Puga first spoke after performing a couple of introductory card tricks, it was in part to apologize for his broken English. The Spaniard, known also as MagoMigue (yes, that’s pretty much Spanish for Magic Mike), may not have the greatest command of the language, but he then proceeded to prove his assertion, as trite as it may sound, that magic possesses a universal power that can transcend ordinary communication. Blessed with a naturally funny presence and an undeniable gift for showmanship, Puga’s expert card manipulations were every bit as impressive as the apparent telepathic abilities he put to good effect on more than one occasion.

Read more.

From The Star:
By Miguel Puga & Miguel Aparicio. Presented by Luminato. To June 16. Mazzoleni Hall, 273 Bloor St. W. 416-368-4849 (luminatofestival.com) 
The piano gets equal billing in Miguel Puga and Miguel Aparicio’s show Concerto for Piano & Pasteboards, being presented in the opening days of Luminato. But this is really all about 90 minutes of Puga’s magic tricks, not the art of the keyboard.
Read more.

[via Sharing Wonder]

The secret's out!

From the Sorcerers Safari Facebook page:
Many parents & friends who do not attend camp are left wondering just how/why/what makes camp so awesome that their kids actually get a job so they can come back the next year. Here is a GREAT article written by Nicole Lee that outlines just what we do in the woods of Ontario for a week every summer and why it works!

Get it FREE at www.vanishmagazine.com
You'll want to click on 'Edition 8' and head to page 98 for the goods.

The article in Vanish Magazine has some awesome photos taken by Carey Lauder that summer, which really add to the text that you may have previously seen.

15 June 2013

Murray Sawchuck on Hallmark and TLC in June

From iTricks:
Murray Sawchuck will be popping up on your television a few times in the next few weeks. As you see above, he will be cooking and doing magic for Marie Osmond on her Hallmark Channel talk show June 17th.

Read more.

13 June 2013

Mike Segal on The Magic Broadcast tonight!

That's 9:30 Eastern Standard Time!

[Guest post] Keith Brown - Exchange

The following is a guest post from James Alan.


Keith Brown - Exchange
June 7 - 16, 2013, various times
The London Fringe Festival
@The ARTS Project, 203 Dundas St (map)

There are two things that will get me to drive 200km to London and one of them is Keith Brown. (I won't tell you what the other one is, because whatever you're imagining right now is probably much cooler.)

Full Disclosure: Keith is a friend, we recently participated in a magic competition together where he beat me by two percentage points. He's also performed for Abracadabaret in the past and will be joining us again at the end of the month.

I have also done magic shows at the Fringe and I know they can be very stressful. Your entire show has to be set up, on stage, ready to go, usually in about fifteen minutes, and you have to clear the stage completely after every show and start from scratch every time.

I went to see the show with Nick Wallace, who's created three distinct shows for the Fringe over the years. As the doors closed, we looked around us and couldn't see a single empty seat. I leaned over and whispered, "Have you ever seen anyone sell out a late Monday night Fringe show?" "No, have you?" "No." Awkward silence.

I've seen Keith's show twice before, once at the Fringe and once as a self mounted production. Half of the show was new, which is not saying much because the 45 minute show only contains five pieces. It's all mentalism except for Houdini's Needle Swallowing trick.

Still, at that relaxed pace, there's no sense that anything drags. There's an innocent youthful charm that pervades everything. And even though he's swallowing needles, everything is in good taste, even the fart joke.

The title of the show, "Exchange", is apt because the audience participation makes the show and most of the applause goes to those who are chosen and volunteer. There are also several gentle nudges for participants to push their comfort zone, including one audience member drinking pure white vinegar.

While the show itself is fun and moves along at a good pace, it's not much to look at. Keith is wearing a charcoal suit on a stage with black chairs, a table with a black cloth on a black floor in a room with black curtains and black walls. The only colour in the show come from his tie, the blue latex gloves and the the carrot (it's not what you think.) But I realize the bare bones blank box feel is part of Fringe. If you want bright and colour full, The ARTS Project is also a cool little gallery which you can wander around before and after the show.

If London's not too far out of your way, go see this. Although, if Monday night is any indication, it looks like tickets for the last three shows will be hard to come by.

Three shows left:
June 14 - 5:00 PM
June 15 - 9:30 PM
June 16 - 3:00 PM

Tickets $15 ($10 if you have a London Fringe Backer Button)

Note that the Fringe operates under very strict rules and latecomers will not be admitted.

-James Alan


Thank you James for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

Broken wand: Andrew Philip

Recently we were notified by Dennis Schick, the editor of the Broken Wand in the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring, of the passing of Andrew Philip. Dennis is graciously allowing me to pass this on to you. 
Dennis also pointed out that the more ALL of us share news and information about magic with the REST of us, the better off the entire magic community will be. 
I take this opportunity to ask you to not just ASSUME that we already know about some magic news that YOU hear about. Please tell us about it. We would always rather hear some news SEVERAL times rather than not at all!
Andrew Philip
Andrew (Andy) William Philip, 50, of Unionville, Ontario, Canada, died February 16, 2013. He was a former member of the I.B.M. (1986-2000). A high school math teacher introduced him to magic, and they became life-long friends. Although diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as a teenager, he was never without cards and coins everywhere he went. He was a finance manager at I.B.M. Canada for seventeen years until his health prevented him from working any longer. With magic he was obsessed with presentation and crafting scripts, and he loved performing for children, especially at the family cottage in Port Elgin. Survivors include his wife of twenty-four years, Kim, and their children David and Danielle.

12 June 2013

Sheldon Casavant explored the impossible

For those keeping track, Sheldon is also Sorcerers Safari alumni!

From Art Starts:
On Sunday, the New Westminster Quay was filled with anticipation and excitement as ArtStarts launched its very first event at River Market. It was a full house, with magician Sheldon Casavant who delighted audiences with two 45-minute magical performances/workshops titled Exploring the Impossible.

Read more.

11 June 2013

In the news: Holden Lumbard and Brett Chrest

Sorcerers Safari campers in the news!

From the Brandon Sun:
If it wasn’t for their youthful faces, you would think Holden Lumbard and Brett Chrest were seasoned magicians performing in a large amphitheatre to hundreds of stunned and astounded audience members.

Evolution Entertainer magicians and business partners, 14-year-old Lumbard and 15-year-old Chrest started their magic act up at the end of the year and are now the latest and the greatest on the event entertainment list, doing everything from birthday parties to corporate get-togethers.

Read more.

10 June 2013

Phoenix: Simply Magical

July 17-20

From the IBM:
Congratulations to Shawn Farquhar, Talent Chairman of the Eighty-fifth Annual Phoenix I.B.M. Convention, for putting together an outstanding lineup. You won’t want to miss being part of this magical event.

Read more.

And don't forget about the Lance Burton Teen SeminarJuly 15-17:
A special pre-convention event for our young magicians ages 13-19.  This event will begin at 7:00pm on Monday , July 15 and run through lunch on Wednesday, July 17.  This unique event featuring Lance Burton, Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger will also have guest lectures and sessions from Shawn Farquhar, Oscar Munoz, Larry Haas and Bryce Kuhlman.  The best news – there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for this event if you are registered for the convention.

09 June 2013

Broken wand: Raymond Massecar

From Your Life Moments:
Raymond Massecar

MASSECAR, Raymond Earl of St. Thomas, passed away peacefully, surrounded in his final hours by his loving family on Monday, February 4th, 2013, at the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, in his 88th year. Beloved husband and best friend of 57 years of Marion (Robinson) Massecar and dearly loved father of Leo and his wife Wendy Massecar of St. Thomas, Ed Massecar of Mississauga, Mary Lou Weber and her husband Chuck of St. Thomas and Brian Massecar of St. Thomas. Much loved grandfather of Shawn (Natalie) and Lindsey Hardy (Rich). Predeceased by a grandson Robbie. Loved great grandfather of Liam and Lincoln. Predeceased by 3 brothers Gordon, Howard and Donald Massecar. Sadly missed by a number of nieces and nephews. Ray was born in Waterford on June 20th, 1925, the son of the late Earl and Grace (Warwick) Massecar. He was retired from Magna (1985). Ray served overseas with the army during W.W.II. He was a member of Grace United Church and a former member of the Kinsmen Club and the Knights of Pythias and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Read more.

[With thanks to Dennis Schick for passing this information along.]

08 June 2013

Mississauga: James Alan at Walk to Cure Diabetes

From Abracadabaret:
This Sunday, I will be performing at the Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes. As an extra treat for those participating in this important fundraiser, you will have a chance to see some magic before the walk begins.

I’ll be there at 8:30 AM, a most unnatural time to see a magician performing, but it’s worth it for a good cause.

Read more.

07 June 2013

Toronto: Michael Weber workshop

On June 30th, Micheal Weber will be in Toronto offering one of his fabulous workshops!  The details are sketchy at best.  Contact James Alan to see if he has more pieces to the puzzle than I do!

Toronto: Lunchtime Illumination - Steve Cohen

From Light News:
Prestidigitation on the plate
By Steve Cohen, The Millionaire's Magician

(Appearing at Luminato Festival on June 19, as part of the Lunchtime Illumination series)

Meals, like live performances, have a beginning, a middle, and an end. A well-trained wait staff can treat each diner's meal as a performance and aim for the idea of "no dead time" as the evening unfolds - each moment something interesting should be happening, without the wait staff appearing overbearing or intrusive.

Read more.

06 June 2013

Pierrefonds: Family Fun Night

From Montreal Families:
Jun 7, 2013

Enjoy a family evening with:
  • magic show
  • face painting
  • inflatable games
  • refreshments
  • entertainment

Read more.

[via Perfect Magic and Deborah Fallick]

London: Steve Seguin - Miracle Max

From London Fringe:
Once highly sought after in the world of corporate entertainment, Miracle Max (Steve Seguin) performed his greatest trick when he suddenly disappeared three years ago. Come see his miraculous reappearance in a rare public performance, where magic meets theatre in a dazzling display of sleight of hand, illusion and off-beat comedy.

Read more.

[via Magic Information Canada]

05 June 2013

Geoff Williams: June lectures

Geoff Williams will be lecturing in Canada this June.

The according to to the Northwest Ring of Fire website, Geoff Williams' lecture dates are:
  • Calgary, AB on June 5th
  • Winnipeg, MB on June 6th
  • Mission, BC on June 7th
He'll be wrapping up the lecture tour with dates in the US (Seattle, Eugene and Portland).

Please confirm details about dates, times and locations by contacting each city's club directly.

[via: Magic Information Canada]

Doug Henning mentioned in Arrested Development

For what it's worth, iTricks reports that Doug Henning is mentioned in the new Arrested Development episodes.

Your mileage may vary.

04 June 2013

Thank you to our June sponsors!

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support.  We're pleased to have the support of Doug Cuff at Magic Information Canada, Clive Court - The Fun-da-Mentalist, and Ryan Pilling author of Finding The Funny!

The next time you see them, let them know you saw their sponsorship here!


For more information about purchasing Sponsored Posts or about our Platinum, Gold, or Silver level sponsorships, please visit our Sponsorship page.

Toronto: Lunchtime Illumination - Magicians David Ben & Steve Cohen

From Luminato Festival:
During this transformative discussion, Toronto-based master magician David Ben and the Millionaires' Magician, Steve Cohen, will be joined onstage by a molecular gastronomist and chef John Placko who knows a thing or two about magical effects in the kitchen. Magic happens every day, it is about believing what you see, taste, or smell. (David Ben advises that all who attend must swear a vow of secrecy!)

Read more.
To whet your appetite, have a look at David's interview in Light News:
I am interested in the secrets that transform common fare into the divine.

I have collected and explored these secrets for over thirty-five years and I have come to realize the secrets are what can be described as “tacit knowledge,” information, tips, and techniques that are difficult to describe, particularly to another person, but which are understood, and often discovered, by masters in any given field, craft, or art.

Read more.

[via Magicana]

03 June 2013

Toronto: The Bill and Chico show

From Bill and Chico:
June 16th and 23rd

The Bill & Chico Show is chock full of magic, mind reading, teleportation, hypnosis and laughs galore. Celebrate the joy of magic and laughter with Bill & Chico for a very exclusive run at the Red Sandcastle Theatre in the heart of Leslieville, in Toronto. June 16th is Father’s Day and we can’t think of a better gift for Dad than a magic show! Can you? The show is clean and definitely fun for all ages. Bill & Chico will entertain adults as much (possibly even more?!) than the kids in the audience.

Read more.

02 June 2013

Montreal: Christian Cagigal show and lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
We have a rare event planned for June: A show and a lecture rolled into one. On June 10, San Francisco mentalist Christian Cagigal will present his critically acclaimed show “Now and at the Hour” and will then present a lecture covering the details of what went into creating his show. While Christian will discuss his methods, this is not a typical “teach a trick” lecture.

Read more and buy tickets.
[via Magic Information Canada]

Rounding the Western rings in June

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.  

Calgary, ABRing 66 (Calgary Magic Circle, Les Brocklesby Ring)Geoff Williams lecture
- Junior Magic Club to perform at Stampede in July!
Edmonton, ABEdmonton Magic Club- n/a
Winnipeg, MBThe Magic Club of WinnipegGeoff Williams lecture
Vancouver, BCRing 92 (Vancouver Magic Circle)- 1st annual magic festival in Port Coquitlam
- annual Children's Magician Of The Year competition
- CAM-JAM Summer edition
Vancouver, BCSAM 95  (Carl Hemeon Assembly)- Celebrate The Child:
  - Magic Behind the Mask (Jeff McBride)
  - 5th annual "A Magical Evening"
- the Jeff McBride experience
Victoria, BCRing 183 (Victoria Magic Circle)   - n/a
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Rounding the Ontario rings in June

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) - “potluck picnic” Barbeque
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- show at the Fringe and dinner
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- mini lectures by Jon Akrey and
Derrick Finn
- members perform favourite
- business:
1. Encouraging younger pepersons to join.
2. Discussion of donation to Robert Barna.
3. Planning a public show for charity - to increase public awareness.
3. Finalizing our agenda for upcoming year.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - Year End Party Pot-luck / Banquet
- Bring a guest
- Stand-up and Close-up Shows
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- n/a
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) - year end banquet featuring Rob Testa

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Rounding the Eastern rings in June

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - year end show
- election of officers for 2013-2014
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- n/a

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01 June 2013

London: Keith Brown - Exchange

From London Fringe:
Join Keith in an exchange of mystery, wonder and imagination fused together in an intimate, interactive theatre setting. Interactive entertainment at it’s finest revolving around you – the audience.

“I have been doing this for 10 years because I love it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Read more.
[via: Deborah Fallick]