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05 December 2019

Doug Hunt at Brantford Lights

Check out these awesome photos of multiple Guinness World Record holder Doug Hunt from his time last week at Brantford Lights opening night.

Doug Hunt developed this stilt character to help them celebrate. The back pack is a music system that played sci fi special effects music and sounds.

Magic arts come in all different forms!

Brantford Lights at Glenhyrst runs until January 1, 2020 at Glenhyrst Art Gallery.

28 October 2019

Ontario Week of Wonder recap

With thanks to Joan Caesar for sending us updates and photos from the first Ontario Week of Wonder!

Congratulations to everyone involved.  It looked like a fabulous event.

Special congratulations to Joan, who received a special Lifetime Achievement Award at the Saturday night gala show.

(Click on each photo to see at full size)

23 May 2019

Welcoming a new Friend: Doug Hunt

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Doug Hunt!

Based out of Brantford, Doug has been a long-time reader of the blog. I first met Doug at one of the first CAM conventions.  You may know him as the holder of multiple Guinness World Records!
2002-09-14 - Doug took 29 independent steps on stilts made of carbon fibre, measuring 50 feet 9 inches in length and weighing a combined 137 pounds. [Records for heaviest stilts mastered and for tallest stilts mastered.]  This record setting event raised over $75,000 for Participation House.

2008-05-15 - Doug Hunt set his 3rd Guinness World Record: He led 625 people (mostly students from North Park Collegiate High School in Brantford, ON) all on stilts simultaneously 100m. [Record for most people simultaneously walking on stilts.  (This was recognized by "Ripley's Believe It or Not" with a cartoon of Doug!  It is also listed in the "Book of Alternative Records."]

Doug received the 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and the 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the 2014 Brantford Kiwanis Walter Zeller Fellowship Award, the 2017 Canada & Ontario 150 coin, and the 2018 Brant Community Foundation Kindness Award!

Visit Doug's websites at and

Thank you Doug, for befriending Canada's Magic

11 June 2016

Video peeks behind the scenes of fundraising for Fort McMurray

Watch on Paul Romhany's YouTube channel, video highlights of the New Westminster edition of "Fundraising for Fort McMurray."

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Watch on Ryan Joyce's YouTube channel, video highlights of the Brantford edition of "Fundraising for Fort McMurray."

02 June 2016

Fighting Fire with Smoke and Mirrors

From the Brant News:
The local response to the Fort McMurray wildfires has been magical.
Not only has Brantford city council approved a $50,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross, but the city has waived rental fees and crew from the Sanderson Centre has donated their time for a fundraiser on Thursday night (June 2).

The show "Magicians versus Fort McMurray Wildfire – Fighting Fire with Smoke and Mirrors" will feature several of Canada’s top magicians in an up-close-and-personal performance at the Sanderson Centre.
All of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to support relief efforts for displaced Alberta residents.

Read more.

23 May 2016

Brantford: Fundraising for Fort McMurray

On the heels of New Westminster's "Magic for Fort Mac" event (raising approximately $8,150 for the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal) and "Family Fun for Fort Mac" in Calgary, comes "Magicians vs Fort McMurray Wildfires" in Brantford, ON.

The talent listed at the Benefit Show site include:
  • Keith Brown
  • Craig Douglas
  • Ryan Joyce
  • Peter Mennie
  • Ryan Edwards
  • Doug Hunt
  • David Merry
  • Graeme Reed

Read more and buy tickets.

24 March 2012

Guinness World Record holding magicians

Did you know that Canada has THREE Guinness World Record holding magicians?
Lucas was recently featured in the Simcoe Reformer:
Wilson escaped from a straitjacket and chains while hanging upside down as the audience watched with rapt attention. He performed the stunt in 43 seconds, shaving more than 11 seconds of the previous world record. Wilson did the same trick at last year’s Norfolk County Fair.
Read more.

Rumours abound that there's soon to be a fourth!  Who could it be?

27 February 2012

Rounding the Ontario rings in March

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) - Ring exchange to and from Buffalo Ring 12  
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Doug Hunt lecture
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Kid Show Favourites
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - Stand-up Magic
- Charity Show:  Rehabilitation Hospital Show
Ottawa, ON Ottawa / Gatineau magicians- N/A
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) - Morrissey's Magic Shop
Woodstock, ONCAM 1 (Friendly City Mystics)   - N/A
Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.