06 December 2022

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05 December 2022

Random thoughts about "Champions of Magic" 2022

Last chance to catch Champions of Magic in Canada this year is in Peterborough on December 9th.


On Saturday Kidlet, and I made the trek to Kitchener's Circle In The Square.  

  • The last time I was at CITS was for one of the very first convention hosted by the Canadian Association of Magicians.
  • All of the theatre staff were super helpful, professional, and generally fabulous! 
  • While not mandatory, a good number of the patrons and ushers were masked.
  • The show is about an hour for the first half, with a 16 minute intermission, and about an hour in the second half.
  • As always with this show I am genuinely afraid of posting spoilers.  The less you know going in, the more you'll enjoy it.




We teased a few years back about a Champions of Magic Concert Album.  The show has matured to the point where it has a wonderful toe tapping soundtrack!  Going back to the 1930s with "Sing, Sing, Sing," to the 1960s with "The Girl from Ipanema," to the 1970s with "Live and Let Die" and of course the 80's hits transporting you back to 1989  Las Vegas!

On with the show...

Note to parents of young children:  The music can be very loud at times throughout the show.  There's also a smoke machine involved.  Forewarned is forearmed.

There's a videographer on hand to capture close-up miracles and project them nice a big on a screen so everyone can see!



Regular readers of the blog have probably guessed that this would be our summary of the show:

So. Much. Fun!

It's possible that between one half to two thirds of this show is new compared with their 2019 presentation.
If memory serves, there are no standard card tricks in the show!
  • As Strange, Velasco, and Young all indicated in their interviews, this show is very different from the one presented in Oshawa in 2019, and significantly different than the one mounted in Toronto in 2018.
  • There are more whole cast moments, making the show less of a patchwork piece and more of a thoughtfully woven production.

  • There's LOTS audience participation with both children and adults!

  • Visually stunning!

Whether you're new to magic or are a professional magician, there's something for everyone!

  • McAleer's material has undergone a significant change and he's introduced two new very strong pieces.  The first, a very visual effect with a young mentalist in training.  And the second a beautifully constructed homage to Keller.

  • England is net new to the show from it's 2019 iteration.  She showcases a strong skill set and talent that is intensely theatrical!  (I'll never look at a cup of tea the same way again.)
  • For those who have seen the show already, not to worry!  The cornerstone crowd-pleasers are still in the show, tweaked and refined!

  • Velasco succeeds in breathtaking, heart-stopping escapes and then some.  Even though I've seen him do many of these things before, everything he does makes me nervous!

  • Young and Strange have carefully pruned their wonderful grand illusions and introduced some new things in their place.  Even after having seen them perform a similar set twice before, Young and Strange are remarkably entertaining to watch.  One can't help but get caught up in the fun they are having on stage!  They've introduced a collaborative piece with Velasco that has a very strong audience reaction.

While excellent magic is at the core of this experience, it's clear that the focus is providing a fabulously entertaining evening.

They definitely hit their mark!

  • This was the third time seeing the show and we were thoroughly entertained!  There are so many moments of joyous laughter, and periods of being completely enthralled in the spectacle.

  • It is clear that the acts and the scripts are a work in progress and continue to be thoughtfully curated, updated, and revised.  It gets better every time!
We highly recommend it!
(Even if you've seen it before.)




Disclosure:  Kidlet and I were guests at this show. The opinions expressed above are entirely my own. I did not receive compensation for the writing or the publishing of this article.


04 December 2022

Magical advent calendar from Tips & Tricks for Magicians

Each offering is available for only 24 hours.   Be sure to check Tips & Tricks (+ Treats) for Magicians (magictipsandtricks.com) every day!

From the November 28th Facebook post by Tips and Tricks for Magicians:

I'm creating a magical "advent calendar" of chocolately goodness and gifts! 🎁

Every day in December (up to Christmas) I'm giving away something fun... tips, tricks, ideas and techniques for making magic.

I've got a list of ideas, but I'd love to get your suggestions, too; what would you like me to teach and share? Could be something specific, or a general topic. Post your ideas below, please and thanks!





02 December 2022

Gwyn Auger lecturing at Blackpool 2023

Blackpool 2023 runs from the February 16th to 19th.


From the November 19th Facebook post by the Blackpool Magic Convention:

Gwyn Auger, the red-headed dynamo also known as "The Magic Assistant", has graced stages and conventions worldwide, winning both gold and silver medals for her assisting performances. Master Magician Lance Burton has referred to her as "The Most Enthusiastic Magician's Assistant". Gwyn can also be found online, providing helpful Marketing and Social Media advice for magicians in the magic publication "The Hermit". Gwyn is here to share that being a Magician's Assistant is more than just glitter, chiffon and a smiling face, and give you a bit of insight into all of the other aspects of her role.
Catch Gwyn’s lecture during Blackpool Magic Convention 2023





30 November 2022

Top 5 posts in November 2022

There were 32 posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Fergus: Ontario Week of Wonder (OWOW) Magic Festival [Oct 15 & 22] - Fantastic that this was in person this year!
4. A peek behind the curtain with Hollie England [2022] - Catch Hollie in the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour shows in Markham [Nov 30 - Dec 1], Kitchener [Dec 2 - 3], and Peterborough [Dec 9].  Canadian tour to start April 2023!
3. Jonah Babins and Ben Train on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" - Excellent appearance!  Well done Jonah and Ben!
2. Remembering Max Maven - We feel lucky to have seen Max lecture when he came to Toronto.  Our sincere condolences to Max's family and friends.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1.  The 2022 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award - Thank you to everyone for your excellent nominations!  Keep your eyes on the blog for voting instructions late next week.







29 November 2022

Welcoming a new Friend: Noah Nogueira

Welcoming our newest Friend, Noah Nogueira

Based in Guelph, Noah is a 19 year-old upcoming performer who blends magic, juggling, and comedy.

He's a full-time Robotics & Automation student and a part-time entertainer.

Noah started juggling in grade four and magic in grade five.  He has performed professionally since the age of 14.

Among other pursuits, he enjoys board games, working out, live music, video games, animals, and cooking.  

We first met Noah at the 2016 Browser's Bash where he delighted us with his fantastic juggling skills!  He was back at the 2018 Bash where he had the opportunity to entertain Jay Sankey.

You can find Noah online at NoahPerformer.com

Thank you Noah, for befriending Canada's Magic!  





28 November 2022

Kickstarter: Leon Playing Cards Version 2

Learn more about Leon Playing Cards Version 2 at Kickstarter.


From the November 26th Facebook post by Chris Mayhew:

“Without our consciousness the universe is just matter that doesn’t matter. Our bodies exist to give us the ability to manifest our ideas in time, during our small window of existence in eternity.”

I’m so excited to share the new vertical loading tuck box with everyone for the Leon V2’s! This box will be printed with Expert Playing Card Company on the same cardboard stock as their Rainbow Superior Brand Playing Cards. The texture is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Silky, soft, but also strong and sturdy, and oh so elegant. Silver foil outlines all sides of the tuck making it eye catching from every angle. Unlike most boxes, there is no fine print to interfere with the stunning minimal aesthetic, this tuck box is a pure beauty 💖 

The Kickstarter launches Dec 1, sign up to be notified by using the link. Follow @leonplayingcards on Instagram to keep up to date with the project ✌️


Kickstarter: Sisterhood Playing Cards

Learn more about The SISTERHOOD Deck of Playing Cards at Kickstarter.


From the November 3rd Instagram post by Rosemary Reid:

Sisterhood Playing Cards. Designed to Empower, Support and Educate, this deck helps you start essential conversations that can alter the course of history.

Our stunning hot-foiled and embossed tuck box draws everyone’s attention. The designer Ace and Jokers keep them looking, and once the dialogue shifts to the court cards, our opportunity for creating change becomes real.

You’ll see women of different sizes, shades, and shapes on each one. When viewed in sequence, these twelve court cards portray an archetypal journey through life. ✨

Yet, we maintain the J, Q, and K indices so this deck can be used for all card game and magic purposes. ♥️♠️♦️♣️

The SISTERHOOD Deck Launches Wednesday November 30th @ 2:00 PM EST on @Kickstarter.❣️Link in bio! (Hit ‘Notify Me’ & follow the prompts)





27 November 2022

Savio Joseph: recipient of the 2022 Len Cooper Memorial Award

Congratulations to Savio Joseph, this year's recipient of the Len Cooper Memorial Award!  

With thanks to Ari Soroka for sharing his photo with Savio at the 47th anniversary party at The Browser's Den Of Magic!


26 November 2022

Victoria: Jason Verners at Victoria Royals game [Nov 26]

From the November 24th Instagram post by Jason Verners:

Bringing a brand new illusion to the big screens at the SOLD-OUT @victoriaroyals game this Saturday vs. @_connorbedard and the @reginapatshockey. 7000 hockey fans, and an intimate illusion on the jumbotron during intermission- I couldn't be more excited!




25 November 2022

It's the 12th blogiversary of Canada's Magic!

Dice 11 

Twelve years ago today this blog was born!




Thanks to you wonderful people who have supported this project!

For free, we've published over 5,130 posts, and served well over 1,261,000 page loads.  Six hundred and forty two of you follow us on Facebook, 1598 of you follow us on Twitter, 341 of you have found us on Instagram, we just set up shop at Mastodon, and a bunch of you have subscribed to this site's RSS feed.  The bulk of you are Canadian, and we're delighted to see visitors from United States, the United Kingdom, India, France, and the list goes on.

There are so many of you doing such a fabulous job of making magic a priority in this great country!


A special thanks to:

My continued thanks to all of you! 


23 November 2022

22 November 2022

Gabriella Lester on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

Well done Gabriella!  Congratulations!


From the November 18th upload "WILL 18-year-old FOOL Penn & Teller UPSIDE-DOWN?! Gabriella Lester on Fool Us Season 9" at
Gabriella Lester's YouTube channel:

Magician Gabriella Lester performs an act inspired by Penn and Teller’s performance of “Casey at the Bat”

This performance is from Penn & Teller: Fool Us - Season 9, episode 6: “Magic Socks Big Time”

Gabriella is only eighteen, but has already been performing on stages all across the continent. In the past few years, she has entertained hundreds of audiences and companies; including venues such as the world-famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood and the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.




21 November 2022

Toronto: Eric Woolfe in Requiem for a Gumshoe [Nov 24 - Dec 4]

From the November 14th Tweet by Edritch Theatre:

Meet our cast for Requiem for a Gumshoe: @ericwoolfe
 Eric Woolfe is an actor, playwright, puppeteer and magician, and our Artistic Director. He specializes in creating horror plays using puppetry, live actors, and parlour magic. http://EldritchTheatre.ca/Gumshoe #theaTO




19 November 2022

Gabriella Lester in the TriCity News and on Global News

From the November 3rd article "Port Moody's Gabriella Lester hopes to 'fool' world-class magicians on national TV" by Kyle Balzer in the TriCity News

Lester told the Tri-City News the experience has been a dream come true and it's an appearance she has pursued since she was 12 years old.

"This makes me so excited for the next few years," the Heritage Woods Secondary graduate said in notable disbelief and excitement.

"Performing is my greatest passion, and 'Fool Us' is just another reminder to set myself impossible goals. What may seem 15 years away, could only be five. And that I have to keep pushing myself to achieve remarkable things."

Read more.



From the November 18th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:







18 November 2022

Parkinson's fundraiser and book launch [Nov 18]

Buy your tickets for the virtual launch at Eventbrite.   Buy the book at Indiegogo.


From the November 16th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

We're launching a book and doing magic with @katbarrell
And @sydneymeyer48

It's going to be a fun-filled virtual party to raise money for Parkinson's Research for The Michael J. Fox Foundation @teamfoxmjff

🎟️Ticket link in bio - IT'S PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Donate generously!