27 May 2024

Quebec: Marc Trudel at the Quebec Summer Festival [Jul 6]

From the May 15th Facebook post by the Festival d'été de Québec:

La programmation gratuite de la Série Jeunesse présentée par La Famille du lait est maintenant dévoilée, pour le plus grand bonheur de toute la famille! 🤭
Lors des deux week-ends du FEQ, voyez sur la Scène Hydro-Québec à place de l’Assemblée-Nationale :
☀️ 6 juillet: Marc Trudel
☀️ 7 juillet: Bill Bestiole
☀️ 13 juillet: Kalimba
☀️ 14 juillet : Le Livre Magique
Animation sur place dès 10h.  
Pour tous les détails 👉  https://bit.ly/SerieJeunesse

25 May 2024

[Guest post] An Irregular Series of Original Patter - Dicey Dots

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.


An Irregular Series of Original Patter

Exclusive to Canada’s Magic

Daryl’s Dicey Dots is an entertaining close up trick but the concept of dice might seem more suitable for adults than children.

My scripting solves that dilemma! (It’s also a fun presentation for the young at heart of all ages.)


“Once upon a time, there was an awesome Princess/Prince [name of young spectator here].

She loved collecting things. It was her passion.

One day when she was seven years old (in the distant past/in the not too distant future) she collected some dots.

She loved her dots.

But how could she ever keep them safe?

She asked her Grand Old Wizard for help. He conjured up a magical cube and placed her dots on it.


This is the origin of the die - which is what you call a single dice. Did you know that?

The Princess was so happy. Every morning and every night she counted her dots.

Can you count them too?


That’s right. There are 21 in all. But let me show you a curious thing.


If you look closely, you’ll see each pair of opposite numbers added together makes seven. Six plus one, two plus five, three plus four and so on, Isn’t that interesting? That’s because the Princess was seven when she collected her dots.

Now take them back and hold them [the die] ever so tight. Don’t let go until I say so. So the Princess loved her dots and when she wasn’t counting them always, always held them tight. One day, not so long afterwards, she wished she could see more than just the few dots on one side of the magic cube at a time. So she sent again for her Grand Old Wizard.

She asked, oh Grand Old Wizard, can you make it so I can see all my lovely dots at the same time?

The Grand Old Wizard pondered this request and then produced a tiny magic wand which was sparkling clean on both sides.

He said, I shall use this magic wand to grant you your wish. Do you know any magic words? [USE THEM OR UTTER YOUR OWN, THEN] And so saying the magic words, the wizard waved the tiny wand on her tightly closed hand, and the magic wand was suddenly covered in dots.

Can you count how many? Yes, exactly twenty one. They were indeed her beloved dots, she recognized them right away, magically transported to the wand so now she could look at all 21 at once!

Oh Grand Old Wizard, thank you, cried the Princess! I can now look at all these lovely dots at once. But whatever shall I do about all the old dots still on my magic cube?

Take a look, replied the wizard, and so she opened her hand and found all the old dots on her cube had vanished. They had indeed been magically transported to the tiny wand. So he let her have both the magic wand with her 21 favourite dots and the blank cube to examine for a very long time.

And that’s the story of the Princess and her beloved dots and how dice came to have 21 on each. Believe it or not!

The End!”


Daryl’s Dicey Dots has been recently re-re-released and the props are easy to handle. Available now from your favourite dealer such as  The Browser’s Den of Magic, Toronto.

DISCLAIMER: The author received no compensation for writing this whimsical nonsense and paid retail for the aforementioned, highly recommended trick.

- The Magic Demon



Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!






24 May 2024

Hamilton: Scott Hammell, Graemazing, and Nick Wallace [Jun 19]

Tickets at Eventbrite.


From the May 21st Instagram post by Nick Wallace:

If you have been thinking about checking out one of these MAGIC & VARIETY shows at @thestaircase , June 19th is the last one for a while. Featuring encore performances by @graemazing and @scotthammell and hosted by @nickwallacelive . These shows have been a blast. Hopefully there will be more down the road. But this is it for now. Hope to see you there!





23 May 2024

Trois-Rivières: Loran at the Trois-Rivières Expo 2024 [Jul - various]

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit ExpoTR.ca/cosplay.


From the May 15th Facebook post by Loran (translation by Facebook):

Dr. Strange was participating in the press conference this morning for Trois-Rivières Expo 2024 La Ligue des Héros will animate the entirety of Expo TR as soon as it opens on July 4. Next up is the costume parade on July 12 downtown followed by the Cosplay Fest Fest on July 13 with an illusion show on stage and entertainment all day. The League of Heroes is waiting for you!





22 May 2024

Regina: The Young Wizards Workshop [Jul 15 - 19]

From the March 7th Facebook post by Danny Kazam:

I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching magic workshops once again for the Regina Public Library branches this July. Here is the schedule for my Young Wizard's Workshop. Free 1 year membership into the Young Wizards Club included.








21 May 2024

Congratulations to Paul Romhany, winner of the 2024 AMA Literary and Media Fellowship

Back in January we published that Paul Romhany was awarded the 2024 AMA Literary and Media Fellowship.  Last Saturday, May 18th, Paul was presented the award at The Magic Castle.  Watch his is acceptance speech below.


From the May 19th Facebook post by Paul R:



From the May 18th Facebook post by Paul Romhany:

There are really no words to describe tonight. I’ll Find them for next vanish and there will be professional photos but it’s 1.35am and JP and I are now back in hotel after our visit to the after party. I hope to post my speech because JP stole the show. The best moment of my life sharing this honour with him by my side.





20 May 2024

ICYMI: Mark Clearview on the Canada's Got Talent finale and Magic Castle dates [May 27 - Jun 2]

Congratulations on your Top 4 placement Mark!  Can't wait to see where you go from here!


From the May 17th upload "Mark Clearview Leaves the Finale Audience STUNNED" at the Canada's Got Talent YouTube channel:  

Mark Clearview proves he belongs in the #CGT Finale with his mind-blowing magic act!




From the May 18th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

So excited to announce I will be returning to @magiccastlehollywood from May 27-June 2nd 🏰 Catch me in late Parlour of Prestidigation after dear friend @paigesmagic

See you soon LA! 🌴