28 August 2014

Shawn Farquhar at TRICS 2014

From TRICS convention:
October 2-4

Talent includes:
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Kostya Kimlat
  • Kainoa Harbottle
  • Francis Menotti
  • Vincent Hedan
  • Kozmo and
  • Mark Zacharia
Read more and buy tickets.

27 August 2014

Daniel Steep on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

From Daniel Steep's Facebook page:

Dave Curran and and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

A reminder that donations to ALS research can be made at ALS.ca

From Dave Curran's Facebook page:

26 August 2014

Murray SawChuck on Wizard Wars tonight

According to iTricks and Steve Valentine, Murray SawChuck will be appearing on Wizard Wars tonight on Space.  Apparently last week, Chris Funk and Ekaterina lost to Gregory Wilson and Justin Flom.

Go, Murray, go!

Advertising the Festival de magie de Québec!

Every year, the Festival de magie de Québec has some wonderfully creative advertising.  In 2011 it was this magical billboard. In 2012, it was la disparition.  In 2013, pouvoirs magiques.   This year, watch le balai magique:

[via EricESPINOSA8]