24 October 2016

Names announced for Browser's Bash 2017

Browser's Bash logo  
From the Facebook group for the Browser's Den of Magic:
What do Michael Ammar, David Kaye, Chris Mysterion & Steffi Kay all have in common?

All of them will be at the 2017 Browser's Magic Bash on Saturday, April 1st, 2017!

Plus, card guys, mentalists, stand-up magicians, children's entertainers, jam sessions, close-up, stage performers, great stuff for sale, and everything in-between! If you love magic, the Browser's Magic

Bash 2017 is designed for you!

We hope you will join us for all the fun. Book your ticket today!

Browser's Magic Bash 2017

See you at the Bash!

23 October 2016

Magicana invites you to enter the Lyons Den

From Magicana:
Mr. Swiss will now be providing online content on a regular basis for Magicana which can be found here www.magicana.com/lyonsden. His first review will be released this Friday, October 21, featuring the new book The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack etc. by Handsome Jack and annotated by John Lovick.

Funding for this project is provided by an endowment to Magicana by the late Pat Lyons. Pat was an accomplished commercial artist, pulled into the world of magic by her husband, P. Howard Lyons. Together they created Ibidem, combining Pat’s individually silkscreened covers and interior illustrations with Howard’s curatorial eye for creative approaches to magic. The Lyons Den, named in honour of Pat and Howard, is just the first of a variety of initiatives being developed by Magicana thanks to the generosity and vision of Pat Lyons.

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22 October 2016

The Outerbridges in PEI (and Toronto)

Check out the newspaper article, front page photo and two part radio segment with Marion and Ted Outerbridge!

(And if you're in Toronto on November 3rd be sure to to catch the Outerbridges' lecture.)

From the Journal Pioneer:
When Ted Outerbridge was seven years old, a man walked up to him as he was eating in a restaurant and pulled an egg out from behind his ear.

“He blew my mind,” laughed Ted, a native of Montreal.

That slight of hand had a profound impact on Ted’s life, eventually becoming his career as he invented himself as a magician and illusionist.

Joined by his co-star and wife Marion Outerbridge, Ted has been touring North America and Europe for nearly two decades.

The couple’s latest show, “Outerbridge: Clockwork Mysteries” is coming to Summerside’s Harbourfront Theatre on Oct. 22. Tickets are available at the box office and at www.harbourfronttheatre.com.

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From the Facebook page of Ted and Marion Outerbridge:

Listen to part one of the interview on the Facebook page of Ocean 100:

Listen to part two of the interview on the Facebook page of Ocean 100:

21 October 2016

Vaughan: David Merry at Dave and Busters

From David Merry's Twitter feed:
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20 October 2016

Ray Anderson and Richard Forget in the Northumberland News

From the Northumberland News:
PORT HOPE -- Ray Anderson’s eyes were covered with half-dollar coins and duct tape when he positioned himself behind the wheel of new 2016 Hyundai Tucson.

The Toronto-based magician -- accompanied by Lauria Hyundai’s leasing and sales manager Les Grimshaw in the passenger seat -- buckled his seat belt and sent a prayer to the magic gods that he didn’t destroy any precious merchandise on Saturday, Oct. 15.

“I had Les pretty quiet on the second lap,” Anderson laughed after he successfully drove the SUV blindfolded around the dealership.

“We thought it would be a good way to do something unique and promote our upcoming show.”

On Friday, Oct. 21, Anderson can be seen on stage at the Capitol Theatre battling for the title of best magician during Anderson’s two-man family comedy magic show, ‘The Battle of Magicians: New Show, New Foe Tour’.

The show pits Anderson against world-renown illusionist and winner of Canadian Magician of the Year, Richard Forget, in a performance brawl for your entertainment.

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