26 September 2016

Inverness: Billy Kidd at the Inverness Street Festival

From the InvenessBID Twitter feed:
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25 September 2016

News from Paul Romhany about VANISH Magic Magazine

From Paul Romhany's newsletter:
I have been extremely busy over the past six months working with several different teams who are each helping me take VANISH to a new level in the magic magazine world.

Over the next few months I'll be sharing all the amazing news with you. Here is the first great piece of news for readers of VANISH ...

VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE will be coming out MONTHLY starting January 2017 and it will remain FREE per edition for that month.

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24 September 2016

Edmonton: Sheldon Casavant at Creative Mornings

From Creative Mornings:
September 30

Sheldon Casavant isn’t your everyday magician. With his uniquely captivating and humorous style of magic, Sheldon was nominated as Entertainer of the Year in 2009 and 2010 by the Canadian Events Industry and was named one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2014. Sheldon has entertained across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, China, and has performed over 630 shows in Japan.

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23 September 2016

Summerside: OUTERBRIDGE – Clockwork Mysteries

From Harbourfront Theatre:

Clockwork Mysteries takes its audience on a bizarre and fascinating journey through time. With the help of an elaborate Victorian time machine, the performers and spectators travel back in time together. The audience is invited into a mysterious clock tower equipped with a variety of timekeeping devices. They become part of a race against time, experience time accelerating and slowing down, and participate in predicting the contents of a time capsule. Keeping their audience enthralled from the first astonishing illusion to the spectacular finale, the Outerbridges create an experience that far exceeds the expectations of every spectator.

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22 September 2016

Macau: Shin Lim at Franz Harary’s House Of Magic

From Studio City Macau:
5 August 2016 to 11 November 2016

This North American FISM winner and IBM Close-up Magician of the Year joins The House of Magic to showcase his ground-breaking mystical style.

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