04 March 2015

Nicholas Wallace, Jason Palter, Lukas Stark and Matt DiSero at Magic Tonight

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Mississauga (Thurs):  Nicholas Wallace and Jason Palter

Pickering (Fri):  Lukas Stark

Toronto (Sun):   Matt DiSero

James Alan, over at Abracadaberet, has kindly offered the readers of Canada's Magic a coupon code for 50% off tickets to "Magic Tonight!"  Use the coupon code cmagic when you buy your tickets for Magic Tonight to receive your discount*.

* Offer is subject to change without notice.  Canada's Magic earns a commission when you use the coupon code cmagic.

Paul Romhany interviewed at MagicBusiness.com

Will magic support you and your family well into the future? What can you do to branch your magic business into other areas? Paul Romhany is a performer, creator of magic effects, lecturer and he edits and produces VANISH magazine. He’s also a parent (as you will witness at the beginning of the podcast). Listen in as he shares insights and tips that might get you started creating extra streams of income. 
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03 March 2015

Thirty seconds with Mark Correia

This is the seventh in a series of "Thirty seconds with ..." interviews, so called because I approached the interviewees at Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp last summer with the idea that I would interview them for 30 seconds. It didn't always work that way.

Professional magician Mark Correia from Toronto, Ontario is probably best known for spending two weeks inside a straitjacket last summer, to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease.  In November 2014, Record Setter recognized Mark with a World Record for the "Longest Time Wearing a Straitjacket."  Mark raised over $15 000 through his efforts.

Mark performed for Usher at The Magic Castle.

- Mark's pre-show routine involves rolling up his pant-legs an hour before show time, and then rolling them down right before the show starts?
- Mark is also working on a book and documentary about his experience with the Escaping Parkinson's straitjacket endurance stunt.  Keep an eye out for the book as early as this summer!.
Three year old Mark was bitten by the magic bug when "The Wacky Wizard" performed his (Mark's) birthday party.  Mark started performing professionally at the age of five.  He was at The Browser's Den of Magic when he first heard that Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Arts Camp was "the" place to be if you were a young performer interested in magic.  One of his favourite things about camp is that you get to spend time with the people that literally wrote the books he reads.  In fact, when Mark thinks about magic camp, it's the amazing special guests that come first to mind.   Mark's spent seven seasons at Sorcerers Safari, two of which have been as a counsellor in training.  Needless to say, camp feels like family to him.

When Mark's not being magical, he's probably treading the boards in the Dramatic Arts Program at The National Theatre School of Canada or acting professionally in Toronto.

From the Fireside Productions Facebook page:

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02 March 2015

Toronto: Magic auction

SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015
11:00 am until 4:00 pm (DOORS OPEN AT 10AM)
At ‘Browser’s Den of Magic’
Cost to Attend: Free! 
Dear Magic Friends, 
It is time for another fun-filled and bargain-filled magic auction! 
This is the time of the year when you our dear customers get to bid on magic equipment, tricks, books and dvd’s at fantastically low prices. 
For the first 30 people (1 per group/family) who enter the shop you will receive a Mystery Magic Trick for Free! This trick regularly sells for $17.00. 
As well, Browser's Den has decided to donate part of its commission from the auction proceeds to our 'Browser's Magic Bash' Canned Food Drive initiative.  
Of course we would greatly appreciate any canned goods donation from you on this day. 
For those of you who would like to bring in 'magic' to be auctioned off…Please bring in those items to the shop anytime between today and Wednesday, March 18. 
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David Peck interviews James Alan and Michael Close

From David Peck's website:
This week’s podcast was a fun one to record. Taped in front of a live enthusiastic and thoughtful audience this past December in downtown Toronto. I chatted with two magicians, on stage and post show, James Alan and Mike Close. The food was good, the magic terrific and the conversation engaging. Listen is as we talk about magic, wonder and reason in the 21st century. 
Read more and listen to the podcast.