20 October 2014

Peter Mennie on Free 98.1

Watch Peter Mennie with Botten from Free 98.1 on YouTube:


A Twitter reminder about Peter's upcoming show:

19 October 2014

Dave Attwood interviews Dave Morris

 From Screencast:
DAS-September 17th, 2014 David Morris
This week Dave Morris came into the studio to hang out and talk about his cleaning up at the magic competitions this last year as well as his career as an imporv comedian. Our host Dave talked about his last ride of the year and coming home to the Project X party at his house.It should be noted that there was an issue with Mr. Morris's microphone for the first half of the show.

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17 October 2014

Mike Segal consulting on Frankenstein's Boy

MagicMike Segal (Magic Consultant) knows the correct pronunciation of the Seven Dream Words that no human tongue dare utter. He owns the Silver Key that Unlocks the Unknown Kaddath and he keeps it in his basement beside his sponge balls and his Hippoty Hop Bunny. He has had drinks with Rasputin, played darts with Alestair Crowley, and beat the Devil at Cards. When Magic Mike turns a prince into a toad, that prince stays turned.

16 October 2014

Big Brother Canada kicks off national casting call

From TV,eh?:
With its third season set to air on Global in Spring 2015, Big Brother Canada kicks off its coast-to-coast houseguest search this Sunday, October 19 in Vancouver and Calgary followed by stops in Regina, Halifax, St. John’s, Montréal and Toronto. Fans of the raucous reality series can also rejoice over news that the Big Brother Canada Side Show is returning to Slice™ in 2015, with series host Arisa Cox and co-hosts Peter Brown and Gary Levy in a new one-hour format. The schedule for Big Brother Canada and the Side Show will be revealed in the New Year.

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