23 October 2014

Luc Langevin in the Huffington Post

Read about Luc Langevin's new TV series, new game, current stage tour and recent nomination in the Performance of the Year category of ADISQ.

From the Huffington Post (via Google Translate):
A few hours before setting foot on the red carpet of the Other ADISQ Wednesday, Luc Langevin was shooting for his new TV series, culminating on ARTV in spring 2015 and Radio Canada. 
In this new concept, kept secret for now, the illusionist will team up with two other magicians who, like him, are juggling so much with science than magic. Its partners are the engineer Stéphane Bourgoin and the French designer Mathieu Bich, both seen in the documentary Masters of illusion beyond magic, in which Luc Langevin was going to meet magicians from around the world.
"They have a different formation, but the mix between the three of us is perfect," said Langevin.
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From HuffPost Québec's Twitter feed:

ICYMI: Ryan Joyce puppysits

In case you missed it on Buzzfeed or iTricks, watch Ryan Joyce magically entertain a young pup:

22 October 2014

New York City: Mayhew Mayhem

From Chris Mayhew's Twitter feed:

21 October 2014

Toronto: Bobby Motta - Got the Next Big Trick?

Sunday, October 26th 
PLACE: Browser's Den of Magic 
Some of the most talented magicians are often hidden from the rest of the world and even they don't realize how talented they are. Well, it's time to practice your best effect and present it to the team. We will have gift cards, prizes, giveaways, and potentially sign you up under Ellusionist as the newest recruits and sell your effect to the world with big payouts!

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20 October 2014

Peter Mennie on Free 98.1

Watch Peter Mennie with Botten from Free 98.1 on YouTube:


A Twitter reminder about Peter's upcoming show: