23 November 2017

The OUTERBRIDGE - Touring Secrets lecture tour of Europe 2018

From the Outerbridge Magic Facebook page:
The OUTERBRIDGE - Touring Secrets lecture tour of Europe kicks off in Bonn, Germany on January 15th. The tour continues through Europe and concludes in Copenhagen, Denmark on Feburuary 2nd. More information on the way soon. 
 January 15 - Bonn, Germany
 January 19 - Hamburg, Germany
 January 21 - Chemnitz, Germany
 January 22 - Antwerp, Belgium
 January 25 - Zurich, Switzerland
 January 26 – Munich, Germany
 February 1 - Horsens, Denmark
 February 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark

22 November 2017

"Pick a Card, Any Card - The Art and History of Magic in Winnipeg"

If you missed seeing "Pick a Card, Any Card - The Art and History of Magic in Winnipeg" when it aired in 2012, you can view it now on the Sugar Cube Entertainment YouTube channel.

From the MediaCircus.TV Facebook page:
Here is the long synopisis for "Pick a Card, Any Card", coming soon to MTS Winnipeg on Demand.

- The City of Winnipeg has a rich history in the art of Magic. From the founding of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) in 1922, , to modern day successes like Dean Gunnarson and Sean Fields; Winnipeg and the world of magic have grown together to form a charming relationship.

Over a light dinner and wine, Winnipeg magicians Anders, Greg Wood, Gord Gilbey, Ray Starr, Chris Funk and Sean Fields tell stories of Winnipeg magic; how Harry Houdini played a part in the founding of the I.B.M., how Philips Magical Paradise was founded out of tragedy, which Winnipegger worked on Criss Angels "Mindfreak", and other fascinating tales.

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From the Sugar Cube Entertainment YouTube channel:

21 November 2017

Fraser Valley: Carisa Hendrix lecture

From the Fraser Valley Magic Circle Facebook page:

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20 November 2017

Toronto: Andrew Eland lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is it a show? Is it a lecture? We are really not sure. What we are certain about is that you do not want to miss the EXPERIENCE of a magic evening with South Africa's Andrew Eland.

An Internationally traveled street and stage performer, Andrew is one of the most experienced magicians in South Africa.

His performance specialty is interactive, mind-boggling sleight of hand spiced with comedy. He has performed in top nightspots across Europe, Japan and South Korea. He is the only magician to have headlined at every casino and comedy club in South Africa. Andrew's show and lecture will consist of a wide variety of magic and bits of business. Cards tricks, card manipulation, coin tricks, coin manipulation, and so much more that is difficult to describe on paper.

Our founder the late Len Cooper encouraged customers to improve their magic and skill. But truth be told Len rarely praised many. Well, about 20 years ago Andrew was visiting Browser's Den on a day when both Len and I (Old Jeff) were at the shop. When Andrew left the shop Len turned to me and said "He's a very good magician." Len was a man of few words so believe me when I say that those few words of praise about Andrew was a rare event.

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18 November 2017

Ottawa: Eric Leclerc family magic show

Updated at 7:50am to add:
  • The event has been cancelled.

From evensi:
Saturday 16 December

Eric Leclerc who has appeared in countless TV Shows FINALLY does an incredible show for his fans in Ottawa. Come See One Of Canada's Top Performer And Magician Live!

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