15 April 2024

Canada's Got Talent: Getting to know Alexandra Burgio

Last in our series of short interviews with some of the magic acts listed in the March 5th Canada's Got Talent media release is Alexandra Burgio!

You may already know that Alexandra:

We're delighted that Alexandra made time to answer our questions ahead of her April 16th appearance on Canada's Got Talent


Who inspires you that is not a magician?
Being a female of the millennial generation - I grew up admiring all the pop stars of the 1990s and 2000s. The command they evoked on stage lent inspiration to how I carry myself when I’m in front of the crowd.
What is your first memory of magic? 

My first memory of magic would be watching World’s Greatest Magic on TV in the 90’s when I as a child. Initially being drawn to the glamour of the stage spectacle, I was intrigued by the sly cunningness of the performers, namely the deception the magicians assistants added.

Who from the magic community inspires you?

I would be foolish to say Greg Frewin hasn’t been my number one inspiration in magic. From creativity in his workshop and nostalgia from his younger years, to his current on stage demeanour - I draw inspiration from what he continues to provide to the industry.

Was there anyone or anything instrumental to you becoming a magician?

When I first started in magic as an assistant, my mentor allowed me to borrow a set of hard drives consisting of virtually any and all magic acts ever captured on film from all the way from the 1960s /1970s to current time! Very educational and very top secret - if you know, you know! ;)  

Alexndra Burgio

ūüďł : CGT

Did you ever get discouraged and think about quitting magic?  
Through hardships and learning challenges, I am proud to say I was never discouraged enough to think about quitting magic - and of course, fooling Penn and Teller helped with the encouragement!

Do you have any tour or pre-show rituals you’d be willing to share with our readers?
Espresso, baby!.. And of course the right playlist to get pumped up to!

Why is now the right time for you to be a part of Canada's Got Talent?
I believe the time was right for me to participate in Canada's Got Talent to showcase another discipline of my magic. The piece performed in the competition was something contrasted to the last performance I showcased on television.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Shout out to all the ladies in magic - keep doing your thing!



Thank you Alexandra, for making the time to answer our questions!  Break a leg on CGT!

Learn more about Alexandra at the Greg Frewin Theatre website and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Watch Alexandra on Canada's Got Talent Tuesday April 16th on CityTV!





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