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10 February 2011

Looking on the bright side of things

At a time when it's almost de rigueur to find fault and complain about how badly things are broken, it's refreshing to see someone consciously focus on the positives within their domain.  Imagine my delight to see that Andrew Musgrave, in the course of his own 365 project, has declared February to be his "favourites" month.

From his first post in February:
The ironic thing is that if you get really good at being the opposition, however, and embracing that mentality, it can almost have a paralyzing effect upon you. It becomes that much harder to commit to an idea because you can almost start automatically seeing both the flaws in the idea, and the merits in competing ideas in dealing with those flaws. Unfortunately, if you shift to a new idea, then the flaws of that idea start making themselves known, and still more ideas occur to you as being superior (including potentially the one you abandoned earlier on). It can become the psychological equivalent of MC Escher’s “Treppauf und treppab”, and, if you’re like me, that can have a paralyzing effect on one’s development as a magician.
Andrew's favourites so far include:

I can't wait to read about the other favourites he has in store for us!

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