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11 April 2011

100 years ago

One hundred years ago today, Leon Giglio was born.  He later changed his name to Leon Mandrake.  You may be familiar with his stage name, Mandrake the Magician.

From leaderpost.com:
But Mandrake's legacy lives on in other ways as well. Some of his magic acts can still be enjoyed today on YouTube, and Roberston Davies even modelled the character Magnus Eisengrim from his book World of Wonders on him. Mandrake the Magician has also appeared in radio shows, television series, plays, musicals and movies (including a cameo in The Beatles' Yellow Submarine). Hayden Christensen, another B.C. performer (and, given that he is most famous for playing a Jedi, someone who should know a thing or two about gesturing hypnotically), is said to currently be in talks to star in a new Mandrake movie.
But his real legacy is continuing to inspire performers. Coquitlam resident Shawn Farquhar is one of them.
Read more including a nice quote from Shawn.

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