01 September 2011

CAM membership challenge

Shawn Farquhar, current president of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM), has asked for the help of Canadian magicians everywhere.  He has a goal of increasing the membership by 100 members over the next three years.

For those of you uninitiated,  CAM was founded on March 15, 1997 by Joan Caesar.  The creation of CAM as our national magic representative allowed us to apply for membership to FISM.  In the year 2000, CAM was accepted as a FISM member and Canadian magicians could, for the first time compete under the Canadian banner at FISM's World Championship of Magic.

CAM also hosts CAMaraderie, a now yearly national magic convention.  The next convention will take place in Hamilton, Ontario in early May.

Visit CAMmagic.org to learn more about the association or for information about membership rates.

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