02 May 2012

Murray SawChuck's motivator

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
It was William Hung who convinced him.

"I had performed all my life at this point," says the magician billed singularly as Murray. "I'm sitting there watching this guy who can't sing," he recalls of Hung, whose 15 minutes of fame came in 2004, after an atrocious rendition of "She Bangs" on "American Idol."
"He's got 40 million people who know him now, and he's getting $30,000 for a corporate show. Here's a guy who came out of nowhere, with no talent, and he's more famous than I'll ever be at this moment."

And so was the start of Murray's realization that he needed to be a brand as well as a magician. And he needed reality TV to help him.

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