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07 July 2015

Chris Funk's "Redefining Wonder"

From the review from Mooney on Theatre:
I still can’t figure out how he did it. I spent my entire 30-minute commute home trying to figure it out. I can’t. Chris Funk‘s phenomenal magic blew my mind in his show Redefining Wonder at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

I saw Lance Burton in Las Vegas and David Copperfield when he last came to Toronto. The twelve-year-old magician in me was looking forward to seeing this. I was expecting something good. I was not expecting that it would be that good.

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From James Alan's Reality Based Magic:
Last night I went to the Toronto Fringe and Chris Funk’s Redefining Wonder. I felt some sympathy because I’ve had my own Thursday 10PM opening night at a theatre festival, but the show came recommended to me so I went to go see.

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Watch Chris chat on Breakfast Television.

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