14 November 2017

Random thoughts from the Browser's Den of Magic 42nd anniversary party

I had the pleasure of spending some time at the Browser's Den of Magic 42nd anniversary party on Sunday.  A great time appeared to be had by all!  Here are a few random thoughts:
  • I missed the auction, but heard it was absolutely packed, with a lot of great deals to be had.
  • There are lots of a amazing finds and deals in the Back Room.
  • It was still pretty busy in the afternoon.
  • The trivia segment was great fun, as always.  Jeff has a lot of very knowledgeable patrons!
  • Trivia question answers included: Jeff Hinchliffe, Jeff Pinsky, and 1995.
  • Bernice was looking well.  It was great to see her.
  • It's not an anniversary party without an award ceremony...

  • Happy to see Sorcerers Safari alumnus RJ Steele win the Len Cooper Memorial Award this year.
  • Congratulations on another great anniversary event, Jeff et al!


  1. Dear Nicole-Thank you for putting together all of these posts for your site about our party. Thanks too for squeezing in the time from your busy schedule to visit the 42nd anniversary. It was nice to see your friendly face in the crowd-Old Jeff.

    1. Jeff P,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! Happy I was able to spend some time in celebration with you all.

      Keep up the great work!