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04 May 2018

Billy Kidd's "Find it, sign it, leave it."

After following a number of your feeds it becomes quickly apparent that for some of you, airports are a second home.  I get the sense that there's a lot of time spent waiting.  With nothing to do.

Billy Kidd has not only been there and done that, she has created a little game to help keep you occupied!

It works like this.  She's hidden a 3 of clubs with her name on it at airports in Auckland New Zealand, LA, Sydney, Melbourne, Istanbul, London, Japan, Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Barcelona, Paris, and Dublin.

You find it, sign it, and leave it back in the same spot for others to find.

Optional: You take a selfie with the card and tag Billy on Instagram or Twitter so she knows you're playing along.  Use the hashtag #findmycard for bonus points.

Bonne chance!

From Billy Kidd's Twitter feed:

Here are some clues from Billy's Instagram:





London, Heathrow:



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