15 May 2018

DeMystifying Miracles: The Landmark CC Living Room Lecture

From the Conjuror Community:
May 23

This is your invitation to a rare, Live Online Lecture—where Michael Close joins Aaron and the CC Team for an intimate evening filled with astonishing miracles—and insights you can only get from a real invitation to the home of a master magician. 

Michael is one of the smartest, most astonishing magicians alive—and he’s put together a special evening just for CC Members—designed to demystify some of magic’s thorniest problems.

At this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll be surprised and thrilled by what you discover, such as...
  • Fool Us Demystified
  • Memorized Decks Demystified
  • How to Choose Your Stack
  • Strategies for Memorizing a Deck
  • Secret Practice Drills
  • Michael will also perform and reveal amazing professional routines you can use to thrill and astonish,

Read more and join the Conjuror Comunity.

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