01 March 2020

Julie Eng in the Toronto Star

From the February 24th article "More than 120 years after the ‘Queen of Magic’ was catching bullets, women magicians are still scarce" by Sue Carter in the Toronto Star:
“Adelaide had a career as a woman, which was a rare thing to see,” says Eng. “She was smart and obviously talented. She competed and she was respected because she could do it.”

Herrmann is one of several women performers on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s new exhibition “Illusions: The Art of Magic.” Co-curated by Toronto magician and historian David Ben, the show features more than 55 promotional posters from the Allan Slaight Collection from the McCord Museum in Montreal, alongside other late 19th- and early 20th-century props and materials, including one of Harry Houdini’s famous straitjackets.

David Ben and Jonah Babins are also mentioned in the article.

Additional media coverage for “Illusions: The Art of Magic:”

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