28 March 2012

Toronto: Judges for Best Magician contest

From Arthur Poon:

Here is the information of the judges in the competition "Best Magician Contest 2012":

1. Lee Asher

Lee Asher is one of most popular close up magicians in the world. Over 20 years of experience in magic, his reputation and achievement are both successfully well-known within magic society. Asher has gained his champion in IBM Convention Close up Competition when he was 15 and 16 years old. His signature piece has been chosen as one of “The Ten Most Impossible Trick”. For magicians, his published materials are part of the essentials; at the same time, he always travels to Asia and starts magic lectures for foreign magicians, such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan etc. Furthermore, Asher is the organizer of “X-elent Lecture Series” that he brings professional magicians to the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada for lecturing. Recently, he starts to travels all over the world for professional performances and also TV interviews. His magic can be found easily in many countries around the world.

2. Felix Poon

Felix Poon has immigrated into Canada from Hong Kong during the 80s. He is one of the few popular Chinese magicians in Toronto. Felix has studied magic from Len Cooper, the creator of Browser’s Den of Magic, about close up and stage magic. He has developed his unique performance style with theological principles after years of practice. Over the years, Felix has invited to perform for television and some TV specials; he also has performed in some events at CNE and other cities like Hong Kong and Macau. He is specialized in Mentalism, therefore he is expertise in predicting audience reactions and responses. Besides magic, he loves to do researches on magic theories and its history, and also how does it relate to different religions and cultures.

3. Jim Tam

Jim Tam is one of the most famous entertaining magicians in Toronto. Since the age of 7, he started to have strong interests on magic. After he has become a magician, he has performed for many big corporations, and also the Chinese Radio and Television during the important festivals, such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas etc. In the past years, Jim has been cooperating with many charity organizations in different countries, such as the U.S.A., France, China, Cuba, Japan and Taiwan etc. Moreover, Jim has been invited to design stage magic performances for many Asian celebrities, such as the famous young model Christy Chow. He has also taken the role of magic consultant for competitors during the local talent shows and beauty pageants. At the same time, Jim has spent his efforts in training new generation magicians, for popularizing the Chinese magic society in North American, for example, he has organized two Chinese magician team ---- “Xtreme Illusion” and the current “Classic Force”. In order to allow more people to understand magic, Jim has taken one step forward and become one of the organizers of this competition “Best Magician Contest 2012” in Toronto area.

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