04 March 2012

National Post: Hogwarts in Hogtown with the Potted Potter crew

Updated March 9th, 2018, to add:
  • The National post article "On the Town: Hogwarts in Hogtown with the Potted Potter crew" was written by Ben Kaplin and published on March 3rd, 2012.

From the National Post:
The British comedians sit down for a magic show and proceed to have their minds blown. It’s not so much that the magic’s amazing — although the kid magician is oddly cool — it’s more like the entire afternoon has been weird. A publicist picked up Daniel Clarkson, 33, and Jeff Turner, 31, stars of the show Potted Potter, from their temporary quarters at the Pantages Hotel and saw it fit to bring along her small dog. Now, the actors are sitting around a table at Browser’s Den of Magic and trying to pay attention to the card tricks and disappearing loonies, except a man pulls up beside them and proceeds to slurp from a large bowl of soup.
Read more (including a nice bit with Jeff Hinchilffe).

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