23 February 2013

In which Mark Lewis reads my mind

Well, he did a pretty good job of reading my mind.  Though the question was not quite as general in my head as what he asked, and I may have had a few different words in mind to express the thought.

I'm back to othe question I asked earlier this week, Does Magician of the year mean the same thing as Perfomer of the year? (The comments to the post have started to sway my orginal stance.  I am also astonished that 93% of you that voted in the poll so far, have voted that amateurs should be eligible for the award -- I was sure there would be hundreds of "no" votes by now!)

But back to Mark Lewis.

On the Canadian Association of Magicians website post, Nominations for Magician of the Year, Mark asked:

The “proficient magician” part of things may cut possible nominees down quite drastically. Is it possible to nominate someone who is utterly useless as a performer (as most are) but has contributed in some other way ?

Go to the CAM post to read Shawn's answer.

And an update from Shawn in his latest e-mail to remind CAM members that time is running out to nominate someone for the award:
We have over 40 nominees and there is a clear first place and three very close contenders for the final spots on the actual ballot.

So there you go.  I can't wait to see who makes it to the voting round!

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