20 February 2013

Broken wand: Leonard Miedzianowski

From the Montreal Gazette:
1951-2013 Leonard Miedzianowski, aka Nemo Turner son of the late Peter Miedzianowski and Wanda Lorek, survived by his brother John and sister Regina, and numerous friends. Leonard was a well known Montreal magician.

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From "Remebering Nemo" over at the Rotary Club of Montreal.
Nemo Turner, born Leonard Miedzianowski, age 61, died early Friday morning, February 8, 2013.

Nemo (the name he took when he began to perform magic) was a well known Montrealer having frequently appeared in the media.
After attending Concordia University (Loyola campus) and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in psychology he carried on with his career as a magician and llusionist, his loyal assistant, Melvin Rabbit at his side. A sense of whimsy and an ability to generate publicity on Nemo’s part led to Melvin, a small white rabbit, gaining his own measure of fame, resulting in a lifestyle that included his own bank account and dining at the Mount Stephen Club. Nemo went on to blend his entertainment skills with education and also was involved in real estate ventures.

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