03 August 2014

HWDYKM answers: part 1

Last month, I posted some statements about me for you to guess as true or false.  Today is the first in a short series of answers to those true or false questions.

According to Google, there were over 150 views of the post.  Six of you dared to guess.

I was reminded by Sammy, that "... some of us know who you are and would skew the results."  (I was also reminded that the results may not have been skewed in my favour!)

Fair enough.

Question one:  True or False?
The person behind the curtain at Canada's Magic is shorter than the average of the heights of Richard Forget, Ryan Pilling, James Alan and David Acer.

Four (66%) of you correctly suspect that I'm not that tall.  (Which makes me wonder who the other third of you think I am.)  While it's true that we grow some of our magicians real tall in these parts, I'm not one of them.  (I echo the thoughts by Doug, who commented "Wait, people can be taller than David Acer?!")

How are you scoring so far?

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