10 August 2014

Random thoughts about "An honest liar"

From special correspondent Derek, who was at the screening of "An honest liar" on Friday night:
  • The film sketched Randi's early career and then moved on to detail his high-profile debunking of Uri Gellar, faith healers, the channeling movement and paranormal research. It concluded with the deception is his own life: the identity fraud committed by his partner.
  • It shone a light on the ethics of disproof by deception.
  • It contrasted his public face proclaiming honesty, and his private face where he kept a couple of big secrets.
  • It's interesting, go see it!

In addition:
  • Randi performed a quick rope tie routine.
  • There was a meet and greet as well as photo ops.
  • Birthday cake was involved.

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