17 May 2015

Connecting John Smithman to Guy Stanley

I'm happy to report that with the help of Phil Matlin, John Smithman was able to reconnect with Guy Stanley 53 years later!

From the Magic Cafe:
I'm a happy man. Some people of action helped me find my long lost friend Guy Stanley.

Nicole at Canada's Magic saw my post here, emailed me and asked me to send her my contact information which she sent to Phil at Perfect Magic in Montreal so that he could forward it Guy Stanley, one of his regular customers. Guy called me within hours and we spoke for several hours catching up on 53 years of separated time.

I was right. Guy still loves magic as a hobby and has a treasury of books on great historical champions of magic. Thanks Nicole for taking action. Thanks Phil for closing the loop. And thanks to Magic Café's Steve Brooks for making connections among us magicians possible!

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