11 August 2015

Download your free copy of "Card Culture"

Did you know that Canadian resident Lee Asher is the Vice President/Director of Publicity and Membership; Associate Editor for "Card Culture," the 52 Plus Joker's monthly digital playing card magazine?

This publication is a treasure trove of information for playing card aficionados from all over the world. It is published each month and available to members of 52 Plus Joker's, the American Playing Card Collector's Club.

For a free sneak peak visit the PlayingCardForum.com to see a special edition of "Card Culture."

You can also find Lee at Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Camp, and ask him more about 52 Plus Joker's and "Card Culture" there!

From a press release:
In order to further promote the hobby of collecting modern, antique and vintage playing cards, 52 Plus Joker, the largest playing card collectors' society in North America, is releasing a special complimentary issue of CARD CULTURE Magazine. This issue is a compilation of popular articles from previous issues and is meant to be representative of the type of content the magazine carries on a regular basis. 
52 Plus Joker President Tom Dawson says, "In my many years of experience, I can't recall any monthly magazine that has covered card collecting with this level of professionalism and enthusiasm. It's become the industry standard, a valuable resource to the society, and to 'card culture' as a whole. Along with our long-standing quarterly publication, Clear the Decks, it makes the low cost of membership in the club an exceptional bargain for the price."

This special issue is twenty pages long and contains six articles in total - a typical reader can finish it in under ten minutes.

If the history, origins, manufacturing and collecting of playing cards interests you, then you're going to love CARD CULTURE and all the other amenities offered to members of 52 Plus Joker. For only $25 per year ($35 outside North America), the privileges of membership to this unique club include:

-CARD CULTURE: monthly digital magazine including all current and past issues
-CLEAR THE DECKS: all new issues of our printed quarterly
-Access to the Ask Alexander database of all our magazine archives
-Personal account on PlayingCardForum.com
-Free expert appraisals of selected decks from your collection
-Inclusion within the 52 Plus Joker club roster
-Invitation to the Annual 52 Plus Joker Convention
-Access to advice and information on all things playing cards 

The 52 Plus Joker club is always eager to welcome new members, including collectors, artists/designers, Kickstarter project backers, magicians, cardists and anyone else with an interest in the world of playing cards, regardless of their level of experience! Read your complimentary copy of CARD CULTURE now, then join today. We invite you to forward this special issue to anyone you think would be interested in its content or the 52 Plus Joker club.

If you guys have any questions, comments, thoughts, etc. about the club or CARD CULTURE, just email the Director of Publicity Lee Asher at Lee [at] LeeAsher [dot] com.

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