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22 August 2015

The Browser's Bash 2015 in Vanish Magazine

Updated August 23rd to add:

  • With thanks to Lee Asher for his collaboration and editing.
  • And also thanks to Paul Romhany for publishing!

The August/September 2015 edition of  Vanish Magazine has a write-up, by yours truly, about this year's Browser's Bash.

From page 74 of Vanish Magizine's August/September 2015 edition:
“I’ve never attempted to do anything like this before! Save this date – April 12, 2015.”

That’s the message that Jeff Pinsky, owner of The Browser’s Den of Magic in Toronto, sent out last December. Whatever could it be, I wondered? I read and reread the small amount of text, searching for clues or hidden meanings. Would it be preparation for a Flash Mob? A marriage proposal? The filming of a movie or television show?

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